Review of Salone del Mobile.Milano 2017, Milan Design Week, Italy

Salone del Mobile Milano, the most keenly awaited international event for the furnishing and design sectors, last from 4 to 9 of April, 2017. Milan Design Week, one of the most important events related to the world of design and architecture at international level. More than three hundred thousand designers, architects, critics, intellectuals and trendhunters for a week full of emotions, innovation, design, technology and attractions to make from this event, one of the best global experiences for professionals.

As the top international designevent, with more than 2,000 exhibitors from over 165 countries, makes Milan the world’s centre of design andcreativity. As the world’s largest and most important furniture fair, Salone del Mobile is the key event of Milan design week 2017. Salone del Mobile animated the Milan Design Week, enhancing, once again, the central role of the city on topics such as the culture of design and the importance of the Made in Italy worldwide.

Salone del Mobile Milano showcasing design excellence, quality and innovation, celebratiing the latest design trends and innovations, Salone del Mobile Milano offer the platform explore cutting-edge innovations and intricate Italian craftsmanship exhibited, exchange ideas and indulge in the most recent furniture, product, and interior design technologies.

With the slogan “Be the First to see the Latest”, The Salone del Mobile is reprising its role as a major resource for the Italian system, thanks to its ability to attract professionals, visitors, designers, buyers and journalists to Milan from all over the world, a strength that has helped Milan become the capital of furnishing and design, as has its with its powerful bond with the city and its institutions.

The Salone del Mobile is proud to be seen as the capital of design and keen to retain its pre-eminence, demonstrating again this year that it is the ideal context for an event of such importance. Because Milan, together with the Salone, has the power to highlight and throw into great relief the entire sector, from the talented young designers to the great international names, to the innovative startups to the historic companies.

The Salone del Mobile Milano calling for the city and the design industry to promote innovation and sustainability at this year’s event, intent geared to channelling the forces in Milan to work together to preserve the leadership role of both the city and the trade fair. It calls for architects, designers and brands to pay attention to the circular economy, respect Milan’s architectural development, encourage sharing of ideas, and champion the work of young designers.

The strength of the Salone del Mobile.Milano is strictly connected to the uniqueness of the furniture supply chain, a widespread ecosystem of industrial and cultural values. ​​It is an extraordinary plot that links creativity, ingenuity and industry, and that makes Italian design a strength of strategic importance for the whole Italian system. It is one of the best business cards that the city of Milan, which has always been able to interpret its time with an international spirit, can show the world.

This year the Salone once again turns the spotlight, on the one hand, on the centrality of Milan, which continues to gather international acclaim and recognition, and on the other, on the creative ability and generosity of spirit of the industrial network at its base that works to offer the world excellence. The Salone del Mobile.Milano proposes an emotional and intellectual involvement of all its actors in order to go beyond what has been achieved so far, to consolidate that leadership role that the Exhibition and the city have conquered over the years, and attract, more and more, new projects and talents.

Milan Design Week with innovative products and solutions for contemporary living come together, presenting outstanding products and solutions for contemporary living with an informed eye to the future and which combine design, technology, flexibility and sustainability.The vast array of exhibits give glimpses into the future of home design and outdoor space. Underneath the larger Fair are also various smaller events, including the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, EuroCucina, the International Bathroom Exhibition.

Salone del Mobile, the biggest and best furniture fair in Europe. The week celebrates world-class designs, from cool innovations to alluring exhibitions, with more than 343,000 attendees and 2,000 exhibitors overall, 34% of them were from other countries, split between the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, Euroluce, Workplace3.0 and SaloneSatellite.

This year, an innovative format is devoted to classic furniture and furnishing accessories in Pavilions 2 and 4, under a new name, Classic: Tradition in the Future, and with a more homogeneous, balanced and fluid layout. These include all the leading Italian and international home furnishing manufacturers and 650 international young designers. Together, they present thousands of new of products ranging from furniture to lighting and workspaces.

