Review of 125th China Import and Export Fair, Canton Fair 2019 Spring Phase 1, Guangzhou, China

The first phase of the 125th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) opened in Guangzhou Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition last from April 15 to April 19, mainly exhibiting Electronics and home appliances, lighting, vehicles and accessories, machinery, hardware tools, building materials, chemical products, new energy, and the International Pavilion, etc..

Affected by the global economic cycle, the current development of foreign trade is facing many challenges, but the market is generally relatively stable. Exhibitors focus on the development of new technologies, and the competitiveness of innovative products is constantly increasing. Many exhibitors have stepped up their efforts to explore the markets of countries along the “Belt and Road” route, and the high-quality “Made in China” market is obviously improving in the countries along the route.

The first phase of the Canton Fair has always received the most attention from the domestic manufacturing industry. The booth arrangement is tilted to manufacturers with high product technology content, and more new enterprises, new brands and new products are supported to explore the international market through the Canton Fair, traditional industries are showing changes The momentum of the business model actively conforms to the needs of the international market, adjusts the business structure, changes the growth model, and promotes the company to gradually shift from simply displaying ordered products to improving technological content and creating and expanding export brands.

The exhibitor groups from all over the country have strengthened guidance services, supported exhibitors to develop e-commerce, encouraged outstanding exhibitors, organized experts to provide special services, invited professional companies to provide on-site services and other measures to support enterprises to explore international markets and use the Canton Fair The platform promotes the healthy development of foreign trade economy.

In order to adapt to the new trends of international trade, exhibitors are determined to innovate and adjust their product structure. For emerging markets, they have developed new high-tech and high-value-added products that adapt to local humanities and customs and have independent intellectual property rights. At the same time, they tuned smart and capable technologies and The business personnel contacted and negotiated with the purchasers, fully demonstrating the company’s scientific research and manufacturing capabilities.

In terms of booth layout, many large and medium-sized exhibitors have made meticulous preparations, and specially hired professional exhibition companies to design special booths with outstanding themes, unique styles, spacious and transparent decoration, bright and simple, and focus on highlighting brand effect and corporate image.

The China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, was founded in the spring of 1957. It is held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn. It is the longest, highest-level, largest-scale, and most comprehensive product category in China. A comprehensive international trade event with the largest number of buyers, the widest distribution in countries and regions, the best transaction effect and the best reputation.

Since its inception, Canton Fair has been adhering to reform and innovation. It has withstood various challenges and never been interrupted. Canton Fair enhances trade connection between China and the world, demonstrating China’s image and achievements of development. It is an outstanding platform for Chinese enterprises to explore the international market and an exemplary base to implement China’s strategies for foreign trade growth. Over years of development, Canton Fair now serves as the first and foremost platform to promote China’s foreign trade, and a barometer of the foreign trade sector. It is the window, epitome and symbol of China’s opening up.

The Canton Fair’s trade methods are flexible and diverse. In addition to traditional sample transactions, the Canton Fair also hosts online trade fairs. The Canton Fair focuses on export trade and also does import business. It can also carry out various forms of economic and technical cooperation and exchanges, as well as commodity inspection, insurance, and transportation., Advertising, consulting and other business activities. The Canton Fair Complex is located on Pazhou Island, Guangzhou, with a total construction area of 1.1 million square meters, a total area of 338,000 square meters of indoor exhibition halls, and 43,600 square meters of outdoor exhibition halls.

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The Canton Fair attracted more than 24,000 Chinese companies with good credit and strength, and more than 500 overseas companies. The Canton Fair focuses on import and export trade, with flexible and diverse trade methods. In addition to traditional sample transactions, it also holds online trade fairs to carry out various forms of economic and technical cooperation and exchanges, as well as commodity inspection, insurance, transportation, advertising, consulting and other businesses activity. Businessmen from all over the world gather in Guangzhou to exchange business information and enhance friendship.

Surrounding activities of Canton Fair 2019 Spring Phase 1:
The first phase of the 125th Canton Fair will arrange a number of major conference forums, focusing on international market analysis, changes in the economic and trade environment, global markets and other hot spots. Authoritative experts in various fields will be invited to share on-site, providing precise assistance for enterprises’ foreign trade decision-making, and key recommendations The forums are:
International Market Forum-China and Russia New Era·New Cooperation.
The 125th Canton Fair International Cooperation and Exchange Conference.
Forum on changes in the economic and trade environment and exchange rate risk trends-a forum on my country’s manufacturing situation related to dollar trends and bulk expectations.
VIP Exhibitor Salon of the 125th Canton Fair.

China Import and Export Fair(Canton Fair)
As a great trade fair of comprehensiveness and specialization, China Import and Export Fair – Canton Fair China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou exhibits over 150,000 kinds of quality Chinese products and overseas commodities with distinctive features. The renew rate of Chinese products is over 40% each session. Depending upon China’s advantages in manufacturing industry and orienting toward international market demand, Canton Fair shows a variety of high quality products with reasonable price.

The trade fair will be held in China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex, and is the largest trade event in China. All major producers in China are united during the Canton Trade Fair under one roof to national and international visitors to identify ways to expand their business with Chinese producers.

With the support from plenty exhibitors and visitors, China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) has now become the most comprehensive trade show with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete in exhibit variety, and the broadest distribution of overseas buyers and the greatest business turnover in China.

CFTC – China Foreign Trade Centre (Group) is an institutional unit directly led by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. CFTC is a professional exhibition sponsor with rich experience, and its exhibition history could be traced back to 1957, the starting year of China’s exhibition industry.

Since its foundation, CFTC has always been taking its mission of being “a tie of friendship and a bridge of trade” and has won great trust from millions of visitors and friends from 210 countries and regions in the world. CFTC helps deliver the economic achievements and friendship of China to the world.

Going forward, Canton Fair will serve China’s new round of high-level opening up and the new development pattern. The specialization, digitalization, market orientation, and international development of the Canton Fair will be further improved. A Canton Fair that never ends will be built with online offline functions integrated, to make new contributions for Chinese and foreign companies to develop broader markets and for the development of an open world economy.

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