Review of LA Art Show 2014, California, United States

The Los Angeles Art Show is an international encyclopedic art exhibition, the most comprehensive international contemporary art show in America. The 19th Annual LA Art Show, last from 15-19 January, 2014 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, as the largest and longest running platform for modern, contemporary, historic and traditional fine art, bringing in more than 140 galleries from around the globe, exhibiting painting, sculpture, works on paper, installation, photography, design, video & performance.

Designed with the serious collector in mind, The LA Art Show is entirely unique in the art world, providing attendees with a complete art experience. To highlight the incredibly comprehensive oeuvre, the LA Art show features three distinct sections: The Modern & Contemporary Section, and the Los Angeles IFPDA Fine Print Fair Section.

In recent years, the LA Art Show has become the most internationally diverse art platform in the Western world, bringing in the largest groupings of Korean, Chinese and Japanese galleries outside of Asia. There is everything for everyone, from contemporary painting to mixed media and even traditional and representational works. This diverse, exciting art fair is designed with the true collector in mind, showcasing many artistic genres and styles to capture the essence of the ever-evolving art market.

The fair focus on Latin America and the Pacific Rim. The event feature an array of art from contemporary and modern, to classical, and other specialized art scenes that often command their own dedicated shows. Radiant presentations are brought to life by a variety of galleries molding the Los Angeles artistic sphere as a completely accessible space for expression. The tradition and prestige of LA Art Show are already fully consolidated in the city and its surroundings,, makes it one of the main American contemporary art fairs.

The LA Art Show embraces its role as the regions preeminent art fair and emerges as the annual civic celebration of the visual arts. The record breaking enthusiasm surrounding surpassed all expectations and encourages our team to deepen our roster of galleries and pursue new exciting art programming. As Los Angeles takes its place as a vanguard of the global art scene, our ability to adapt and evolve to meet the art market’s current trends is vital. The evolving role of the art fair as a fulcrum for art commerce, connecting galleries, artists, curators, and collectors.

The LA Art Show has delivered the broadest spectrum of art from across the globe to Los Angeles’ diverse and engaged collector base. Created by FADA, the large-scale, wide-ranging show is housed in the longest running venue for contemporary, modern, historic and traditional art in the country. The 2014 fair is expected to be the most innovative and eclectic show to date, a complete, full-circle art experience.

LA Art Show 2014
Los Angeles has emerged as a global epicenter of art & culture, with a distinct, interwoven multi-cultural influence unique to the city. Diversity is our strength and art is most impactful when it includes or transcends all borders. As LA rises as the world-class destination for art, the LA Art Show continues to lead the way with innovative programming and one-of-a-kind experiences for an expanding collecting audience.

LA Art show is the unparalleled international art experience. In the 2014 show has refined its focus creating a freshly curated fair offering visitors and collectors a new hosted art experience devoted to Modern and Contemporary art. The show continues to evolve in a new and exciting direction reflecting how LA is making its mark as a rising world-class destination for art.

The LA Art Show offers a true fair-within-a-fair experience. The IFPDA (International Fine Print Dealer’s Association), always curates an excellent selection of galleries, art dealers, and publishers committed to the highest quality prints. In addition, attendees are also granted entrance to the Los Angeles Jewelry, Antique & Design Show in Hall H, right next door.

In addition to exploring the more than 17,500 items on display on the show floor, admission also includes the opportunity to enjoy the show’s speacial exhibitions, installations, and enganing Dialogs LA, featuring internationally renowned artists, collectors, curators, and art professionals. The program included lectures, tours, and special exhibitions from top galleries.

The LA Art Show has become the most internationally diverse art platform in the Western world, bringing in the largest groupings of Korean, Chinese and Japanese galleries outside of Asia. The LA Art Show has actively developed its international gallery offerings to provide collectors with a unique opportunity, to spot international trends and zeitgeist through art, a medium that has the ability to transcend language. The show features two ditinct sections: The Modern & Contemporary Section and the Historic & Traditional Contemporary Section.


Modern + Contemporary
The largest section of programming at the LA Art Show, Modern + Contemporary exhibits the vast spectrum of contemporary painting, illustration, sculpture and more from galleries in Los Angeles, the Pacific Rim, and countries all around the world.

Justin Bower – Scale is critical to Justin Bower’s paintings, with roots in Abstract Expressionism and Cubism. Bower’s large canvases of isolated heads draw you close into their orbit, where the speed of Bower’s brushstrokes surprisingly possesses a very controlled quality. They seem be pulling the painting apart, echoing themes of fury and fragmentation.

Michael Kalish – Michael Kalishs’ impressive repertoire of work contains imagery of American culture — from flags and automobiles, to portraits of iconic entertainers. He’s taken modern, pop and urban art by well-known artists and repurposed them in his own artistry using fragmented elements. “Elvis,” shown below, is part of his Experience Collection. As you circle the sculpture it morphs and reshapes with each shift of perspective.

