Viriville, Isere, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Viriville is a French commune located in the department of Isère, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. At the gates of the big Rhônalpines agglomerations, Viriville offers all the advantages of a small town in a preserved natural setting. Its territory is connected by a very functional road network which allows quick access to the conurbations of Vienne, Voiron and Bourgoin-Jallieu (40 km). In the Bièvre, you will also find a myriad of localities offering shops, services and equipment adapted to your needs.

Formerly attached to the royal province of Dauphiné, the town has been a member of the Bièvre Isère community since 2014. From the medieval age, the village of Viriville has developed on the hillside (310m) with a real network of streets, alleys and public places. La Pérouse, the main watercourse, crosses it right through to the rhythm of charming traditional constructions (rolled pebbles taken from the beds of the river).

More than 200 years ago now a woman called Jeanne Sappey donated all her wealth to the young people of the village of Viriville, so that every year in her memory they would have a big celebration. They have carried on the tradition until now.

Historical heritage
Discover the old charm of our village, these houses in rolled pebbles, the historic monument of Bonnettes at the turn of a stroll on the paths of Compostela or even the unsuspected treasures of our territory… Several buildings still bear witness to past life today.

Of the powerful castle of the lords of Grôlée, built in the 12th century, only vestiges remain today: a large enclosure and the ruins of ancient circular towers, one of which stands 10 meters high. Below, the 15th century chapel of Grôlée leans against the rest of the ramparts. Of Romanesque origin, with Gothic windows, it has a work from 1602 painted on wooden panels. Classified as Historical Monuments in 1986, this painting represents the Handing over of the Rosary to Saint Dominic and Saint Catherine of Siena.

Other historical richness of Viriville, the St-Robert tower of the old Romanesque priory dating XII th century, is hidden in the hollow of a dead end (front access 205 Avenue Dr Turk). This place with an intimate atmosphere also dominates the old cemetery.

Nestled in the middle of Chambarans, near the Chemin de Compostelle (GR65), the hamlet of Bonnettes has been fully classified since 2003 as a Historic Monument. These buildings of the XVII th century are representative of local rural buildings with materials of traditional architecture. It is one of the rare illustrations of the use of four techniques on the same farm: rammed earth, brick, cob on timber frames and pebbles.

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A stele erected in 1870, Notre Dame de Saint Baudille was once the place of important pilgrimage in the 16th century for its sanctuary and its miraculous source. A ritual procession took place on August 15 until the middle of the 20th century.

Events and festivals
“Pucier” on the second Sunday of the month.
The “Jeanne Sappey party”, where singles have been able to meet for 150 years. 10,000 visitors per year. In August.

The party of Jeanne Sappey
Viriville is the seat of this festivity which began in 1802, the year when Jeanne Sappey bequeathed the income from her property to the village conscripts to celebrate in her name. 2nd Isère funfair (after the one in Grenoble) where many traditions and convivial moments take place for 5 days: flowered and illuminated parade, festive meal, ball…. This Jeanne Sappey party brings together nearly 20,000 people.

Natural heritage

Plateau de Chambaran
The Chambaran plateau borders the southern part of the territory of Viriville. It is made up of “polygenic pebbles” without visible stratification, packed in a clay-silty whole. Up to ten meters deep, this pebble is mainly composed of siliceous rocks including quartzites but very strongly altered. According to the record of a geological map at 1: 50,000: “this formation, attributed by certain authors to a Villafranchian alluvial water table, may equally well represent, in whole or in part, the upper, altered level of Miocene conglomerates”.The Chambaran plateau is classified in the national inventory of natural heritage

Plain of Bièvre
This peneplain, located to the north of the Virivillois territory is, in fact, a wide open valley between that of the Isère (which it dominates) and the course of the Rhône and whose regular shape in a trough with a flat bottom suggests a glacial origin, this is confirmed by the presence of moraine deposits.

Explore the marked hiking trails in the town. Gain access to unspoiled nature, remarkable views of the Alps, calm and beautiful landscapes…Cross the forest of Chambarans dotted with ponds and rivers and can also indulge in fishing!

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