Look back of Sirha Europain 2020-2022, Paris, France

Sirha Europain celebrates French style bakery-pastry. All the knowledge, French heritage, know-how and skill is experienced and exported at Sirha Europain, the event of reference for the bakery-pastry sector. Suppliers of raw materials, designers of precision machinery, artisans, and entrepreneurs come together to exchange around an approach to bakery-pastry that is nourishing and relevant in everyday life.

Sirha Europain gives the floor to professionals in the sector. Different dedicated spaces was at their disposal to express their ideas and illustrate their expertise through masterclasses, expert round-tables ans international contests.

Europain has joined the Sirha Food ecosystem and is now Sirha Europain, the leading event in the bakery-pastry industry, with a focus on French excellence, for export in particular, with the unique strength of French baking. However, to reinforce its dynamic and enable it to reach out to new sectors such as catering and snacking, in 2021, Europain integrated the Sirha Food ecosystem created by GL events around Sirha, the emblematic reference event in Food Service and Hospitality.

Europain is now Sirha Europain, and adopts a new visual image, in line with the Sirha Lyon spirit and image, but also with the major international contests that are the Sirha Bocuse d’Or and Sirha Coupe du monde de la Pâtisserie. Indeed, an ecosystem is stronger to satisfy the stakes of rapidly changing markets, where technology and usages rely increasingly on connected universes, in a world that is permeable to all evolutions. So, as digital is a powerful vector in this millennia, Sirha Europain is also integrated in the Sirha Food app and all the digital Sirha Connect services, that connect exhibitors and visitors (business meetings, arranging meetings, agenda personnel, ticketing …).

Sirha europain clearly set forth its new ambitions: to reposition the event on french bakery and promote a french know-how that is recognised in france and exported all around the world.

Driven by its ambition to promote French Bakery, The Sirha Europain was marked by the return of millers among the exhibitors. Sirha Europain has introduced a snacking section with new players in sectors such as coffee, food, small equipment and appliances, and packaging, a broader snack food offering.

Sirha Europain 2022
From March 26 – 29, 2022 Sirha Europain boast a broad exhibitor offering and a rich programme, combining technique and innovation with a reflexion on the mutations in the French Bakery market.

Conferences, contributions, success stories… At Sirha Europain, visitors find answers to the latest topical issues: ingredients (seeds, raw materials, yeasts), environmental concerns (CSR, 3R, short circuits…), the tradespeople (recruitment, training, vocation, loyalty building, women in bakery…). Over 4 days, top specialists and rising stars, institutional and leading business, attend the event to celebrate French Bakery.

With the Sirha Europain Forum and Bakery-Snacking Stage, Sirha Europain proposes a programme focusing on responsible, modern and committed bakery.

The Bakery-Snacking Stage focus more on the fundamentals (responsible approaches, recipes and methods) and natural products (organic agriculture, local flour, natural leaven).

At the Sirha Europain Forum, top specialists address the major topical themes, in particular concerning the environment: artisan and local know-how, sourcing, eco-responsibility and reuse. It also be an opportunity to reflect on the women and men who drive the trade, the wellbeing of the artisans and employees.

Bakery & Snacking stage: Bo & Mie, Chapel, Perséphone, Bacillus, or Moïse Sfez (Homer Lobster) and Arnaud Laverdin (La Bijouterie, Sapna et Mr Baoshi) and many others appear on the Bakery Stage to share their approach and methods. On each day, the morning was dedicated to the fundamentals (baking, fermentation, puff pastry, terroir products, unmissable, fast catering and aperitif products), the afternoon was dedicated to sweet bakery products (flan, bugne, kouign amann, cannelé pastries).

Sweet creations stage: Associated with the Coupe Europe de la Pâtisserie, this stage feature pastry chefs and sugar professionals, with alternating Workshops (in partnership with Magazine Thuriès), masterclasses and roundtables.

