Hong Kong International Stationery Fair is a great sourcing platform with great quality and variety of its product offerings, a place with productive commercial environment for deals, share know-how and find international business partners. Every year the fair offer new and innovative stationery suppliers and good understanding of how the stationery market is evolving.

The Hong Kong International Stationery Fair held concurrently with the HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, the HKTDC Hong Kong Baby Products Fair and the HKTDC Hong Kong International Licensing Show at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, creating plenty of business opportunities for exhibitors.

Always in touch with market trends, the fair offers an ideal start to the trading season, connecting trade visitors with everything from stylish notebooks and writing instruments, to practical office supplies and educational items.

As an international marketplace in Asia that attracts wholesalers, retailers, importers and distributors from around the world, the fair helps exhibitors find the right distribution channels for their products. Participants can find new business partners, and thanks to the trend-setting seminar programme they can also learn about green purchasing, digital marketing and other important issues.

Hong Kong International Stationery Fair is consistently regarded as one of the preeminent and preferred platforms serving the stationery and office supplies industry in Asia Pacific. With its long history and strong connection with international buyers, many exhibitors see the fair as a must-attend event of the year. The show stimulating new business and serve as a touch point for buyers to locate exciting stationery trends.

For many visitors, the show provided an excellent opportunity to find products that they are unable to source in their local regions. The standard of exhibitors is high, and the suppliers here are focused on quality. The fair is a great place to network, collect samples, and compare different products.

The fair divided into different zones, Korea Pavilion, DIY supplies, Gift Stationery, Kids & School, Pen & Paper and Smart Office were the key product zones at the fair. Buyers have the opportunity to locate a mix of painting supplies, scrapbooking materials, calendars, sticky notes, diaries, notebooks, greeting cards, coloring pens and more. There also gift and promotional items, licensed stationery, art materials and back to school items.

As a one-stop sourcing platform for stationery products, the Fair also organises a series of fringe programmes offering visitors and exhibitors a great chance to gain market intelligence during the event. Top level industry speakers and delegates share their views on some of the most talked-about topics.

The market trends shows the rising demand for green stationery. More and more customers require eco-friendly stationery, manufacturer increasingly incorporating sustainable materials into their products.

Digital marketing and green purchasing is another emerging trends. The positive response to digitalisation on traditional stationery is most important in the age of digital disruption.

Instead of emphasising the functions of stationery, manufacturer should create stationery products with more personalised characteristics that add value for users. Digital disruption presents both challenges and opportunities to the industry, and the industry should react promptly to cope with the emerging trends.

Many suppliers and manufacturers are great at producing quality products, but they encounter brand building difficulties. It is of paramount importance to tell a compelling brand story to their target audience to increasing brand exposure and digital marketing strategies.

Hong Kong International Stationery Fair 2020
The 20th Hong Kong International Stationery Fair welcomes about 220 exhibitors from 10 countries and regions. In line with rising environmental awareness within the industry, a seminar titled “From Green Business to Win Business”, share tips on ecolabels as an effective marketing tool, discuss sustainable approaches through green procurement.

Take place in Hall 5B of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, the fair welcome exhibitors from 10 countries and regions, including established brands such as China First Pencil, M&G, Qiangu and ing Horse from Mainland China; Donerland, Jong Ie Nara and Mungyo from Korea; MUST from Greece and Kiky from Indonesia.

At each edition of the Hong Kong International Stationery Fair, a themed display area is set up to enthuse buyers with new ideas. The theme display area for the upcoming 20th edition has been confirmed as ‘All Kinds Alike’.

Showcasing the most in-demand stationery products, the fair’s popular themed zones return to the show floor. Between ‘DIY supplies’, ‘Gift Stationery’, ‘Kids & School’, ‘Pen & Paper’ and ‘Smart Office’, buyers have the opportunity to locate a mix of painting supplies, scrapbooking materials, calendars, sticky notes, diaries, notebooks, greeting cards, coloring pens and more.

In addition, the popular Korea Pavilion feature at the show for the fifth year, hosting thirteen exhibitors of gift and promotional items, licensed stationery, art materials and back to school items.

Hong Kong International Stationery Fair 2019
Organised by the HKTDC and Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd, this year’s Hong Kong International Stationery Fair welcomes more than 260 exhibitors from 14 countries and regions. The fair is once again organised into five distinct product zones, namely DIY Supplies, Gift Stationery, Kids & School, Pen & Paper and Smart Office, for an easy-to-navigate sourcing environment. The “One Moment in Time” display at the entrance of Hall 5B showcases a variety of stationery that people use in different stages of life.

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Some of the most notable brands exhibiting this year include Alpha, Beifa, Caarany, Donerland, Genvana, icco nico, Johnson, Jomily, Kiky, M&G, MU, Mungyo, Orange Creative, WeVeel, Yosogo, 3+ Magi Mags, and 555.