During the 56th edition of the salone del mobile milano, the biennial themes of light and the workplace take center stage. The biennials Euroluce and Workplace3.0 taking place alongside the Salone offer additional perspectives, as the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition and SaloneSatellite, the platform for designers under 35. The latter was celebrating its 20th anniversary with two special events, one of which was held at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan until April 25.

The other side events was dedicated to lighting and workplace. DeLightFuL (short for Design, Light, Future, Living), curated by Ciarmoli Queda Studio, offers a highly engaging visual and sensorial itinerary and an independent fantasy-inspired short film from award-winning director Matteo Garrone.

The biennial workplace3.0, an exhibition dedicated to the rapid changes in the world of work, returns for its 18th edition. with a focus on human factors and smart technology, it explores new ideas, ways of thinking, and solutions to the workplace of the future. Workplace3.0 – now into its 18th edition – is based on an innovative concept based on design and technology for designing workspaces and is an event that responds to the rapid change in the world of work and the latest market demands.

The exhibition showcase the ultimate furnishing solutions for offices, banks, insurance offices, post offices and public spaces; chairs for offices and community spaces, acoustic products, internal partitions and coverings, office furnishing accessories, audio-visual technologies and technical and security systems.

As more than just an exhibition, workplace3.0 is the catalyst for stimulating advanced ideas that can cater for a quickly changing market and its needs. Furnishings manufacturers present permeable and dynamic environments for work sharing, nomadic professionals, and relaxation/leisure facilities. additionally, the exhibit show a new approach to customisation, looking beyond how a room is personalization by whoever is in it, and exploring how spaces become bespoke depending on specific human and professional values and needs, such as environmental and economic sustainability.

A special event of workplace3.0, “a joyful sense at work” is a visualization of the evolving workplace of the future, and was curated by italian architect cristiana cutrona. it is set to reconfigure the theory and design of offices and work products with four installations, each representing the cultural characteristics of the architects’ area of provenance. primo orpilla and verda alexander/studio O+A showcase an american response, arash ahmad/ahmadi studio speculate the work environment of asia, ben van berkel/UNstudio and jeff povlo/SCAPE conceive the european vision, and additionally, alfonso femia and gianluca peluffo/studio 5+1AA create an italian outcome.

“Delightful” is a visual and sensory exploration of everyday living and the contemporary space within which the new generation lives in. it investigates how they conceive the domestic space in terms of the intersection between technology and archetypal living, public and private, and basic needs and new desires. with four key concepts; design, lighting, future and living, the space is adorned with unusual one-off pieces curated by ciarmoli queda studio, a milan-based practice working in architecture, interior design, and visual art. furthermore, matteo garrone projects a short film d’auteur, which displays a different perspective of the world of design by moving through a tangible yet illusory reality.

Xlux is a section devoted to timeless luxury reworked in a contemporary style – salone del mobile has recalibrated its format specifically for classic furniture and furnishing accessories. Under the names of xlux and classic: tradition in the future, the former feature 220 exhibitors whilst the latter houses over 270 vendors. the two events support a more consistent, balanced and fluid layout where a central promenade directs visitors towards an area dedicated to displaying the knowledge, craftsmanship and skills needed to create items like them.

Furthermore, the exhibition space also feature the theatre and one of the rooms from the well-received before design: classic project of 2016’s fair, which play a short film by multi-award winning director matteo garrone.

Following the successful launch of the last edition of xLux – the section devoted to timeless luxury reworked in a contemporary vein – the Salone del Mobile 2017 has brought in an innovative format for classic furniture and furnishing accessories, in Pavilions 2 and 4, under a new name, Classic: Tradition in the future, and with a more homogeneous, balanced and fluid layout.

A central “promenade” takes visitors into a space that draws on values such as patrimony of knowledge, craftsmanship and the skills needed to create classic furniture and objects. The exhibition also feature the theatre and one room from the successful Before Design: Classic project presented at the last edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, along with the short film by multi-award winning director Matteo Garrone.

The two biennial exhibitions was running in full synergy with the Salone del Mobile 2017, Euroluce in Pavilions 9-11 and 13-15 and Workplace3.0 inside Pavilions 22-24 dedicated to the workspace, as well as the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition and SaloneSatellite.

