Category: People

Cristòfor Taltabull and the four elements, Library of Catalonia

Frederic Marès Book Museum, Library of Catalonia

Cervantina Room, Library of Catalonia

Antoni Clavé Rooms, Palace of the Generalitat of Catalonia

Joems: Sign-Nature, Museum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

Chanoir: The Hanged Cat, Museum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

Adriana Varejão Gallery, Inhotim Institute

Tunga Psychoactive Gallery, Inhotim Institute

Miguel Rio Branco Gallery, Inhotim Institute

Tomie Ohtake Institute, São Paulo, Brazil

Asger Jorn: A Challenge to the Light, Tomie Ohtake Institute

Paulo Bruscky: Bank of Ideas, Tomie Ohtake Institute

Thom Mayne’s Combinatorial Form Morphosis, Tomie Ohtake Institute

Engravings and sculptures experiments, Tomie Ohtake Institute

Banzo, Love and the Home Kitchen, Afro Brasil Museum