Category: Ancient art

Ancient Egypt, Brazil National Museum (Digital Restoration)

Oreretama, National History Museum of Brazil

Anthropology Halls in North Wing, Mexico National Museum of Anthropology

Anthropology Halls in South Wing, Mexico National Museum of Anthropology

Ceramics gallery, Boshan Ceramics and Colored Glaze Art Museum

The collector and his collection, Lázaro Galdiano Museum

Palazzo dei Conservatori, Capitoline Museums

Pompei@Madre. Archaeological Matter: The Collections, Madre – Donnaregina Contemporary Art Museum

Imprints of Buddhas: the Buddhist Art Collection, Southern Branch of the Taiwan National Palace Museum

The Bell and Cauldron Inscriptions, A Feast of Chinese Characters: the Origin and Development, Taiwan National Palace Museum

Rituals Cast in Brilliance, Masterpieces of Bronzes in the Museum Collection, Taiwan National Palace Museum

Prehistory and Ancient History, National Museum of Korea

Mosaic of the planetarium, 360° Video, Italica

Early People, National Museum of Scotland

From Antiquity to Baroque, National Gallery of Norway