The euroluce exhibition continues to host the new frontiers of lighting spaces and be the global benchmark for the industry. Now into its 29th edition, Euroluce showcases the very best the lighting market has to offer, from decorative products to illuminotechnical products – used in the industrial, street, theatrical and hospital lighting sectors – as well as lighting and home automation systems, light sources and lighting application software, all with a particular focus on energy saving, environmental sustainability and light pollution.

Set to display the work of 454 exhibitors, half of whom are from outside of italy, this year’s show focuses on technological innovations, as well as designs that reflect an architectural and design-led approach. A wide range of products was on show, including lighting environments, systems and sources, as well as software and original new eco-sustainable materials. The trends surrounding these designs explore the orientation towards enhancing well-being, quality of light, and facilitating diverse range of activities. integrated within these trends, the topical challenges of the industry, functionality and emotionality, are also explored and trialled to form a balance.

The annual salonesatellite exhibit showcases and unites the very best of new designers under the age of 35. SaloneSatellite, in Pavilions 22 and 24, with free public entry from Cargo 5, is an unmissable event. It brings together a selection of young designers from 5 continents with entrepreneurs, architects, interior designers and the press. This year also marks the 8th edition of the SaloneSatellite Award.

The theme of the 20th edition is “DESIGN is …?”, an open, topical and crucial question. The theme, which, rather than asking for a response, promotes the exploration of new solutions in the aim of creating a better future. this could vary widely from the research behind advanced materials to interface design, and from service design to rapid prototyping.

The 20 years of SaloneSatellite was celebrated with the SaloneSatellite 20 Years Collection – a special edition of bespoke pieces designed by international designers whose careers took off at SaloneSatellite – and with “SALONESATELLITE. 20 Years of New Creativity”, a large exhibition curated by Beppe Finessi at the Fabbrica del Vapore: an anthology of pieces presented during the twenty editions of SaloneSatellite as prototypes, which then went into production, marketed by prestigious, large-scale companies and other key manufacturers.

As part of this year’s celebratory edition, the exhibit showcase special pieces from established international designers who all started their career in past issues of the salonesatellite. additionally, at the fabbrica del vapore in milan, a major exhibition by beppe finessi – an italian design critic – further the birthday festivities. titled ‘SALONESATELLITE. 20 years of new creativity’, the curation present an anthology of products from the show’s past that have now gone into production.

Design Districts
The events of Fuorisalone are spread all over Milan, but are concentrated in some main areas. A series of main districts, namely Porta Venezia, San Babila, Tortona, The 5 Vie, Sant’Ambrogio or San Gregorio. During the Fuorisalone, these districts take center stage with an abundance of events including DJ sets, exhibitions and performances hosted at various locations across the city, comprising former industrial spaces, ateliers, artisanal workshops, ‘botteghe’ and the showrooms of big-name brands.

Brera Design District
Discover the new Brera Experience. The best way to discover and get to know the district’s places and secrets. Brera Design District also features a selection of the best commercial activities, i.e. those that best represent the identity of this historic district of Milan between design, lifestyle, food, art and culture. The Brera Design District offers, as always, a large number of events that animate the neighborhood and which alternate with the many design showrooms hosted here.

Start from the “ancient heart of Brera”, represented by the pedestrian area of via Fiori Chiari, via Formentini and via Madonnina. Lose yourself among antiques, modern antique shops, exclusive shops and historic bars. Here, in via Fiori Chiari 18, Dedar presents the new textile wall coverings. In via Formentini 9 (in front of the deconsecrated church of S. Carpoforo) the Paola Sorio Luxury Design Atelier brand makes its debut, specialized in the creation of furniture and accessories between art and design characterized by a very high quality craftsmanship.

Brera Design District attracts the largest number of events and is the most visited and most representative district of the Fuorisalone. Born with the 2010 edition, the Brera Design Week has been able to increase over the years the number and quality of the events it hosts, for many, Fuorisalone means Brera and Brera Design Week is the reference platform, open to collaboration with companies and designers thanks to dedicated project formats. The white night of the district, the Brera Design Night take place on Friday 7 April with the extended opening of the showrooms and a series of special events that animate the district.

