The 54th Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo was held in Victoria Park from December 10th to 31st, 2019. The 22-day exhibition has kept surprises. In addition to numerous preferential activities, it also created ideal results and inspiring people. This year’s trade fair attracted 320 exhibitors with a total of 700 booths, including On Kee Seafood, North and South, Tianshangye, etc., providing a variety of low-cost and high-quality goods and discounts to meet different needs.

Hong Kong Brands and Products Expos are usually held in the form of large outdoor trade fairs. It mainly exhibits and sells Hong Kong industrial products. In recent years, there are also overseas and domestic products. This year’s Brands and Products Expo has 10 exhibition areas, including Hong Kong famous brand square area, food and beverage area, grain and oil food area, ginseng and seafood soup area, beauty and health care area, clothing boutique area, living and home furnishing area, food court, social enterprise area And promotion area.

Although the exhibition period and opening hours of this year’s trade show have been reduced compared with previous years, the people’s shopping enthusiasm is still unimpeded, and the total sales volume is close to 1 billion Hong Kong dollars. The opening day has already attracted a large number of people to wait in line to enter the venue early, and the flow of people during the exhibition is not inferior to the previous ones. Most of the time in the venue was crowded with people, the purchase demand was strong, exhibitors’ booth transactions were active, and there was a lively and joyous atmosphere everywhere, demonstrating the cohesion and attractiveness of the Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo.

In response to the economic and market downturn, in addition to reducing booth rents and admission prices, the conference also introduced a number of measures to encourage consumers to spend, including providing products with a 30% discount on the original price of the exhibition, which is lower than the original price of the product. A selection of 40% off the price, as well as a limited buy-one-get-one discount in the evening, allow citizens to enjoy shopping during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

In the first week of the launch of the “Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo Promotion”, the response was very enthusiastic. A large number of selected products were sold at less than 30%, and some were as low as 10% or only HK$1. You can buy your favorite products at super discount prices. “Full-term wonderful offer” and “Evening limited offer”, respectively enjoy less than 40% off or “buy one get one free” treatment, enjoy different shopping discounts all day long. The public can also win valuable gifts of up to HK$7,000 through the “Daily Lucky Draw”.

2019 coincides with the 85th anniversary of the founding of the conference organizers and manufacturers’ associations. This year’s industry exhibition takes “85 Years of Brilliant Industry Exhibition” as the theme, as the final project of a series of celebration activities. The Brands and Products Expo arranged a series of exciting performances, including Cantonese pop music, traditional Lingnan opera performances, folk dance performances, etc., and a total of 380 Hong Kong dollars of fine products and gifts were given back to the public.

During the exhibition, there was 6 theme days, including “Parent and Child Family Day”, “Senior Fun Day”, “Senior Citizen Fun Day”, “Fanghua Blooming Art Exhibition”, “Song of Christmas Eve” and “Manufacturers’ Meeting” 85 years of brilliance”, there are different wonderful performances for the audience to enjoy.

In addition to a series of shopping concessions, the conference also arranges diversified performances and entertainment programs for all ages. This year is the 85th anniversary of the Manufacturers’ Association. The conference hold a theme event of “85 Years of Glory of the Manufacturer’s Association” on Christmas Day (25th), and co-organize a special program with Thunder 881 Commercial Channel. In addition to the meeting, many well-known singers Performing famous songs, also play interactive games with the audience and give out rich gifts to celebrate Christmas.

Other exciting activities include the “Parent-Child Cooking Competition” (22nd), the “Happy Travel and Fun Industry Exhibition” jointly organized by the Manufacturers Association and Radio Hong Kong (23rd), and the Manufacturers Association and Thunder 881 Commercial Unit 1″. The 85-year Glorious Brands and Products Expo welcomes the New Year at the Manufacturers’ Association (28th) to ensure that visitors was happy to return.

Miss Brands and Products Expo Election
The election of Miss Brands and Products Expo is the highlight of the annual industry’s exhibition. This year’s 10 candidates have very good standards, and their personal characteristics and styles are very different. Each has its own merits. The workers exhibited different talents, including magic performances, dance performances, drumming, and roller skating. In addition, the 10 contestants actively promoted products for the company they represent in different publicity activities, demonstrated outstanding eloquence and adaptability, fully demonstrated that the candidates have both beauty and wisdom, and have the ability to shoulder the mission of Miss Brands and Products Expo Election.

