China International Furniture Expo (Furniture China) is held every September at Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center. With the belief of continuous innovation, it leads and watches the development direction of the industry. It is one of the most important platforms for the world’s furniture trade. Adhering to the purpose of export-oriented, high-end domestic sales, original design, and leading fashion, it gathers upstream and downstream manufacturing companies in the industry chain to promote lifestyle changes with design, presenting a full range of furniture series, a kaleidoscope of wonderful exhibits with a complete range of middle, high and low ends, satisfying Different procurement needs of domestic and foreign audiences.

As the world’s largest furniture manufacturer and exporter, China has deservedly become the “world furniture manufacturing center”, giving birth to one of the world’s largest furniture exhibitions—Furniture China. The exhibition has developed from a pure import and export trade platform to a trade platform integrating both domestic and foreign sales, a B2B2C e-commerce platform, an original design display platform and a “exhibition shop linkage” world furniture design and trade Shanghai feast.

The exhibition held in 3 locations at the same time, including Shanghai New International Expo Center (civil furniture, office furniture, home accessories, cabinets, original design furniture, traditional Chinese furniture), Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall (raw materials and production equipment, designer works) ) And JSWB International Furniture Village (National Furniture Fair).

With the expansion of the new International Expo Center, the home of the exhibition, to 17 official pavilions, and the opening of the second phase of the National Furniture Fair, the exhibition area has expanded to 750,000 square meters. The newly-added exhibits are mainly upholstered furniture, European classic and antique furniture, outdoor rattan furniture, dining tables and chairs that are favored by overseas buyers, modern furniture that is the focus of domestic procurement, new hot children’s furniture in the market, and huge market potential Soft decoration series for home accessories.

The organizer of the exhibition adheres to the purpose of providing buyers with the best cost-effective furniture, strictly controls the product quality of exhibiting companies, and strives to present a super-large furniture exhibition of rising quality to the audience.

The 26th China International Furniture Expo
The 26th China International Furniture Expo held in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center from September 8th to 12th, 2020. Modern Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition was also held at the same time. The dual exhibition linkage releases the vitality and essence of Chinese furniture and original design at one time, and 17 professional forums intensively display future-oriented industry insights and industry trends. At the same time, it has redefined the furniture exhibition with the “double cycle of export and domestic sales, online and offline new retail”, providing a full range of B2B, B2P, and B2C services. Professional buyers and ordinary visitors from all over the world also once again shared a high-standard, high-quality, high-value furniture and home design event.

In this year’s special environment, although the exhibition area of ​​the China International Furniture Expo has slightly decreased, the popularity of the design hall has not diminished at all. The exhibition halls of brands such as Yazhen, Aibao, and Moqi even appeared “a sea of ​​people”. Based on wood and wood, Ya Zhen collided the oriental concept of “Tao law of nature” with Italian aesthetics, and exhibited the high-end series for the first time;

Ai Bao and designer Zeng Jianlong’s new high-end home furnishing brand “Zun Reward” was newly created with functions Infused with more cultural and spiritual connotations, with unique design genes and visual recognition, it won the unanimous recognition of the “Golden Point Award” judges and won the “2020 Gold Point Award Single Product Award”; the ink tools were reproduced at the exhibition site A picture of an elegant home in the Tang and Song dynasties. With calligraphy as the design inspiration, the flowing water in cursive script and the exquisite elegance of small letters are fully reflected in the ups and downs of the furniture.

Global high-quality brands gathered in Shanghai to inject positive energy into the furniture industry. Thanks to strict epidemic prevention and control measures, nearly 90% of the originally planned exhibitors can participate in the exhibition. Including high-end furniture such as Lu Home Furnishing, Manit INHOUZZ, TUNNI, Baili, Magnesium; Stellar Works, Dixin, Comer, Aibao, MIC, Addimax, Rudi and other high-end brands; Songyuan Nanchan Listed companies such as New Chinese Original Art, Gujia, Zhongyuan, Man Wah Holdings, Mengbaihe, Yongyi, Xilinmen, etc. of art level; Tmall’s famous solid wood furniture brand Genji Muyu also came here…

Many international brands have overcome many difficulties this year and participated in the exhibition. For example, the six French brands that have been rooted in China for a long time, Ligne Roset, Sifas, Gami, Galipette, Temahome, and Fermob. There are also brands from the Netherlands, the United States, and Australia such as Asiades, Marria Yee, and Boori. Ligne Roset Freehand Space is a French national treasure furniture brand. This year, the exhibition halls displaying many new products such as Pukka sofas and Soufflot lounge chairs are still full; outdoor furniture brand Sifas brings the new color schemes of various classic series to the exhibition site, with exquisite craftsmanship and weaving. Nobilia, who entered the large-scale home sequence early and has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for more than 20 years, exhibited himolla functional sofas and new cloakroom products from 1829, carrying the exquisite design language of the German system and demonstrating the “one stop” The new home furnishing trend of “full case”.

