As a big meeting place for French pastry in Paris, the 2nd edition of Paris Pastry Fair (French: Salon de la Pâtisserie) was held from June 14 to 17, 2019, in Hall 5.1 of Paris Expo at Porte de Versailles. A pillar of French cultural heritage, a buoyant economic sector, a real phenomenon of society and consumption, the Salon de la Pâtisserie is now the essential annual national event to celebrate this know-how.

A devouring passion, pastry is a gourmet art that brings together young and old, from different cultures and backgrounds. A palette of flavors that opens the doors of creativity to infinity. This shared passion generates a turnover of more than one billion euros each year in France alone.

The Salon de la Pâtisserie aims to highlight the talents of our artisans and the flavors of our terroirs. This is an opportunity to bring together amateurs and professionals, to promote the sharing of knowledge and new knowledge. Watch, listen, bake but also taste in a friendly and instructive setting.

An even with gourmet and interactive, chaired by Pierre Hermé, and gave way to 4 competitions for amateurs and professionals, 130 events (master class, round tables, demonstrations, tastings, etc.), 45 pastry classes led by Fauchon, de Buyer and Cordon Bleu Paris, 7 universes (children, sweet art, French touch, sweet workshops, Bean to bar, place of know-how and forum).

Discover 7 universes over 6,000 m² of exhibition space. An appointment that should not be missed for all pastry lovers. The show is 2 professional competitions and 2 amateur competitions. More than100 Master Classes, conferences, demonstrations and tastings led by Grand Pastry Chefs. And 38 cooking classes open to the public.

For this second consecutive year, the objective of the Salon de la Pâtisserie was no exception to the rule. This extraordinary place aims to highlight the culinary talents of French artisans and the flavors of our dear heritage. Amateurs and professionals meet and share their know-how with an audience ready to discover the manufacturing secrets of their favorite pastries.

The biggest Pastry Show is back in Paris at the Porte de Versailles. For 4 days, enjoy the 7 areas: French excellence, balance between pleasure and health, creativity, professional training… With its 7 universes, 200 exhibitors and covering 6,000 sqm, it’s the pastry show you don’t want to miss. Save the date, sweet-toothed people, this edition sounds more delicious and festive.

This year, the Place des Savoir-Faire is intended to promote the transmission of know-how in the sweet arts. Pierre Hermé was honorary president of the Salon de la Pâtisserie 2019, whom was voted Best Pastry Chef in the World by the Academy of World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2016.

On the menu of this second edition: contests, over 100 Masterclasses, conferences, demonstrations and tasting sessions hosted by big names of the pastry and many practical courses open to the public. A new universe dedicated to children “The beginning of a passion”. This space promotes creativity and taste. A new “Totally chocolate” space: from bean to chocolate bar.

New this year, the Génies de la Pâtisserie! On the menu, an area devoted to budding pâtissiers who’ll have the passion to learn and share their cake and ice cream recipes to other children. These junior masterclasses end with a tatsing of the creations. From 8 to 14 years old.

This Salon de la Pâtisserie aims at highlighting the talents of our artisans and the flavors from our terroirs. This is the occasion to create a bound between amateurs and professionals, to promote know-hows and new knowledges, as well as pitching in and create your own pastries as beautiful as tasty.

In the part of Pierre Hermé, the king of the macaron, the inventor of the Ispahan, the Mogador, the “Tarte infiniment vanille” or the “2000 feuilles”.It’s naturally that the Grand Salon de la Pâtisserie organizers offered Pierre Hermé to be the ambassador of this “Great celebration of Pastry”. An honor accepted to share his expertise.

Today, French pastry is riding high. With pastries that are famous abroad and the many TV shows that give pride of place to our great chefs and our know-how, this event is likely to please many people. But pastry is first and foremost what we don’t usually see: thousands of passionate artisans, recipes galore and each region has its own specialty. Pastry also includes tasty ingredients, tools and decorations.

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The child, the beginning of a passion
In 2019, the Salon got a makeover by reserving a new space for children. Entitled “The beginning of a passion”, it was divided into several workshops. Indeed, the little ones were led to create the pie of their dreams by already having the pie shells! This stimulation exercise allowed them to move on to a blind discovery of foods that make up a Carrot Cake. In a fresh and tangy spirit, the children discovered all the advantages of lemons by making their own lemon pie. Finally, they concluded this culinary awakening by preparing delicious madeleines, ideal for afternoon tea. This innovation was a success since the little ones from 6 to 12 years old had a blast while discovering the different types of chocolate.

