• Outsider art
    Outsider art is art by self-taught or naïve art makers. Typically, those labeled as outsider artists have little or no […]
  • Brâncovenesc style
    The Brâncovenesc style, also known as Wallachian Renaissance and Romanian Renaissance, is an art and architectural […]
  • Tachisme
    Tachisme (alternative spelling: Tachism, derived from the French word tache, stain) is a French style of abstract […]
  • Musical nationalism
    Musical nationalism refers to the use of musical ideas or motifs that are identified with a specific country, region, […]
  • Alcohol fuel
    Alcohols have been used as a fuel. The first four aliphatic alcohols (methanol, ethanol, propanol, and butanol) are of […]
  • Stippling
    Stippling is the creation of a pattern simulating varying degrees of solidity or shading by using small dots. Such a […]
  • Gilding
    Gilding is any decorative technique for applying a very thin coating of gold to solid surfaces such as metal (most […]