Tottori Prefectural Museum, Tottori, Japan

The Tottori Prefectural Museum (鳥取県立博物館) is a prefectural museum located in Tottori, Japan, dedicated to the nature, history, folklore, and art of Tottori Prefecture. Over three thousand items from the permanent collection are on display and the museum also stages temporary exhibitions.

The Tottori Prefectural Museum was established for the purpose of providing educational and cultural facilities for the citizens of Tottori prefecture. The museum was constructed at the base of Mt. Kyusho on the site of the Tottori Castle ruins and officially opened to the public on October 1, 1972.

More than 3,000 items are exhibited as the permanent collections in Nature, History and Folklore, and Art Collection Rooms on the first floor. Special themed exhibitions are also held several times each year. In addition, mobile museums, lectures, courses, demonstrations and excursions are held throughout the year. Furthermore, the museum publishes pamphlets, academic bulletins, research papers, annual reports, comprehensive listing of the museum’s collections, as well as “Museum Press,” the Tottori Prefectural Museum newsletter.

In 1949, the predecessor Tottori Prefectural Science Museum was established in Nito Cabin located in Tottori Castle Trail in order to contribute to the development of regional culture. The present Tottori Prefectural Museum is completed in 1972 at the site of the Tottori City Public Baseball Stadium.

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Exhibit and introduce various documents on Tottori prefecture such as nature typified by Tottori sand dune and Uratomi coast, history from ancient times to establishment of prefecture, art work of local artists. In addition, in the adjacent reading room, it is possible to browse 15,000 pieces of historical materials of Tottori lord lodger Ikeda family.

Art exhibition room
History · Ethnic Exhibition Room
Earth science / biological exhibition room
Museum Shop
Tea ceremony “Cafe Dahl / Musee”

Modern Art Exhibition Room
1st Special Exhibition Room
2nd special exhibition room

Major Collections:
Yuzo Saeki – “Church of Auvertel”
Maeda Kanji – “Western women’s statue”, “Warrior family members”, “Lying nursing woman”
Gustave Courbet – “Slut Woman (Study)”
Oki Ichi – “Dragons and Tigers”, “Okinawan Maiko Figure Maiko”
Ozaki Konosuke – “San’in Tadashi Hata”
Kokuryo Shoro – “Drowning water reflecting the forest”
Kunitaro Suda – “After Fishing Village”
Nakayama Ko – “Woman sitting in a chair”
Katsura Satomi – “Memorial of the Marine”
Takebu “face”, “nude”
Kenji Itani – “Cusco’s Morning Market”
Kojima Yoshitaro – “The statue of Theresa”
Bernard Leach – “Tsubon”
Shoji Hamada – “Persimmon glazed round iron iron drawing big bowl”, “White glazed black flow drawing large bowl”
Nagasawa Yoshiyuki – “A view of the mountain”
Konetsu Aya – ‘Monkey’s Piece’
The world’s largest giant salamander immersion specimen
Diamond squid immersion specimen
Giant whale whale skeleton

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