Brera has the charm of the Milan art district and has a somewhat Parisian, bohemian personality. When you stroll through its streets, especially in April during the Fuorisalone, you can breathe an extravagant, young and international atmosphere. Brera is an iconic place. It has always been the bohemian place in Milan par excellence, where you can breathe that artsy atmosphere, thanks also to the Academy and the studios of photographers and painters. Now Brera is increasingly linked to design and we find that this passage has respected the creative and special soul of the neighborhood, indeed it has brought new life.

“Designing is a game, playing a project” is the theme Brera Design District 2017 proposed, the Design Lessons award, a series of meetings, special projects and cultural initiatives. The theme of the 2017 edition of Brera Design District is Designing is a game, playing a project. It comes from the experience gained with the Brera Design Days, an event organized by Studiolabo and Brera Design District.

This topic has inspired a reflection on the practice of gaming as an opportunity for planning, in particular on the importance that gamification can assume in the design of services and in the dynamics of interaction and between brand and customer. The theme discussions were held on transversal issues in the world of design and planning, including: graphics, hybridization, interaction design and gamification.

This year they are ambassadors of the Brera Design District: Tony Chambers Editor-in-Chief of Wallpaper, Arch. Michele De Lucchi and the designers Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto of Studiopepe.

The 2017 Lezioni di Design award is awarded to Fabio Viola : permanently among the TOP 10 gamification designers in the world, he coordinates the advanced training course in Gamification and Engagement Design for IED Milan. Author of the book Gamification – Videogames in Daily Life and Involgimi released for Hoepli, he has worked for multinationals such as Electronic Arts Mobile and Vivendi Games and in recent years he has started working on the intersection between gaming and everyday life, supporting public bodies, cultural institutions and large companies.

HomeAway is Official Accommodation Partner of Brera Design District because it shares the same spirit of innovation and internationality with the event. Timberland launches the new Boat Shoe which is characterized by the flexibility of the sole thanks to the SensorFlex technology. Thanks to the collaboration with the designer Matteo Cibic, the installation The Flexibile Living was born.

Tissot tells the time of innovation through the words and experience of designer Giulio Iacchetti, in the relationship between craftsmanship and design whose principles perfectly reflect the values ​​of the brand. Jaguar F-PACE is the Official Courtesy Car of the Brera Design District. Design, elegance, performance. Experience always leaves its mark. The Visit is an apartment in via Palermo 1 set up by Studiopepe to celebrate the ritual of the visit, offering an experience that tells stories, styles, and researches in a certain Milanese atmosphere.

Ventura Centrale
Ventura Projects are self-initiated, curated exhibition areas with a special focus on quality and concept. The historical vault-shaped warehouses situated in via Ferrante Aporti, under the railway tracks of Milan Central Station, with 16 tunnels involved present immersive, poetic and ironic design experiences. Each project was characterised by high aesthic and qualitative content to tell visitors about the potentialities and application of contemporary design.

Imagine walking into the scenic, abandoned vaults of one of Italy’s major train stations. The heritage status of the spaces and the endless possibilities dazzled us with excitement. This was the feeling that Margriet Vollenberg, director of Ventura Projects, experienced when first encountering the potential of these ‘theatrical’ spaces. Ventura Centrale was born and the newly found spaces were easily matched with the right exhibitors. With the initiative of presenting the site-specific design installations to the public, the vaults are coming back to life.

While Ventura Centrale aims to complement its ‘cribs’ with spectacular installations, Ventura Lambrate is now, more than ever before, looking outward to see what design can do for our rapidly changing world. Whether it is to reflect on political issues, to address the risks and hopes of technological advancements or to find sustainable ways of preserving our planet, the Ventura Lambrate designers show their intent to support global progress. This gathering of established designers, emerging names and academies in the industrial district of Lambrate continues to amaze. For every Ventura Lambrate edition we carefully revise the selection, define the focus and adjust the locations, ensuring that the visitor see the latest trends and most eye-catching output in contemporary design.

