Review of HKJMA 2013-2016, International Jewelry Show of Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association, China

HKJMA has been organizing the JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show since 1995. First held with only dozens of exhibitors at the HKJMA office, the show has expanded into a sizeable international exhibition in HKCEC in the last 20 years, becoming a major Jewelry event in Asia. Because of the high-calibre, the Show has been receiving UFI’s recognition since 2014. The show serves as a sourcing and an immediate sale platform for buyers to source best-valued quality jewelry under one roof.

The show covers almost all categories of interest: Diamond jewelry, Platinum jewelry, 24K fine gold jewelry, Gemset jewelry, Silver jewelry,Jade jewelry,Pearl jewelry,South Sea pearls,Cultured pearls,Fresh water pearls,Diamonds,Colored gemstones,Jade Opals, Jewelry mountings,Carvings/display ornaments,Jewelry display,packaging material, etc.

The most famous and important physical Jewelry show for witnessing good participation from industry personnel, the show becomes the key platform gathering industry elites once a year, facilitating exhibitors in negotiating business, establishing contacts and exploring business opportunities. JMA is the only cash and carry jewelry show in Hong Kong welcomes both trade and public buyers, facilitating exhibitors in exploring new business opportunities. A significant number of exhibitors and booths widen product varieties to satisfy market demands.

Based on strong market demand, the golden chance to boost annual sales as buyers have a strong demand for replenishment before year-end holidays. Extensive promotional programs in Hong Kong and China to attract quality buyers in growing markets. Exhibitors can test the market at year-end to formulate next year sales and marketing strategy.

The JMA Jewelry Show being one of Asia’s key jewelry events, Response to the One Belt, One Road Initiative and the development of Greater Bay Area, with hopes of expanding our market in mainland China. The Show brought new jewelry design, help the exhibtor kept abreast of the international jewelry trend, which were essential to leading position in jewelry market. Being a symbolic jewelry exhibition, it plays a significant role in the industry, it’s not only a good merchandizing opportunity, but also a golden chance to acquire the latest industry news.

It is allow the public to have a deeper understanding of the Jewelry industry. Free jewelry seminars will be hosted by experts during the show period. There are professional jewelry artisans from Jewellery Institute to conduct demonstrations on the different process of jewel production, like wax carving, hammering, gem-setting and colour rendering, to let the audience witness the process of Jewelry production.

HKJMA 2016
The 24th JMA Hong Kong 2016 ran from 24 to 27 November attracted over 36,000 buyer attendance, surge 13% over the previous edition. Over 1,100 booths with more than 760 worldwide exhibitors from Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, USA and etc. offering exclusive promotion for year-end shopping season which attracted loads of visitors to the show.

This year the show have welcomed delegations from Mainland China, Korea, and Malaysia which are well-received by exhibitors. A wide variety of activities was launched during the show including three complimentary seminars sharing the industry information and a series of prize-winning event such as “Hourly Diamond Lucky Draw”, “Instant Reward Card” and “Like and Get” program, receiving great response from the visitors.

JMA Hong Kong has been striving for additional space over the years and. Expansion of Exhibition Scale further reinforces JMA Hong Kong as Asia Key Jewelry Event in November. This year the show has new expansion, nearly 300 additional booths with versatility of exhibits, new zones further enriches the product varieties and facilitates a well-organized show floor, inviting more overseas pavilions gathering more worldwide exhibits, introducing “Special Themes” with trendy and latest hot issue.

“International Designer Arena” (IDA) has been introduced to JMA Hong Kong, since 2008, as a featured zone showcasing jewelry collections from worldwide talents. 32 jewelry talents gather in this special designed open area and showcase their one of a kind jewelry design collection with diverse creativity. Exquisite jewelry design gathers in one product zone offering a never be missed chance for jewelry traders to exchange ideas with designers in person and stock up jewels for target market.

The show exclusively showcase the winning pieces from “JMA International Jewelry Design Competition 2016” with “Unity” as the theme. Worldwide jewelry designers are eager to participate that brings different elements to the competition. Visitors are able to take a close look at the decent details of the exquisite winning pieces and have an idea of the rationale behind.

HKJMA 2015
The Asia Key Jewelry Exhibition, Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers’ Show which is UFI approved will kick off tomorrow. The show gathers jewelry manufacturers and exhibitors from around the world, presenting multicultural elements, modernity and latest craftsmanship to worldwide buyers. The show features over 1,150 booths from exhibitors of 21 countries under one roof; all glittering jewels are coherently divided into different product zones and pavilions for easy access.

The 23rd Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers’ Show concluded with success on 29 November, having drawn more than 730 exhibitors from 21 regions including Japan, Europe, America, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Israel, Taiwan and etc. Held again at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, the fair ran for 4 days, offered a broad range of quality products, from raw materials to finishing fine jewelry with special rate under one roof, attracted over 32,000 buyers’ attendance.

The show is not only displaying wide variety of jewelry from raw materials to finishing fine jewels, but also offering special rate for buyers to stock up for year-end shopping season. In addition, small order is welcome which suitable for the flexible business model of small to medium size companies. In visiting the show, the buyer can gain inspiration for their next collection at the same time source the best valued jewelry.

Six complimentary jewelry seminars offered a golden chance for participant to share ideas with industry leaders. Besides, the exhibition of 【GUINNESS World Records Most Valuable Guitar】which was the first time open to public, promoting the infinite creativity of jewelry brand founded in Hong Kong. To enhance the communication of the industry, other than the growing number of China delegation, Korean delegation also added to this years’ program to provide more business opportunities to Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers.