The Forum of the trade exhibition’s ‘think-stage’ address some of the main topical themes: eco-responsibility, sourcing, wheat, fermentation, international French success stories, snacking, bakers in 2030. Featuring guests such as Paul Boivin (FEB), Dominique Anract (Confédération Nationale des Boulangers Pâtissiers Français), Stéphane Lacroix (Lesaffre), Christophe Girardet (Victor & Compagnie) and Jean-François Bandet (Bo & Mie)…

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The Bakery World Cup – organised by Christian Vabret (holder of Meilleur Ouvrier de France distinction), welcome 12 teams of 3 candidates: China-Taipei, South Korea, Costa Rica, Ivory Coast, Denmark, Egypt, France, Japan, Morocco, Norway, Netherlands, and Senegal.

Pastry European Cup – This is the continental selecting event for the Pastry World Cup. It was held for the second time as part of Sirha Europain, with François Perret (Ritz Paris and Best Restaurant Pastry Chef in the World 2019) as President of Honour. The participants vying for a place in the world grand finale in January.

French Schools Cup – Education and training are crucial to the industry and was in the spotlight thanks to this national contest organised by EKIP and LEMPA. For its 8th edition, the French Schools Cup, open to all French bakery-pastry schools, was presided over by Raoul Maeder and have for theme. 6 schools compete over 4 days of tests in the Hopefuls category (training level 5) and 4 in the Excellence category (training level 4).

Sirha Europain 2020
Europain brought together all players in the bakery-pastry industry over 4 days, last from January 11-14, 2020, an edition that confirmed the successful repositioning of the event with a new venue, Hall 1 Porte de Versailles. More than 38,000 professionals attended the event. The quality of the exhibitors’ offering, as well as the exceptional programme of events proposed by GL events – organisers of Europain – was greatly appreciated by a public of increasingly demanding professionals and contributed to enable high-quality exchanges that were unanimously praised.

In addition to the hundreds of privileged contacts established between professionals at their stalls, the new digital service “Business & International meetings” was used by more than 1,000 exhibitors and visitors to arrange 340 focused business meetings.

More than 100 new products and services were featured at the event: energy-saving connected devices; organic ingredients, additive-free and more nutritious; intuitive management software, also simpler equipment and snacking solutions designed to enhance the customer offering

The grain milling sector was well represented at the event with an offering in line with the requirements of professionals who are increasingly concerned with the sourcing of their products and origins of ingredients.

Europain proposes a range of events in the form of conferences, debates, and talks to keep in touch with changes in the industry. Gluten free, natural colouring agents, baker’s asthma, digital communication, neo-pastry/neo-bakery are but a few of the themes addressed by top contributors as part of the Europain Forum. American author Nathan Myrvold was at Europain to present his latest book Modernist Bread.

Among the 30 famous guest contributors featured on the Bakery & Snacking stage, Louis Lamour, Lionel Bonnamy (La Fabrique aux Gourmandises), Mei Narusawa (Best baguette of French tradition 2017), and Louis Taine (Ducasse sur Seine), illustrated their know-how and expertise before an increasingly demanding audience of professionals.

The Sweet Creations stage welcomed a prestigious programme of masterclasses delivered by the likes of Michaël Bartocetti (George V), Yann Brys (Pastry Tourbillon) and Nina Métayer. Europain is increasingly asserting its status as the meeting point for all pastry chefs.

Bakery World Cup – 12 teams of 3 bakers competed in a series of tests on three themes: baguette and breads of the world, viennoiserie & gourmet baking, artistic creation. After 3 days of tests, China won the title of World Bakery Champion, in front of Japan and Denmark.

European Pastry Cup – 4 teams of 2 pastry chefs competed on the theme of naturalness by creating fruits desserts, plated desserts and artistic creations. Switzerland, Sweden and Russia join the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom for the final of the Coupe du Monde de la Pastry. The event was held in January 2021 as part of the Sirha trade fair in Lyon.

The Coupe de France des Ecoles – In the Hopefuls category, Alan Etienne, Maëlle Le Guilly and Marine Nedelec (School St Joseph St Marc – Concarneau) won the title of Best Bakery Apprentice. Mathieu Beaupere, Nicolas Legault and Delphine Ripoche (URMA Maine et Loire – Angers) were the winners of the Excellence category of the Coupe de France des Ecoles.

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