Korea and Chinese Taiwan pavilions showcase unique products from their respective regions such as magnetic tape, soft clay and monitor eye guard shields. Equally intriguing for visitors be the ‘One Moment in Time’ theme display at the entrance of hall 5B. The display is intended to demonstrate how stationery is a crucial element of daily life.

Hong Kong International Stationery Fair 2018
Sustainable stationery trends, paired up with the blossoming Asian market, have had a great impact on key stationery industry players. For example, Philbook Consumer Products Inc from the Philippines is joining the fair for the first time to capture this momentum. With 30 years of paper manufacturing experience, Philbook is devoted to promoting environmental responsibilities, and pioneering advancements in eco-friendly paper products. During the show, the company demonstrate its premium notebooks made with recycled paper.

Another exhibitor is Guangdong Tango Supply Chain Ltd from the Chinese mainland. The company feature a wide variety of environmentally friendly products, including its Tango Multi Purpose Paper designed for copying and printing in imaging devices. The company has gained green certification from the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China.

Innovation is another inseparable element to the success of the industry. French exhibitor BMC SAS present its EGGMANIA backpack collections. These schoolbags, which are equipped with shoulder straps and two handles, have a silicon front pocket that can be personalised with movable silicon materials. Children can use their imagination and place colourful silicon blocks in different locations within the silicon pocket to create their own patterns.

Despite being in the business for over 110 years, KOKUYO, a long-standing Japanese stationery brand has never stopped impressing the world with its inspiring products which are designed to provide the maximum convenience and ease of use. At the 2018 fair, the company showcase their latest products including 2-in-1 scissors, masking tape dispenser, staple-less stapler and many others.

Innovation can also be seen from local brands. Renowned Hong Kong based design and printing studio ditto ditto, fuses the traditional letter pressing techniques, modern graphics and colour blocking to create some of the most unique and personalised greeting cards.

In addition to the full spectrum of innovative and sustainable products, various fringe events take place alongside the show. Highlighted seminars include “Marketing Your Stationery Business in the Digital Age” and “Looking into Stationery Design Trends”. Industry experts from innovative brands such as Kubrick, green and associates, Shopline and ConnectAR share their views on how to better use online platform for sales and marketing, as well as the most sought-after design trends in the market.

A buyer forum dedicated to sharing the business opportunities in Indonesia also take place, echoing the Belt and Road Initiative to accelerate growth between European and Asian countries through improved cooperation, trading and economic development.

Another highlight is the “All For Arts” at the entrance of Hall 5B. This themed display area demonstrate a wide range of artistically designed stationery and art supplies, and present ideas on how to combine novelty and functionality in an effort to boost the sales of stationery products.

Hong Kong International Stationery Fair 2017
The 2017 edition host over 250 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions, including the China, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, the UK, the US and Vietnam, as well as first-time exhibitors from Bangladesh, Finland, India, the Netherlands and Spain.

Supported by the Korea Stationery Industry Cooperative, the Korea pavilion feature artist, crafts and hobby supplies; gift stationery; kids and school items from 15 renowned brands in the country including Angel Clay, Angel Sand, Angel Cream, Click Block, Dream Sky, Feltiz, Goeunbit, Goodlabel, Handsdeco, Kidsrang, Laonjena, Momoletter, MTB, Mungyo and Stick.s.

One of the many creative products is the “Travel Sketch” presented by Dream Sky. Their collection includes notebooks and gift cards with city images on the cover including Seoul, Barcelona and Paris. Simple black lines with a white background are used to bring out the stylish side of the cities. Users can colour in the sketched image to personalise those items.

Equally impressive is the Chinese Taiwan pavilion supported by the Taiwan Association of Stationery Industries. The exhibitors bring extraordinary kids & school items; artist, crafts and hobby supplies; gift stationery and writing instrument from 13 brands including 3+ Magi Mags, Bosser, Cubico G, Dashern, Golden King Arts, Hansheng, Interlink, IWI writing, Magruba, Nestor, O-Life, Wise Magnet, Yung Hsin.

Among them, International Writing Instrument Corp feature its unique SAW notebook. SAW stands for sunshine, air and water. The notebook has three designs with special geometric patterns on each cover to represent different themes – in the forest, above the sky and under the sea. In addition to its waterproof function, the notebook has an extraordinary feature on the cover where hidden geometric patterns appear when exposed to sunlight.

Histar International Limited from the Chinese mainland present a 3D colouring set which contains 42 pieces of puzzle and 12 pieces of jumbo washable markers. Kids can show their creativity by colouring the puzzles and build a 3D picture.

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is a statutory body established in 1966 to promote, assist and develop Hong Kong’s trade. With 50 offices globally, including 13 in Mainland China, the HKTDC promotes Hong Kong as a two-way global investment and business hub. The HKTDC organises international exhibitions, conferences and business missions to create business opportunities for companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in the mainland and international markets. The HKTDC also provides up-to-date market insights and product information via trade publications, research reports and digital channels.

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