5VIE in Historic center of Milan
5VIE was born as a territorial marketing project linked to an area of ​​the historic center of Milan, the Cinque Vie: an area rich in history and culture, where among the remains of imperial Rome, early Christian basilicas and Renaissance courtyards you can still find artisan workshops of the highest level, as well as refined boutiques and art and design galleries. Thanks to the uniqueness of the curatorial program and the continually expanding success of previous editions, 5VIE art+design is now recognized internationally as an important new hub of cutting-edge design.

History, culture and innovation: these are the values of 5VIE Art+Design, which has been working for four years to carry out its cultural and territorial marketing project to promote Milan’s Old Town. Literally, the 5 Streets – 5VIE – are Via Santa Marta, Via Santa Maria Podone, Via Santa Maria Fulcorina, Via Bocchetto and Via del Bollo. This district has become wider but compact at the same time, it is characterized by Roman roots and Milanese features, archaeological remains, beautiful cloisters, modern architecture and new areas that are being renovated.

Thanks to the work of the past few years for building a strong brand identity and new communication strategies, a bunch of streets is now a urban project of international interest. This year, with a special focus on one-of-a-kind pieces, art design, and the cross- contamination among the various arts, aims to build on this growing success and embrace experimentation more openly than ever and to cultivate an even more international presence. This year’s goal: consolidate our reputation as a cultural reference point,bringing together plurality of thought and international heterogeneity.

Working as always in close contact with curators and designers and concentrating on clusters of creativity, 5VIE is increasingly establishing itself as a meeting place for generating connections between different areas, investing in research, in the selection of projects, and in their final implementation. As such, our identity as a true “integrated design district” becomes crystal clear.

This year the micro-areas of the district are shown, each of them is characterized by co-production and cultural collaboration projects, which have been chosen by the four district’s founders (Alessia del Corona Borgia, Emanuele Tessarolo, Aline Parisetti Calvi Radice Fossati and Ernesta Del Cogliano) together with PS, the district’s Design Advisor since the first edition.

Porta Venezia Design District
Porta Venezia In Design, the fuorisalone circuit that combines design and art with the architectural and decorative heritage of the Liberty style. A Milan itinerary for the Design Week to combine design & art, food & wine with Liberty Architectu re herit age. PORTA VENEZIA IN DESIGN is an itinerary divided into ‘three’: showrooms, stores and companies featuring new design and art, the food & wine itinerary, which finds space in some selected bars and restaurants, guided tours of the Liberty facades, organized in collaboration with FAI – Italian Environment Fund.

The idea of ​​this circuit is to highlight places, sometimes ‘hidden’ in courtyards, other facing the road: design and furnishing companies, hospitality and leisure with good food and wine, architectural companies and workshops. Within the cultural aspect, which highlights the Liberty architecture heritage, revealing the venue has not been accessible for years – as the Albergo Diurno Venezia, now opened thanks to Delegazione Milano FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano. Design as a link among the various realities.

Exhibitions: Setting-up and new collections by Essent’ial; Scuola Politecnica di Design students’ projects exhibition; “Breaking Bread – Pane al Pane” exhibition by Azure; “The objects tell” by Virginio Briatore; “Taglieri d’Autore” – 100 artistic cutting boards; Stainless steel cutlery design from Belgian collector Alain Wathieu; “Oggetti Comunicanti” by Verallia; ; “Il panino, da natura ad artificio. I Maestri del pane”, by Fondazione Accademia del Panino Italiano; ‘Taste of Beauty / WHAT IF IT WOULD KILL YOU?” by Dejana Kabiljo.