The Miss Champion and Best Eloquence Award of this year’s trade fair was won by Guan Ziqi from Shengfeng International Co., Ltd., the runner-up was Wang Peishan from Hexinglong Chaozhou Peanut Sugar Co., Ltd., and the third runner-up and the best talent award was Ma Kailin from Fat Recycling Company. The best glamour award is He Jiying from Changxing Co., Ltd.

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Industry Exhibition KOL Election
In recent years, many brands have used KOL’s influence in the masses to promote their products. For the first time this year, the conference held the “Work Exhibition KOL Election” to teach the younger generation professional product promotion skills. After professional training, 10 finalists competed in the finals for their ability to promote different products. The winner participate in the promotion work of the manufacturer’s association.

Charity events
Every year, the trade fair organizes different charitable activities to help and care for the disadvantaged groups in society. This year’s “Work Fair Shopping Fun” event, through the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, the Bauhinia Society and the Hong Kong Single Parent Association, provides cash subsidies to every low-income family, so that they can purchase supplies in the trade fair and enjoy the joyous atmosphere.

During the exhibition, the conference held a charity auction. The event received strong support and response from the organizers and exhibitors, and donated auction items worth a total of 170,000 Hong Kong dollars. Participants at the auction responded enthusiastically and actively bid. The three auctions raised a total of more than HK$200,000. After deducting the necessary expenses, all of them were donated to the Handicapped Children’s Association and the Hong Kong Society for the Handicapped Children. Provide support for sick children.

This year’s conference also invited 32 social enterprises to participate for free, mainly selling products made by disadvantaged groups, including handicrafts, food and daily necessities. The support of the public helps them to raise funds and support those in need; in addition, the industry exhibition Through the “Teen Business Opportunity Booth Entrepreneurship Plan”, young people can borrow booths free of charge to learn business experience and realize their dreams.

The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong
Founded in 1934, the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong has a long history. After 80 years of its founding, it has undergone changes in the times and has now become one of the largest and most representative non-profit-making business organizations in Hong Kong. It has more than 3,000 member companies and is committed to promoting Hong Kong’s industrial and commercial development.

The Association pays close attention to the latest development trends in the world market and the internal and external conditions that may affect Hong Kong’s industry and commerce. Although this association is an industrial and commercial organization, all activities and services are based on the well-being of Hong Kong, and it also attaches importance to promoting international understanding and cooperation.

Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo
The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong established the “Trade Fair” in 1938 to promote Hong Kong products and promote the development of Hong Kong’s industry. It has a history of more than 78 years. Trade fairs have always been held in the form of outdoor trade fairs. In addition to adhering to the fine tradition of representing Hong Kong’s overall manufacturing industry and demonstrating the achievements of Hong Kong’s industry, trade fairs have gradually included overseas and domestic products to reflect the overall activities of the international manufacturing industry. The latest products, technologies and services.

Another major feature of the Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo is the meticulous arrangement of various and exciting programs and performances to provide the general public with a good place for shopping and leisure. Among them, the “Miss Brands and Products Expo Election” election has a history of nearly 60 years, which can be regarded as the beginning of the beauty pageant in Hong Kong. Over the years, trade fairs have become a major event in Hong Kong, well-known and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Looking back, the Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo has experienced a few vicissitudes. The origin of the trade fair was the increase in tariffs in the early 1930s. At that time, Hong Kong businessmen encountered major setbacks in their export sales, so they decided to open up the Southeast Asian market. After Hong Kong’s successful development of overseas markets, it immediately further developed the domestic market, the beginning of the Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo. Starting from the second session, the manufacturers association has independently hosted the Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo. At that time, it was during the period of Japan’s invasion of China, and Japanese goods were dumped in China. The trade fair used practical actions to revitalize domestic products to contend with Japanese products, which is of substantial anti-Japanese significance.

Hong Kong Brands and Products Expos have been closed for various reasons several times in history. During the Anti-Japanese War, the Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo was forced to suspend for nearly 7 years, and it was not resumed until 1948. It was closed in 1974 due to lack of space. In 1994, Xinfeng Manufacturers Association was founded 60 years ago, and the 32nd Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo was reopened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Later, due to venue problems, the 38th Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo was transferred to Victoria Park in Causeway Bay, and has since been restored to be held annually. Event.

The Brands and Products Expo has been rooted in Hong Kong for 80 years and contains the collective memories of several generations of Hong Kong people. Every December, the trade fair has become the first choice of many Hong Kong people. This annual shopping event continue to bring diversified products, food and exciting entertainment to the public.

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