• Visual arts tourism
    Visual arts — including paintings, sculptures, photography, architecture and different handicrafts — make up a major […]
  • Bricolage
    In the arts, bricolage (French for “DIY” or “do-it-yourself projects”) is the construction or […]
  • Anthropization
    In geography and ecology, anthropization is the conversion of open spaces, landscapes, and natural environments by […]
  • Emotion recognition
    Emotion recognition is the process of identifying human emotion, most typically from facial expressions as well as from […]
  • Aihole
    Aihole (pronounced “Eye-ho-lé”), also referred to as Aivalli, Ahivolal or Aryapura, is a historic site of […]
  • Zoos tourism guide
    Zoos are where you can see animals in captivity. Understand Zoos are artificially created enclosures where a traveller […]
  • Bicycle touring
    Bicycle touring means self-contained cycling trips for pleasure, adventure, and autonomy rather than sport, commuting, […]
  • Shark tourism
    Shark tourism is a form of eco-tourism rooted in having communities appreciate that local shark species are more […]
  • Sokal affair
    The Sokal affair, also called the Sokal hoax, was a scholarly publishing sting perpetrated by Alan Sokal, a physics […]
  • Teaching English in tourism
    One way to travel — or to pay for your travels — is to get a job overseas teaching English. If you want to spend […]
  • Colonial meeting house
    A colonial meeting house was a meeting house used in colonial New England built using tax money. The colonial meeting […]
  • Indonesian mosques
    Indonesian mosques refer to the architectural traditions of mosques build in the archipelago of Indonesia. Initial […]