Reading contemporary art: new collection 2012, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Gwacheon

Reading contemporary art: new collection is one of the most important elements of the museum.

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art has the mission of collecting and preserving collections to establish Korean art history and share contemporary art with the public. Therefore, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is making a lot of efforts to collect contemporary works that represent Korea and reflect the times. Collected works are introduced and utilized through various exhibitions and educational activities. The Exhibition of New Collections, which presents works collected every year, reflects the trends and trends of contemporary art. 2012, the year a total of 201 were collected points which bought the 133 points, donated a 68 dot.

This exhibition consists mainly of works collected from 2012 and works that were not shown in other exhibitions and donated works.

The exhibition can be divided into two themes and special spaces.

First, two themes that are reflected in our lives and the reality ” Art in Social Reading ‘ and modernist tendencies ” Read abstract art ” is. In ‘ Reading Society in Art ‘, the alienated life, desires, ideals, and various ways of living are expressed in each artist’s individual way. ” Read Abstract Art ” The Through humorous interpretation of the artist to see farther the distance between the public and art at the abstract art, abstract art reads ” consists of.

Lastly, there is a special exhibition of donated works arranged as a separate space in the exhibition hall. This space was create to honor the donors and enable the donation culture, artwork donated next exhibition is expected to continue to operate. In 2012, many photographic works will be donated to give a glimpse into the flow of modern photography. We hope that this exhibition will give us a chance to reflect on ourselves and our surroundings.

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National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, South Korea

The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon was designed in 1986 by architect Kim Tae-soo.

It is a family-friendly museum that harmonizes tradition and modernity by applying the Korean traditional space composition method to modern functions.

Gwacheon is a visitor-centered art museum composed of eight exhibition halls utilizing the expertise of each field such as architecture, crafts, photography, painting, sculpture, media, and children’s art museum for children’s education and experience.

You can meet the artworks of nature in the outdoor sculpture hall, and make precious memories at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, where you can meet Korean modern art living in the indoor exhibition hall.