Interesting new entries in the area are: JATO SHOROOM (via Sirtori) showing the PARADISOTERRESTRE collection; NOBODY&CO which present SUPER FOLLIES at Giardino delle Arti (via Palestro); BAUPLAN CUCINE and TARGA ITALIA’s showroom in the garden courtyard within Palazzo Saporiti (corso Venezia); the innovative DAAA HAUS, a society of designers and architects based in Ragusa and Malta that, since January 2017, has opened a gallery in Milan, (via Maiocchi); DORIN ROSSI DESIGN, an architecture, design and photography studio founded by Dorin Rossi (viale Majno);

LABORATORIO 16, an architecture and design studio (via Panfilo Castaldi), combining passions for illustration, graphics, features and theoretical research on urban space; FRIGERIO21, a Milanese company display marble furniture and objects, at the contemporary art gallery ‘Gli eroici Furori’ (Via Melzo); DANIELA DE MARCHI, (Piazzale Lavater), jewelry store, in brass, bronze, natural stone and colored enamels, hand made by Italian goldsmiths; AMI MOPS, shop-workshop (Via Tadino), producing resin jewelry. Renewing their prestigious presences in the design circuit are: ANTHOZOA, BROMPTON JUNCTION MILAN, JANNELLI&VOLPI with a new showroom MANERBA, LISA CORTI, STAMBERGA, CENTRO CULTURALE CECO.

Porta Venezia has also renovated the collaboration with important museums in the area: CASA MUSEO BOSCHI DI STEFANO, with the exhibition ‘Gio Ponti/Roberto Sambonet. Il cuore dei Ponti per i Sambonet’; GAM – GALLERIA D’ARTE MODERNA, with the second edition of ‘Doppia Firma-Double Signature’ exhibition (a co-produced project with Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, Living Corriere della Sera and Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship); ALBERGO DIURNO VENEZIA, with ‘Senso 80’; New entry in the area is FUTURDOME, with the exhibition ‘Outer Space’.

In the food&wine circuit, new entries are: the opening of CASA CAPITANO, a chocolate shop hosting a design furniture collection, BAOBAR among excellent cocktail bar in the area, and OUT OF THE BOX with its homemade ice cream. Renewing their presence CASA MIA, HIC ENOTECHE and PASTA FRESCA BISTROT BRAMBILLA.

Santambrogio Design District area
Zona Santambrogio is one of the youngest districts of the Fuorisalone scene. Zona Santambrogio Design District is part of the Milan circuit of Fuorisalone that unites all Milan events during the Milan Design Week, under the patronage of the Comune di Milano.

Zona Santambrogio Design District for the Milan Design Week 2017, it selects and promotes the events, exhibitions and the best shops in the district, between Piazza Sant’Ambrogio and Parco Sempione. Zona Santambrogio receives the patronage of the Comune di Milano and is part of the Milano circuit of Fuorisalone, the official channel that promotes the events of the City during the Design Week.

In the heart of Milan, in the fascinating garden of the headquarters of the Santambrogio Design District, Eat Urban, the Design Week Street Food Festval, the open air restaurant of the Fuorisalone, also come alive. A selection of the best street food on wheels between apecars and vintage vehicles, positioned between trees and paths, offering Italian and international gourmet dishes. Every day it was possible to have breakfast, brunch, lunch, aperitif and dinner. Eat Urban was the ideal place to eat during the week of the Milan Fuorisalone.

Zona Santambrogio supports the Milano Design Award, in its sixth edition, the award destined for the best design installations of the Milan Design Week: it is a shared project of the Milano Fuorisalone committee. Born for the protection and choral communication of Fuorisalone events, the committee is made up of Brera Design District, 5 Vie art + design, elita – Enjoy Living Italy, Milano Space Makers, Porta Venezia in Design, Superstudio Group, Tortona Design Week, Ventura Lambrate and Santambrogio area. The Milano Design Award project is conceived and coordinated by elita-Enjoy Living Italy.

Themed itineraries
Itineraries that include the events of Design Week related to the most important themes of this edition.

Generation IONIQ Hyundai
IONIQ Hyundai made an authentic revolution in terms of mobility, the first car in the world to offer three low to zero emissions powertrains within one body type – hybrid, full electric and hybrid plug-in. A result achieved by Hyundai, in terms of powertrains and technology, made possible also thanks to a modern and innovative design. Functional and design research perfectly merge in a car with one of the best aerodynamic coefficient in the market: the silhouette and the designed details take advantage of the air-flow to reduce drag and emissions to the minimum, while high-strength steel makes the vehicle benefit from superior rigidity.