Hwang Seon Tae – The minimalist interiors of Hwang Seon Tae represent moments of suspended time — quiet contemplative spaces. Hwang uses glass along with LED backlighting, which emanates light through the windows in his scenes, instilling an instant feeling of calm and clarity of thought to the viewer.

Historic, Traditional and Contemporary

Craig Alan – Craig Alan’s curious method of depicting famous faces, such as Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe, utilizes a small army of congregating people carefully painted onto wide open spaces, stopped at just the right moment in time to offer a recognizable and dramatic portrait. Craig’s artwork reveals a technical sophistication, as well as an elaborate imagination.

Guarisco Gallery – In celebration of their forthcoming gallery space in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., Guarisco Gallery will be exhibiting in LA for the first time in 10 years. Known for its museum-quality 19th- and 20th-century painting and sculpture, the gallery will present Modern and Contemporary works alongside its traditional inventory.

Denis Bloch – Denis Bloch Fine Art is a must-see, with works by Modern and Contemporary masters Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881–1973), Robert Rauschenberg (American, 1925–2008), and Marc Chagall (French/Russian, 1887–1985)…

LA Art Show is the most eclectic art fair, the most eclectic art fair in the world that establishes a high quality. The LA Art Show partnered with galleries and non-profits to feature bold new art performances and continued to expand out Littletopia and Street Art sections both at the fair and at off-site events to facilitate dealer and collector networking and create a sense of immediacy.

“Littletopia” curated by Red Truck Gallery is a carefully chosen collective of innovative galleries who are breaking down barriers, bucking convention and letting their skilled artists create a new vocabulary. With a focus on craftsmanship, accessibility, and artistry, Littletopia embraces the adventurous collector and draws them into a place where the fantastic become reality on canvas, mixed media, sculpture and print. A place where the art curious can appreciate beautifully rendered pieces and be welcomed into a family of galleries who evoke a mood, from playful, provocative, intriguing, and shocking to downright scary.

The driving force behind Littletopia, Red Truck Gallery, founded by Noah Antieau, is the antithesis of white washed minimalism. Beneath its colorful and inviting veneer, this New Orleans gallery has a subversive soul, presenting eclectic works that combine a wicked sense of humor and an unflinching eye for detail. Littletopia is similarly and intentionally eclectic. Defying categorization, the participating galleries share a respect for artistic craft and a mission to bring a fresh new attitude to a cynical art establishment.

Littletopia is a dialogue between tradition and contemporary expression. The polished disorder of fine art, the concepts, techniques, messages, and styles within Littletopia are as diverse and ever changing as any other community within society. The very essence of lowbrow art is to dig even deeper below the underground in order to constantly recalibrate the social frequency.

Andrés Basurto – Human beings are such fragile things, and Andrés Basurto draws attention to that fact. The human skulls that Basurto creates are even more delicate, constructed en¬tirely of glass shards from broken beer and wine bottles, held together by epoxy resin. The transparent quality also allows light to refract the different colors of glass upon a white background.

Project Space
Hailing from around the world, the exhibitors in Project Space showcase a broad array of ideas and talents in the form of solo exhibitions, presented by participating galleries.

Special Exhibitions
Expanding beyond the confines of booth spaces, Featured Programming create immersive experiences to engage audiences through thought-provoking artworks, performances and other exhibitions offered by participating galleries, highlighting works that was talked about for years to come.

Choi Jeong Hwa – Choi Jeong Hwa, the internationally recognized leader of Korea’s Pop Art movement, presents a special exhibition, “The Present of the Century,” an ambitious installation featuring large-scale, colorful pillars. An immersive experience, Choi Jeong Hwa’s work explores the beauty of everyday, mass-produced plastic materials as a commentary on consumerism in our throw-away culture.

Douglas Kirkland – Photo l.a. will honor award-winning celebrity photographer Douglas Kirkland (Canadian, b.1934). There will be a wide selection of photography exhibited dating back to the early 19th century. International galleries will come together in this unique space to support the downtown Los Angeles art scene and to celebrate photography. Some booths to check out include LA-based gallery Mixografia, which produces and publishes handmade paper prints and multiples, and Monroe Gallery of Photography of Santa Fe, which deals in a classic selection of iconic black and white photography.

The LA Art Show is strategically situated at the city’s dynamic epicenter, The LA Convention Center is Southern California’s most technologically advanced green venue, featuring soaring ceilings and ample space. With convenient access to world-renowned LA LIVE!, the Grammy Awards, The Grammy Museum, and an impressive entertainment complex that includes the Nokia Theatre, the Staples Center Arena, top restaurants, and The Ritz Carlton Hotel and Residences. Patrons of the arts gladly drive to Downtown L.A. for the best in Classical Music (Disney Hall), Theater (Mark Taper and Ahmanson), and Contemporary Art (MOCA, Art District).