• Yangzhou Museum, China
    Yangzhou Museum (Chinese: 扬州博物馆) is the biggest museum in Yangzhou, an ancient city in Jiangsu Province of China It is […]
  • Crop art
    Crop art is an environmental art practice using plants and seeds in the landscape to create statements, marks and/or […]
  • German romanticism
    German Romanticism was the dominant intellectual movement of German-speaking countries in the late 18th and early 19th […]
  • Interior design
    Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more […]
  • Quality in philosophy
    In philosophy, a quality is an attribute or a property characteristic of an object. In contemporary philosophy the idea […]
  • Post-materialism
    In sociology, post-materialism is the transformation of individual values from materialist, physical, and economic to […]
  • Italian romanticism
    Italian romanticism in literature is a peculiar phenomenon in comparison with the literature of other European […]
  • Surrealist cinema
    Surrealist cinema is a modernist approach to film theory, criticism, and production with origins in Paris in the 1920s. […]
  • Colored Pencil
    A colored pencil is an art medium constructed of a narrow, pigmented core encased in a wooden cylindrical case. Unlike […]
  • Digital pen
    A digital pen or smart pen, is an input device which captures the handwriting or brush strokes of a user and converts […]
  • Fumage
    Fumage is a surrealist art technique popularized by Wolfgang Paalen in which impressions are made by the smoke of a […]