Nothing better than design to represent the relentless evolution of ideas, challenging the status quo, in search of the perfect balance between innovation, functionality and design. An attitude that perfectly fits the #GenerationIONIQ. Those who choose IONIQ do not merely buy a vehicle, but instead they make a strong statement for their future without giving up on driving pleasure and on all the connectivity, infotainment, and driving-aid solutions like those of the “normal” last-generation cars.

Swiss Design Map Milano
The Swiss Design Map Milano is part of an ongoing operation by the Consulate General of Switzerland in Milan to introduce Switzerland as one of the world’s top spots in terms of innovation and economic competitiveness, as a destination for an unique lifestyle experience and – you might be surprised to discover – a country bringing forth fresh creative talent in the industries for which Milan is famous: food, fashion and design.

Events like the Salone del Mobile and the Fuorisalone have long been an important showcase for Swiss design schools, firms and young designers. To increase their collective impact and visibility, the Swiss Design Map draws attention to the many exhibits with a connection to Swiss design. This initiative developed jointly by the Consulate General of Switzerland in Milan and Switzerland Tourism allows visitors to take in the diversity, creativity and innovation of contemporary Swiss design at a glance.

Tortona Design Week
Tortona Design Week is a communication project promoting over 180 events in the renewed Tortona design circuit. Partners of the initiative are Associazione Tortona Area Lab, BASE Milano, Magna Pars, Milano Space Makers, Superstudio Group, Tortona Locations. Among the 2017 events, the also Sarpi Bridge-Oriental design week.

Superstudio Più | SUPERDESIGN SHOW
Superstudio Più | Superdesign Show with 17.000 exhibiting space, 130.000 visitors and 2.270 registered journalists only in 2016, theme projects, museum-like installations, national pavilions, independent or collective exhibitions, large consolidated companies but also young innovative ones, start-ups, self-design, young independent creatives.

All of this at SUPERSTUDIO, the iconic place for design in Milan, pioneer of the phenomenon of FuoriSalone in the neighbourhood, the most visited and renowned place in Tortona district since 2000. With the project SUPERDESIGN SHOW (that continues and takes over the success of the Temporary Museum for New Design) Superstudio carries on its mission towards quality and innovation but this year aims, like never before, at research, freedom of choice and ideas, contaminations between art and design, industry and handcraft, tradition and future, simplicity and magnificence. Builds a bridge to combine visions of big cover brands to experiences of innovative protagonists. And opens to the most prestigious universities of the world.

Superdesign Show breaks the rules and recounts Design exhaustively: industrial design, art-design, artefacts, technology, automotive, decor for the house work travels entertainment, textile, ornaments, 3D print and everything that design proposes in step with times. And again the Capitals of design, emerging Countries who became protagonists, projects and technologies of materials’ latest innovations.

This year, the most awaited appointments are back: the spectacular Temporary Museum installations, the eclectic Materials Village, the Gallery dedicated to single companies or designers, the “Parade” with a strong impact series of proposals. New entry on show, a pavilion with exhibition and meetings dedicated to Smart City.

The Milan Triennale
La Triennale di Milano is an international cultural institution with over 90 years of history behind it (it was established in Monza in 1923) that stages exhibitions, conferences and events on art, design, architecture, fashion, cinema, communication and society. It organizes exhibitions devoted to contemporary art, to nationally and internationally acclaimed architects and designers, to the great fashion designers who have changed tastes and customs, to social themes. It is the Teatro dell’Arte, one of the most significant stages in Milan, recently reunited with the Triennale and a new point of reference for cultural projects and the performing arts.

It is a laboratory of ideas that speaks not just to enthusiasts, students and professionals, but also to the public of the future, children and teenagers, through experimental and interactive activities focused on the culture of design. It is involved in an intense dialogue with the rest of the world on the themes of Italian culture and Italian products. The Triennale is its Palazzo dell’Arte in the center of Milan: located inside the Parco Sempione, one of the city’s oldest parks, the building was designed from the outset to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of every kind of performance and exhibition.

