• Architecture of Fredericksburg
    The architectural structures of Fredericksburg, Texas are often unique to the Texas Hill Country, and are historical […]
  • Socarrat
    Socarrat refers to fired clay tiles covered with a white base and generally painted in red and black. These were placed […]
  • Vacation camp
    A vacation camp is an organized vacation away from home, typically for children and teenagers. Many of those take place […]
  • Impact of bio-printing
    The bio-printing is a biomedical application of processes additive manufacturing to produce artificial biological […]
  • Gastronomy
    Gastronomy is the study of the relationship between food and culture, the art of preparing and serving rich or delicate […]
  • University of KwaZulu-Natal
    The University of KwaZulu-Natal or UKZN is a university with five campuses in the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South […]
  • Talaja Caves
    Talaja Caves are located in Bhavnagar district of the Indian state of Gujarat at Talaja. The rock cuts are carved out […]
  • Collegiate church
    In Christianity, a collegiate church is a church where the daily office of worship is maintained by a college of […]
  • Well-founded phenomenon
    Well-founded phenomena, in the philosophy of Gottfried Leibniz, are ways in which the world falsely appears to us, but […]
  • Boredom
    In conventional usage, boredom is an emotional or psychological state experienced when an individual is left without […]
  • Deference
    Deference (also called submission or passivity) is the condition of submitting to the espoused, legitimate influence of […]
  • Emotion recognition
    Emotion recognition is the process of identifying human emotion, most typically from facial expressions as well as from […]