Unit Pengelola Museum Seni, Indonesia

Unit Pengelola Museum belongs to The Department of Tourism and Culture of the Special Capital Province of Jakarta, one of the provincial government agencies of DKI Jakarta. This service is responsible and responsible for all matters related to culture and tourism in Jakarta and Kepulauan Seribu.

Jakarta Art Museum is a public museum management that manage 3 (three) museums under The Jakarta City Tourism and Culture Office. The museums are Fine Art and Ceramic Museum, Textile Museum and Puppet Museum which has the duty not only to maintain and preserve the art and culture but also introduce the Indonesian art and culture to the world.
The museum is managed by the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta with its main collection of historical museum space which holds 51 diorama historical scenes, independence space in which there are four attributes of independence, NKRI archipelago map, Saka Merah Putih Flag, State Coat, and gate entrance containing Text of the Proclamation. There is also a flame of liberty.

The Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics was first inaugurated as Raad van Justitie Binnen Het Casteel Batavia or the Dutch court office on 12 January 1870 by Governor Jendaral Jan Piter Miyer; The architect of the building building is Hoofd Ingenier or Chief Engineer Jhe W.H.F.H Van Raders.

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Puppet is known since prehistoric era that is about 1500 years, Puppet Museum showcased various types and shapes, until now Wayang Museum collects more than 4,000 puppets from puppet show puppets, leather, cardboard, puppet grass, wayang janur, mask, puppet, wayang beber and Gamelan

The Textile Museum is a cultural heritage that specifically collects, preserves, and exhibits artworks related to Indonesian textiles. The museum was officially opened on 28 July 1976 and stands by occupying an old building above an area of 16,410 square meters.

Before the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta established the Department of Tourism and Culture, the government of DKI Jakarta had formed the Special Capital Supervisory Board of Jakarta Capital City.

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