Category: Artwork

Permanent exhibition, Mie Prefectural Museum of Art

Hiromitsu Nakazawa, Artist’s Unknown Trajectory, Mie Prefectural Museum of Art

The art of Takeshi Koya, Mie Prefectural Museum of Art

Sol LeWitt: A Wall Drawing Retrospective, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art

Who´s Afraid of Teresinha Soares? Sao Paulo Art Museum

The Main space, Palau de Maricel

Living Rooms, Cau Ferrat Museum

The Great Hall, Cau Ferrat Museum

The ground floor, Maricel Museum

Catalan Modernisme and Noucentisme, Maricel Museum

The luminist school of Sitges, Maricel Museum

Baroque, Neoclassicism and Romanticism (17th-19th centuries), Maricel Museum

From the Romanesque to the Renaissance (10th-16th centuries), Maricel Museum

Gilberto Chateaubriand Collection, Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art

32nd Panorama of Brazilian Art, Sao Paulo Museum of Modern Art