The 52nd Brands and Products Expo is the focus of the city during Hong Kong’s Christmas and New Year. It was held in Victoria Park from December 16, 2017 to January 6, 2018. This year attracted more than 400 exhibitors, with more than 880 booths set up in the venue, bringing together more than 1,000 brand products, providing a variety of low-cost and high-quality goods, most of which are sold at special discount prices to satisfy different shopping demand. In addition to countless shopping offers, food, celebrities, and entertainment programs, the 24-day exhibition also added a number of new elements, which was refreshing and created the ideal result of total sales exceeding HK$1 billion.

As the largest and oldest outdoor exhibition in Hong Kong that integrates shopping and entertainment, the Brands and Products Expo not only provides a stage for major brands to display their latest products, but also a platform for citizens to purchase their favorite products first. There was a large flow of people in the venue, the purchase demand of the citizens was strong, and the trade of exhibitors’ booths was active. There was a lively and joyous atmosphere everywhere, demonstrating the cohesion and attractiveness of the Brands and Products Expo.

With the theme of “A Thousand Colors Brand Shining”, this year’s Brands and Products Expo has more than 400 exhibitors and more than 880 booths distributed in 10 themed exhibition areas, bringing together many Hong Kong famous brands with a long history and innovative and fashionable emerging brands. It is a Hong Kong famous brand square area, food and beverage area, grain, oil and noodles area, ginseng and seafood soup area, beauty and health area, clothing boutique area, living and household area, food court, social enterprise area and promotion area.

The 52nd Brands and Products Expo draws on past experience and perfectly integrates the best elements and joyous atmosphere of each session into the exhibition. In order to allow citizens of all ages to participate in the event of the Brands and Products Expo, the conference also organized more than 40 programs and singing and dancing talent performances, such as “Hong Kong Famous Brand Election”, “Teen Create Business Opportunity” and booth design competition, as well as various Many programs, such as live programs hosted by big radio stations, dazzled the visitors.

During the exhibition, a very representative “Miss Brands and Products Expo” was also held. They hold publicity activities during the exhibition. In addition, the conference also invited a heavyweight guest, “Promotion Ambassador-Li Jiading”, to serve as a jury for “Parent-Child Cooking-The Ultimate Little Chef God Battle” on December 23, and there was cooking demonstrations on the spot to show cooking skills.

In order to support the development of Hong Kong’s innovation and technology, this year’s Brands and Products Expo has added VR elements for the first time, with a special AR and VR interactive learning experience area, so that the public can learn about Hong Kong in a 360-degree view through VR technology, and use AR technology to transform abstract scientific concepts. It has to be easy to understand and interesting. At the same time as the visitors experience, they can also appreciate the winning works of the “Hong Kong Handover 20th Anniversary Celebration Photo Contest” hosted by the Association earlier, and review the remarkable achievements of Hong Kong over the past two decades.

There are a number of shocking price offers and huge discounts in the venue. The most popular ones include the limited “$8 one-inch” high-definition smart TV. The 50-inch TV that only costs 400 yuan was sold out immediately after the opening; as for the conference, the conference was divided into three phases. Over one hundred “anti-inflation shopping discounts” were launched, and the “1 yuan products” were the most popular among the outside world, such as “$1 dishwasher”, “$1 rice cooker”, “$1 ginseng blessing bag”, “$1 vibrating toothbrush” , “$1 Coffee Lucky Bag” and “$1 Snack Lucky Bag”, etc. There are also a large number of selected products on sale with as little as 10% off.

Visitors can also participate in the lucky draw and have a chance to win a wealth of prizes worth HK$4.4 million, including small appliances, catering coupons and healthy food. The conference specially arranges different types of exciting programs, so that citizens of different age groups and preferences can participate in the grand event of the trade fair in an all-round way and have a happy time.

Miss Brands and Products Expo Election
The election of Miss Brands and Products Expo is the highlight of the annual Brands and Products Expo. The 10 candidates this year are of very good quality and their performances are evenly matched. The workers exhibited different talents, including magic performances, dance performances, drumming, and roller skating. In addition, the 10 contestants actively promoted products for the company they represent in different publicity activities, demonstrated outstanding eloquence and adaptability, fully demonstrated that the candidates have both beauty and wisdom, and have the ability to shoulder the mission of Miss Brands and Products Expo.

After a fierce competition, Lin Xiaomei, the representative of Weimar Enterprise Co., Ltd., won the championship. The second runner-up was Ye Qianxin, the representative of Hengwei International Trading Co., Ltd., and the third runner-up was Zeng Jiamin, the representative of Fashang.