The Triennale is the Triennale Design Museum, which carries out research and studies, representing Italian design from constantly shifting points of view; a museum that is always changing, attentive to the history and the entire system of design (companies, manufacturing districts, regions, research, publishing and training). It is a meeting place between the business world, culture and innovation; a stage on which to present research and experimentation.

The Triennale Design Week hosts more than 20 exhibitions displaying new tendencies and projects from different countries and firms, and a series of events. La Triennale di Milano, founded in 1923, is a cultural institution that brings together various forms of contemporary culture and creativity: architecture, design, the visual arts, photography, fashion, performance, theater, and music. The exhibition program includes great names as well as young artists, designers, and architects, who are currently coming to the fore. This program enables visitors to explore and find out about the most significant research and studies in the various fields of art and design.

Held at the Palazzo dell’Arte, was built to a design by Giovanni Muzio in 1933 in the Parco Sempione, just behind the Castello Sforzesco, in the heart of Milan. Throughout the year, the Triennale puts on exhibitions, meetings, conferences, and shows, involving personalities of international fame. The venue houses the Triennale Design Museum, the first museum of Italian design, which each year presents a new display with a different selection of works, providing visitors with original points of view. It is also home to the Triennale Teatro dell’Arte, which offers the best of Italian and international performing arts.

Milan Design Award
The Milano Design Award is back, an event that since 2011 has been selecting the best exhibition projects of the Fuori Salone prizing the most innovative ones and those able to promote a creative dialogue between product and setup, brand and designer. Milan Design Award, produced by elita, realized in partnership with Fuorisalone, is the competition that rewards the events of the Milan Design Week. The goal of the Milan Design Award is to reward the most unique experiences offered to the visitors, identify the aesthetic expressions that characterize contemporary design trends and highlight, through the selection of the projects, the new socio-cultural phenomena.

The purpose of the Milano Design Award is to select, through an international jury, the best exhibition project of the Fuori Salone. Many are the criteria leading to the choice of the winner, among which are concept, technology, storytelling and engagement, which represent some of the awarded categories. Among the novelties of this year is the presence of four new awards: Press Choice, assigned by a jury composed by representatives of the international press, The Unicorn for the most innovative and disruptive installation and two connected Lifetime Achievement awards (designer and company).

Create and organised by elita, realized in partnership with Fuorisalone, Istituto Europeo di Design and Valverde and sponsored by Comune di Milano, since last year the initiative is also promoted by the biggest companies linked to the Fuorisalone: 5VIE art+design, Brera Design District, elita – enjoy living italy, Milano Space Makers, Porta Venezia in Design, Tortona Design Week, Triennale di Milano, Ventura Projects and Zona SantAmbrogio.

This year the careers award, relating to the history of the Fuori Salone and assigned by districts, was assigned to Cappellini as historic company in the design industry and to Tom Dixon for his work as designer.

Elita Design Week Festival
Twelfth edition of the Design Week Festival, the format curated by Elita, which in the last eleven years has contributed to the thematic expansion of Milan Design Week through constant research in the contemporary music scene and a selection of innovative cultural entertainment content and models.

Walkthrough, the thematic hashtag chosen for the 2017 edition, underlines the invitation to a conscious crossing of places, styles and experiences that make up the next Milanese design week. The program of this edition highlights a musical journey that wants to tell a story, as in a journey, to discover the sounds of exotic cultures, but at the same time strongly linked to urban contexts and in particular metropolitan, where the citizens of the world, regardless with ethnic roots, they are writing a common history, that of contemporary popular music.

The Salone from 4 to 9 April, which promises to be challenging because it is increasingly open and global. The Elita Design Week Festival is preparing to invade the nerve centers of the design week, preside over places without embodying a precise form, adapt to contexts, explore places, sounds, disguise themselves to change through them. A modern nomadism that is expressed through itinerant events within more or less known spaces in the city, thanks to the typical transversality of Elita who manages to create different situations each time for an ever wider community.