High-end manufacturing expands against the trend and boosts the new potential of the industry. New International’s furniture material section, FMC, has continued the exhibitor quality since the concept of “high-end manufacturing” was put forward, always focusing on high-end quality materials, and also paying attention to the innovation and transformation of material companies under the epidemic.

Furniture accessories leader OKIN, Talalei technology advocate Hyundai Industry and other software companies expand the display area and bring a more comprehensive product line. Domestic leading companies such as Lege, Xinhong, Otense, Qianbaihui, Yimomo, Kaidi, Taiqiang, Sunoah, Bunny, Yihuang, etc. will participate in the exhibition as usual, covering multiple categories of products and providing a richer selection of materials.

And overseas brands such as French Timber, Canadian Timber, SABA, Alfa, KOYO, Toray, SIC, Durak, OKE, LINAK, LIMOSS ( Moss) and others have also expressed their full confidence in the Chinese market, and they have all been present.

The China International Furniture Expo is refreshing every year, with new designs, new crafts, and new ideas, as well as the continuous influx of young brands. Lepōs, founded in 2020, uses Nordic minimalist design language to tell the smoke and fire in life; Qin Hang Home, which debuted in 2019, highlights the emotional expression of furniture and utensils, and the new “Time” series cleverly incorporates champagne elements, just like autumn sunshine It is warm and intoxicating like fine wine; UFOU, established in Shanghai in 2018, made its debut again after a year, bringing “the intimate resonance of people, furniture and space in the post-epidemic era”, full of exploratory and Interesting.

It is worth mentioning that China International Furniture Expo has always been proud of design leading the industry, and this year has new connotations. The high-end brand’s design and manufacturing capabilities, craftsmanship, marketing model, and new material application attract not only audiences who demand more and more original designs, but also set a model for small and medium-sized furniture companies to upgrade their designs and build brands.

This year’s China Furniture Fair has formed a more systematic pavilion setting, arranging the furniture industry with industrial advantages, focusing on new materials and new accessories, and building a material boutique hall, a furniture leather hall, a furniture hardware hall, a panel surface decoration and chemical hall, and latex home furnishings. Strong sections such as He Material Pavilion and Soft Fabric Art Pavilion promote the refined development process of the industry and accelerate the road of China’s furniture industry towards high-end manufacturing 4.0.

At the same time, many new technologies and new materials that broke through the technological bottleneck, led the future trend and met the diversified needs of the market appeared on the exhibition site. Microfiber leather material made of polyester ultra-fine fibers, weighing less than 1 gram for a length of 900 kilometers; cationic polyester-nylon composite silk fabric with lotus leaf nano-waterproof effect; a large health product module for music massage; voice control for smart homes Components; more ergonomic home and office lifting accessories; cup-shaped cushioning hinges with more comfortable feel. In addition, there are niche materials that designers like to use, pursuing the ultimate in detail, and showing a rich visual experience for the home.

The 25th China International Furniture Expo
The 25th China International Furniture Expo once again broke through itself in design, deployed the furniture industry with industrial advantages, and broke through the technological bottleneck, looking for new crafts and materials that belong to the future home furnishing trend, bringing more fresh blood to the exhibition and satisfying Diversified material demand in the market.

In terms of exhibition area, there are ten pavilions and one display area this year, including furniture and materials boutique, furniture leather, furniture hardware, sheet surface decoration and chemical industry, latex and materials/soft machinery, mattress fabric, China Hao The fabric hall and high-end soft machinery area cover multiple categories and levels of furniture raw and auxiliary materials. The exhibition area has further increased, with a total area of ​​40,000 square meters and more than 730 exhibitors.

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In the three major design halls of E5, E6 and E7, there are 131 original design brands gathered, and 42 new original design brands have settled, including Moqi, Mizhangtang, Shiji, Yiyu, LightSpace, Yinzhu, KUNDESIGN, Yueji Home Furnishing, Minhe etc. all debuted at the exhibition for the first time, with extraordinary momentum.

KUN DESIGN built a charming “garden” on the spot, exhibiting more and more textured outdoor furniture, including cool outdoor long tables that people will fall in love with, and Pillow series of new lying beds. Some small designs are even more ingenious, and the baguette dining chair is also well-received and won the Silver Award for Outdoor Design of Innovation Award;

Yangmei’s exhibition hall will make people mistakenly think that they have entered the concert hall. The newly launched Mexarts Music series Classic Clais guitar stand and Solo Solo guitar stand are examples of perfect integration of art into life, and Noir series new Peninsula Peninsula The long dining table makes it impossible to look away. The 400-year-old intangible heritage craft “copper coloring”, the tabletop texture formed after tempering, is the same as natural marble and wood grain, natural and profound, giving the dining table unique artistic life;

Noah’s home, which has always adhered to its own characteristics and individuality, has launched the D9 series of systemized cabinet solutions at the exhibition to make many visitors shine, showing the furniture space, storage design and wall surface in the form of a combination of cabinet and cloakroom. Systematic space solutions for cabinets;

