University of the Philippines Visayas – Center for West Visayan Studies, Iloilo City, Philippines

The Center for West Visayan Studies (CWVS), Created in 1975, locate in the Iloilo City Campus, to answer the need for a concerted effort to preserve and disseminate information on the rich historico-cultural legacy of the region. The center initiates historico-cultural studies and encourages researches that deal with current issues and concerns like gender, IK, cultural transmission, migration, environment and sustainable development.

The objectives of the college are to support the UPV programs in fisheries, marine sciences, the arts, social and natural sciences; to provide management education in order to train leaders for the region’s public and private sectors; to serve as center for research, information dissemination, consultancy, and training services in administration/management; and to serve as a link between UPV and local, national, and international organizations engaged in management education, training and research.

The University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV or UP Visayas) is a public research university in the Philippines. A constituent university of the University of the Philippines system, it teaches management, accountancy, marketing, economics, chemistry, applied mathematics and physics, marine science education and research, fisheries, and aquaculture. It offers regional studies programs on the preservation and enrichment of the Visayan cultural heritage.

The Library of the UP Visayas Iloilo City campus is the former city hall of Iloilo City.
The College of Management was formerly the School of Development Management, established in December 1981 out of the former Division of Development Management of the College of Arts and Sciences. SDM was elevated to college status in 1991.

The College of Management has two departments, namely, the Department of Accounting and the Department of Management. It offers the following academic programs: Undergraduate — B.S. Accountancy, B.S. Business Administration (Marketing), and B.S. Management; Graduate — Master of Management in Business Management, Public Management, Rural Development Management, and Tax Management.

Starting June 1997, the college offered the Diploma Program in Urban and Regional Planning in coordination with the School of Urban and Regional Planning at UP Diliman.

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In July 1997, CM started the pilot testing of a course on Island Food Systems in RDM 298 (Field Studies), a course in the Master of Management, Rural Development Program. The initiative was made under the auspices of the Island Sustainability, Livelihood, and Equity (ISLE) Program. ISLE partners from Canada, Indonesia, and Jamaica team-taught the course with UPV faculty members.

In 2014, CM offered extension classes for Master of Management in Roxas City, Capiz at the Pueblo de Panay which is located in the city.

Also found in UPV Iloilo campus is the University of the Philippines High School in Iloilo.

On September 24, 2010, the U.P. Board of Regents elevated the status of UP Cebu as an autonomous unit, in preparation for its constituent university status after five to seven years.

Two degree-granting units remain on the Iloilo City Campus. They are the College of Management, and the CAS Division of Professional Education. Also on campus is the U.P. High School in Iloilo (formerly U.P.V. High School). The High School is an experimental laboratory for innovative teaching strategies designed to provide academic training for underprivileged students in order to better prepare them for access to tertiary education in the University of the Philippines.

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