Charity events
Manufacturers’ associations have always taken the promotion of the overall well-being of the society as their mission. Every year, they send warmth and care to different communities in the society through channels such as “Brands and Products Expo Shows Care”. Manufacturers continue to uphold this fine tradition in the future, so that grassroots families and the elderly can feel the care of the society and give out positive energy.

This year’s “Brands and Products Expo Shows Care” has a funding amount of HK$4 million to raise medical, education and social service expenses for the disadvantaged. At the same time, through the “Trade Fair Shopping Fun”, disadvantaged groups are invited to shop at the Trade Fair for free, and each beneficiary family receive a subsidy of HK$500.

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The 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s Return
The manufacturer’s association held the “Hong Kong Reunification 20th Anniversary Celebration Photo Contest” as a key celebration event for the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return. It is hoped that Hong Kong citizens can record the beautiful scenes of the reunification commemoration, review Hong Kong’s achievements in the past 20 years, and encourage the public to take a different perspective. Get to know Hong Kong; at the same time provide a platform for all Hong Kong photographers to exchange photography skills. The competition was fully supported by the Education Bureau, the Hong Kong Tourism Board and the Hong Kong Productivity Council.

The competition has received overwhelming response. The manufacturer collect more than 1,000 entries from more than 300 citizens. The quality of the entries is very high, and the materials are diversified, which proves that Hong Kong people are proud of Hong Kong’s achievements.

There are two themes for the competition: “Return Celebration Commemorative Activities” and “20 Years of Glorious Mileage”. All the works of the competition was handed over to the jury, based on whether the photos fit the theme, composition and style, originality and artistic value, and aesthetics. All winning works was exhibited in the 52nd Brands and Products Expo, and the congress also compile the winning works into a beautiful photo album.

Online Brands and Products Expo
This year, the “Online Brands and Products Expo” launched by the manufacturers provide a large number of discounts and a 24-hour shopping experience, so that you can snap up high-quality and cheap goods at home. On New Year’s Day, the online trade fair launched a brand-new promotion activity called “1‧1 Festival”, including “1% off to grab the’Fu'”, “1 Mosquito Flash Sale” and “1‧1 Festival Lucky Draw”, and congratulate to all citizens of the coming of the new year.

The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong
Founded in 1934, the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong has a long history. After more than 70 years of its founding, it has undergone changes in the times and has now become one of the largest and most representative non-profit-making business organizations in Hong Kong. It has more than 3,000 member companies and is committed to promoting Hong Kong’s industrial and commercial development.

The Association closely follows the latest development trends in the world market and the internal and external conditions that may affect Hong Kong’s industry and commerce. Although this association is an industrial and commercial organization, all activities and services are based on the well-being of Hong Kong, and it also attaches importance to promoting international understanding and cooperation.

Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo
The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong established the “Trade Fair” in 1938 to promote Hong Kong products and promote the development of Hong Kong’s industry. It has a history of more than 70 years. Trade fairs have always been held in the form of outdoor trade fairs. In addition to adhering to the fine tradition of representing Hong Kong’s overall manufacturing industry and demonstrating the achievements of Hong Kong’s industry, trade fairs have gradually included overseas and domestic products to reflect the overall activities of the international manufacturing industry. The latest products, technologies and services.

Another major feature of the Brands and Products Expo is the meticulous arrangement of various and exciting programs and performances to provide the general public with a good place for shopping and leisure. Among them, the “Miss Brands and Products Expo” election has a history of nearly 60 years, which can be regarded as the beginning of the beauty pageant in Hong Kong. Over the years, trade fairs have become a major event in Hong Kong, well-known and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Looking back, the Brands and Products Expo has experienced a few vicissitudes. The origin of the trade fair was the increase in tariffs in the early 1930s. At that time, Hong Kong businessmen encountered major setbacks in their export sales, so they decided to open up the Southeast Asian market. After Hong Kong’s successful development of overseas markets, it immediately further developed the domestic market, the beginning of the Brands and Products Expo. Starting from the second session, the manufacturers association has independently hosted the Brands and Products Expo.

Brands and Products Expos have been closed for various reasons several times in history. During World War II, the trade fair was forced to suspend for nearly 7 years, and it was not resumed until 1948. It was closed in 1974 due to lack of space. In 1994, Xinfeng Manufacturers Association was founded 60 years ago, and the 32nd Brands and Products Expo was reopened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Later, due to venue problems, the 38th Brands and Products Expo was transferred to Victoria Park in Causeway Bay, and has since been restored to be held annually. Event.

The trade fair has been rooted in Hong Kong for more than 70 years and contains the collective memories of several generations of Hong Kong people. Every December, the trade fair has become the first choice of many Hong Kong people. This annual shopping event continue to bring diversified products, food and exciting entertainment to the public.

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