Category: Religion

Liturgical furniture collections, Milan Diocesan Museum

Archiepiscopal collections, Milan Diocesan Museum

Gold Funds Crespi Collection, Milan Diocesan Museum

Caterina Marcenaro Collection, Milan Diocesan Museum

Works from the Diocese, Milan Diocesan Museum

San Nazaro Treasure, Sant’Ambrogio Collection, Milan Diocesan Museum

Relics and Reliquaries, Saint Roch Church Museum

Saint Roch and the Plague, Saint Roch Church Museum

Main Chapels and Altars on the north side, Church of Saint Roch in Lisbon

Chapels on both sides, Church of Saint Roch in Lisbon

General Decoration, Church of Saint Roch in Lisbon

Sacristy, Church of Saint Roch in Lisbon

In the beginning… the Word became flesh, Vatican Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2015

Architectural history of the Cathedral of Santa María in Seville

Altars on the south side, Seville Cathedral