“International Designer Arena” (IDA) has been introduced to UFI approved event, Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers’ Show, since 2008, as a featured zone showcasing handcrafted jewelry collections of talents from Italy, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand etc. This unique platform welcomes all jewelry enthusiasts to exchange ideas and get inspiration for the upcoming jewelry trend.

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“JMA International Jewelry Design Competition” is organized by Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association and HKJE magazine. The splendid winning pieces showcasing the exquisite and impressive skills and concept the worldwide jewelry talents have. “Heartfelt‧Moment” records those moments in life when our hearts are being touched. Each of them unwittingly made its way to the center of our being and left an imprint no matter big or small. They are like carvings of the heart that anchor those special memories which in turn string up and shape what we call Life.

HKJMA 2014
The 22nd Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers’ Show was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre during 27-30 November 2014. The number of booth reaches 1,074 with 659 exhibitors from 17 countries. The four-day show attracted more than 31,000 visits, with 15% soared from last year, in which Mainland China buyers has increased 25%, proving the show serves as an important jewelry trade event.

The show also attracted Asia countries buyers included India, Philippine, Taiwan, and Indonesia, proving the show as an important marketplace to explore jewelry business opportunities, as well as for public visitors to purchase quality jewelry in best value.

Over the years, the show strives to organize in the highest standards of professional exhibition; the “UFI approved” quality label had further strengthened the visitors and exhibitors’ confidence to visit and exhibit in the show. Apart from the Thailand Pavilion and Korea Pavilion, the show opens up Taiwan Pavilion, IDI Pavilion (Israel Diamond Institute), ICA Pavilion (International Colored Gemstone Association) this year to bring more product varieties to visitor.

“International Designer Arena” brings you Rare Handmade Jewelry, for rare jewelry masterpieces created by the talented designers from all over the world. Since 2008, IDA showcase the creative one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces of designers from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, The Netherland, United States etc. This popular unique platform is dedicated to all the jewelry enthusiasts, who have the best eye for design, and acted as a platform for exchanging ideas and inspiration among the fellows.

“JMA International Jewelry Design Competition” is organized by Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association and HKJE magazine. The competition aims at providing a global platform for the designers to communicate and share creative ideas. Moreover, it also aims at promoting excellent design in the jewelry industry and thus raising the standard of Hong Kong’s jewelry design. The theme of this year, “Colorful”, which means Jewelry can be created in different colors, making our life more colorful.

HKJMA 2013
The 21st Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers’ Show concluded with a successful note with 594 participating companies and 968 booths, reported a 11% expansion. The increase in total visitors’ entrance also soars 11% in 4 days, with the number of overseas and mainland buyers surge 30%.

China VIP Delegation is a cooperative chance for Mainland jewelry retailers and Hong Kong jewelry manufacturers. It not only enhances the jewelry industry communication between mainland China and Hong Kong, but also strengthens trading co-operation and developing business opportunities. This year, we invited tens of representatives from Beijing, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Shanghai, Sichuan, Tianjin and Zhejiang to visit our Exhibition.

Two seminars were held during the Show: Marketing & Collection of Natural Rare Gemstones and A Contemporary Jewellery Designer’s Growing Journey & Success Tips. We have invited gemstone and mineral collector Mr. Li Wing Chiu and Ms. Nicole Li, the jewelry designer who has participated in the affordable luxury designs of Folli Follie and the trend forecasting in Swarovski to be the speakers.

Mr. Li shared with us how to appreciate precious stones. He has collected over 200 gemstones and minerals, some of them even are of museum grade. Ms. Li pointed out nature and daily lives could inspire her designs.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association, the theme of “JMA International Jewelry Design Competition 2013″ is set to be “Celebration in Joy”, “Reunion” and “Delight”.

Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association
Found in 1988, Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association (HKJMA) dedicates to providing diverse quality services for our members and facilitating the development of the industry. HKJMA is dedicated to the uplifting global status of the local Jewelry manufacturing industry. With the four core values, namely ‘member-oriented’, ‘sustainable development’, ‘excellence in operations’ and ‘social responsibilities’, we closely work with our peers to strive for a bright future.

To Uplift Global Status of Hong Kong Jewelry – HKJMA coordinates Hong Kong Pavilion in overseas exhibitions covering US, Europe, Middle East and Asia, and provides exposure for local brands to foreign jewelers. Our annual “JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show” serves as a quality sales & trading platform for global exhibitors and buyers, especially those from China and South-East Asia.

To Exude Charisma of Local Designs – HKJMA emphasises on the creation of uniqueness of the local brand. The state-of-the-art craftsmanship and magnificent designs from Hong Kong are showcased in our widely distributed jewelry publications to keep pace with the mainstream pulse; We also proactively make use of electronic platforms and social media to explore business opportunities.

HKJMA is dedicated to quality services for members. We organise tailor-made activities to facilitate interactions and unite members. We develop electronic means to release the latest industry information and technical support, strengthen our role as the development platform for the local Jewelry industry.

HKJMA emphasises on the sustainability of industry development. We create business opportunities by industry transfer to new markets in Asia and cultivate talents by launching seminars and courses. HKJMA is establishing ‘J-HUB Hong Kong’ to provide necessary infrastructure and assistant services for young jewellers, to help inherit the traditional artisanship and explore development possibilities in the future.

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