In the Zhiyin exhibition hall, there are silicone Kafka flowers that can be squeezed out of different shapes at will, mimosa hangers that can stretch but can also be rolled up, high-value foldable paper plantain fans, with the elegance of a retro pleated screen Peacock lights, pocket coffee tables with fabric storage bags, etc., these gentle, natural, cordial and rich small home objects make us feel the vitality of design;

Peixi Home Furnishing, which was launched on the market last year, tried new materials and new techniques and launched different series of bedroom and living room furniture, which not only retains the essence of French style, but also does not lose the oriental charm;

The MHC with Italian design genes always brings surprises. The elegant Italian style is eye-catching, and the exquisite and meticulous craftsmanship is even more memorable;

Inovence, which has almost no rivals in the sofa bed field, has added a more convenient and comfortable design. Through powerful hardware, it can be easily turned and transformed. It is absolutely required by everyone, and based on a simple, refined and modern design concept., More space independent furniture series, very attractive under the blessing of highly saturated colors.

The international pavilion covers four pavilions E1, E2, W6, and E12. Exhibitors came from 29 countries and regions, with a total of 222 participating brands. Brands from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, New Zealand, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and other countries have exhibited.

The Italian brand Milano&Design exhibited a variety of classic leather sofas. The natural cowhide has delicate and soft touch, straight and smooth sewing lines, full sofa corners, and strong sense of quality. The French furniture brand Ligne Roset, with a history of more than 150 years, has adopted French style. The contemporary lifestyle is brought to the exhibition site. The designer expresses a natural and minimalist style with artistic line techniques. The overall feeling is very comfortable, while at the same time not losing fashion and elegance, it is worth visiting;

KODA brought its brand Alt.O to make a stunning appearance in the E1 International Brand Hall this year. The Nordic design style presents a relaxed and elegant atmosphere, rigorous craftsmanship and materials, and gives people a very high-level look and feel. No wonder every time you pass by You can see the endless stream of visitors;

Common outdoor furniture on the streets of France, both cute and fresh, Fermob, exhibited a variety of Arab-style patterned chairs and tables, bringing a strong exotic flavor;

Huanmei Regusi takes the new American fashion life concept as its main focus, and presents the appearance of modern American home life. Its fashionable and exquisite new products are favored by more young consumers;

The lightness and elegance of the French style reflect the exquisite variety of life. The design presented by Ligne Roser is less restrictive and more comfortable. The classic products bring more possibilities through changing materials and colors, and are also refreshing.

The W1, W2, and W3 three sofa brand halls gather high-level works of the world’s first-line sofa brands. Here, there is Gu Jiajia who has known the Shanghai Furniture Fair for 20 years. Its KF.2083 sofa won the Silver Award of Innovation Award for Living Room Furniture, as well as Halo from the United Kingdom and so on. What’s surprising is that in La belle vie in the sofa brand hall, the whole booth has gorgeous colors. Whether it is the matching of accessories or the style of the whole outfit, the sense of design is everywhere. It is unique in the sofa brand hall and becomes a big one. Treasure, and a roll-up sales model, convenient and flexible, has attracted many customers at home and abroad.

The home textile fabric exhibition area gathers more than 170 brands, displaying soft upholstery fabrics, wallpaper wall coverings, mattress fabrics and other products, bringing together Youyi Fashion, Meixianzhijia, Qianbaihui, Yikan, Novartis, Maxim, Europe and America Lai, Nanling, Tonghui and other well-known brands. In the E8BD60 exhibition area, the organizer has joined hands with LiveLogic to launch the “Muse Inspiration” soft furnishing cross-border show-the theme event of “Fire with Young People”. This place is transformed into a soft decoration design hall. The whole hall is newly designed and built by the well-known designer Zeng Jianlong. The soft decoration art installations can be seen everywhere.


China Furniture Association
It is a national industry organization voluntarily formed by enterprises and institutions in the production, operation, scientific research, and teaching of China’s furniture industry and related industries, as well as social groups and individuals. It is under the guidance of the National Light Industry Council in business. The association represents the interests of the industry, reflects the wishes and requirements of members, serves member units, safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of member units, conveys the government’s intentions, and serves as a bridge and link between the enterprise and the government.

Shanghai Bohua Exhibition Company
Shanghai UBM International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a member of UBM Asia, a Sino-foreign joint venture jointly established by Shanghai Huazhan International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and UBM China. The company organizes 8 major series of exhibitions each year, including furniture, yachts, pharmaceuticals, building materials, hotels, food, cleaning, lighting and other eight fields, involving 34 international exhibitions, with a total exhibition area of ​​480,000 square meters, including furniture exhibitions, pharmaceuticals Exhibitions, yacht shows, and hotel supplies exhibitions have become the leading professional events in the industry in Asia, attracting a large number of exhibitors and buyers at home and abroad to come to exchange negotiations and purchase.

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