The place of know-how
A second stand enchanted the public: the place of know-how. At its head, the students and heads of training schools gave lively demonstrations. Thus, they shared their knowledge around 3 themes: how to cover your cake with sugar paste, how to master the right angle technique and how to make a marbled sheet. Then the CFA of Versailles passed on its knowledge of Viennese pastries, confectionery, pastry and chocolate.

Bean To Bar
Are you familiar with the term Bean to Bar? Coming from South America, the Bean-To-Bar is used by artisan chocolatiers who produce their own chocolate, directly from cocoa beans! As you have understood, this workshop highlighted psychological and sensory animations around chocolate. Chocolate is a food produced from the cocoa bean that has been around the world and has filled our big gourmet heart. This is why days dedicated to Ecuador, the Ivory Coast, Madagascar and Brazil were held, presenting unique creations made by great chocolatiers.

Sweet Art
This superb universe is dedicated to pastry artistic expression! Between sugar sculptures and mounted pieces, amateurs and enthusiasts were captivated. Indeed, the latter witnessed the creativity of the pastry chefs live and were delighted to taste ultra-trendy pastries, such as the Pecan Pie, the strawberry-rhubarb association or a revisit of the famous Paris-Brest. This year, the craze was focused on the healthy creations that visitors were able to taste! Among them are gluten-free cakes and pies.

Sweet workshops
During these workshops, rich in delicacies and discovery, visitors had the opportunity to spend a pleasant moment in the company of great chefs passing on all their know-how. Thus, they were able to register for these workshops and take advantage of a 2-hour course. But they did not leave with empty stomachs since they were able to test and approve their achievements.

French Touch
“French Touch” or the French Tradition in the spotlight! Our territory is rich in specialties and know-how, which is why it is celebrated as it should be. It is through various workshops that visitors have discovered or rediscovered French creations! On the program, the pastry chefs followed one another to present and offer a tasting of Vendée brioches, Basque cakes, flans, nuns, berlingots and jams.

This ultra-friendly space alternated between extraordinary demonstrations by great chefs and conferences addressing essential themes for the evolution of pastry professions. This place allowed the public to discuss the following topics:

The secrets of coffee with Pierre Hermé, honorary president of the show
Gourmand or Healthy, should we choose?
Pastry, Instagram star
Is French pastry really Made in France?
The feminization of the profession
Pastry chef, the best job in the world?

The pastry chefs present at the show
In addition to the very great pastry chefs, many guests have appeared throughout these 4 days. Note the presence of Sylvie Tellier and Camille Cerf who led a pastry workshop alongside a group of children benefiting from the programs of their association “Les Bonnes Fées”. The pastry fair hosted for the second time, our famous Mercotte who presided over the amateur competition “Paris, mon amour”, designed with the aim of creating a specialty on this chosen theme.

Just like Mercotte, the De Buyer company answered the call by organizing an ultra-tasty workshop. For nearly 2 centuries, imagination and creation have combined to provide amateurs and professionals with quality utensils. On the program, the chefs, accompanied by pastry enthusiasts, created delicious raspberry-tarragon tartlets, gluten-free raspberry-lime éclairs and vegan fruit tartlets.

Among the high-flying pastry chefs present at the show, you have the pleasure of meeting Alexis Lecoffre (Thoumieux), Stéphan Perrotte (Maison Perrotte), Philippe Bertrand (Cacao Barry), Serge Granger (Serge Granger), Adrien Petitgenêt (Jean-Paul Hévin), Chef Damien (750 g), Ludovic Gauthier-Fontalirant (Time and Bread), Hugo Correia (Hôtel Lancaster Paris), Quentin Lechat (T’Time du Jardin Privé), Rodolphe Groizard (Maison Foucade), Régis Ferey (Ferrandi Paris), Chef Christophe (750 g)…

Tristant Rousselot (Ecole Ritz Escoffier), Gaëtan Husson (Chefclub), Muriel Aublet-Cuvelier (750 g), Nicolas Champaud (Hôtel la Cigale, Qatar), Stéphane Glacier (Stéphane Glacier ), Bruno Laffargue (Mic Mac Macaron), Mickaël (Mickaël’s pastries), Nicolas Wart (Au Blé d’Or), Olivier Stehly (Olivier Stehly), Nadia Paprikas (750 g),Olivier Lainé (Ritz Escoffier School), Timothy Breton (Bo&Mie), Pascale Weeks (750g)

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