• Hatching
    Hatching (hachure in French), In drawing and engraving, as in painting, hatching is the line of a set of straight or […]
  • Neo-Grec
    Néo-Grec was a Neoclassical revival style of the mid-to-late 19th century that was popularized in architecture, the […]
  • Bengal School of Art
    The Bengal School of Art commonly referred as Bengal School, was an art movement and a style of Indian painting that […]
  • Churrigueresque
    Churrigueresque refers to a Spanish Baroque style of elaborate sculptural architectural ornament which emerged as a […]
  • Virtue
    Virtue is moral excellence. A virtue is a trait or quality that is deemed to be morally good and thus is valued as a […]
  • Tolkien tourism
    Tolkien tourism is a phenomenon of fans of The Lord of the Rings fictional universe travelling to sites of film- and […]
  • Music of Afghanistan
    The Music of Afghanistan comprises many varieties of classical music, folk music, and modern popular music. Afghanistan […]
  • Crystalline silicon
    Crystalline silicon (c-Si) is the crystalline forms of silicon, either multicrystalline silicon (multi-Si) consisting […]
  • Solar traffic light
    Solar traffic lights are signalling devices powered by solar panels positioned at road intersections, pedestrian […]
  • Pattachitra
    Pattachitra or Patachitra is a general term for traditional, cloth-based scroll painting, based in the eastern Indian […]