The Paris Biennale aims to identify and activate artistic practices that challenge the established values of art. It bring together some tens of notable participants, galleries and leading art, design and antique dealers, and high-end establishments (jewellers and watchmakers). For over six decades, La Biennale has been a landmark international event. La Biennale presents museum-quality works covering 6,000 years of history from all continents and all disciplines.

Organised by the SNA, this exhibition is one of the most prestigious art gatherings in the world. A fair that brings together some of the leading art, design and antiques dealers, along with master jewellers and watchmakers.

La Biennale remains one of the most prestigious fairs in the world, ranking alongside other major international art events. Each edition attracts the main players in the art market, dealers, and prominent collectors, who gather together at this unmissable event. It is a very high-end fair and a unique opportunity to discover some rare items carefully selected by the various exhibitors. The participants and the cultural institutions will help further the international reach of our exhibition.

Founded in 1901, the SNA (short for French: National Union of Antique Dealers) is one of the oldest associations of art dealers in France. Its role is to defend the profession of antique dealer before the public authorities and to promote the profession in France and abroad. It has almost 300 members who share the principles of Authenticity – Quality – Honourability. The SNA stands by its professional members and remains determined to defend the French and International art market.

By its nature, by its mode of operation, by its organic nature and by the nature of the practices it proposes to highlight, the Paris Biennale has an identity that very clearly distinguishes it from other biennials in the world. Paris Biennale don’t have its own collection, the practices associated with the Paris Biennale, not manifesting themselves in the form of a work of art, induce their own modes of being.

The ‘Biennale de Paris’ was launched by Raymond Cogniat in 1959 and set up by André Malraux as he was Minister of Culture to present an overview of young creativity worldwide and to create a place of experiences and meetings. The event took place every two years from 1959 to 1985, but gradually lost its attractiveness for the media, in particular due to the lack of renewal and competition from other contemporary art events in Paris.

Since its shutdown, several projects have been developed and several teams have followed one another to bring it back to life. In 2000, the Biennale resumed and, after four years of organization, in 2004, the fourteenth edition was set up. From 2006, she moved towards a different form, delocalized and extended in time, and which were more market-oriented. The long-running Paris Biennale used to have overly advanced concepts, such as no collection, The situation change and replaced by a new art, antiques and luxury crafts fair at the new editions.

Paris Biennale 2021
The 32nd La Biennale fair hosted at the Grand Palais Éphémère, closely intertwined with that of the 19 th and 20th-century universal exhibitions. This year will see the creation of a new service for visitors, with independent experts on-hand for amateurs, collectors and exhibitors, ready to assist them where necessary when buying pieces during the fair.

There was a more eegant staging and a revamped layout, and this new design will put all participants on an equal footing, thanks to a well-thought-out layout that will allow for an enjoyable visit and make the works on display easier to view.

Monsieur Duval is co-founder of the FIAC and has been, successively, a gallery owner, involved in creating numerous art fairs, a former associate director of Art Paris and former general commissioner of the Révélations event at the Grand Palais.

Prestigious exhibitors at La Biennale include: Maison Vever, Elsa Jin, Horovitz & Totah, Larengregor, Orpheo, Mobilier National, Musée Maillol, Musée de Flandre, Les Ateliers d’Art de la Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais I RMNGP

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Galerie Ary Jan, Galerie Bayart, Galerie Berès, Bg Arts, Bouisset Bernard, Galerie Nicolas Bourriaud Cahn A.G, Costermans & Pelgrims de Bigard, Galerie Diximus, Galerie Dreyfus, Galerie Dutko, Galerie Eberwein, Elsa Jin, Galerie Flak, Galerie Furstenberg, Galerie Yves Gastou, Galerie Michel Giraud, Gismondi, Hervieux & Motard, Horovitz & Totah Sa, Galerie Hurtebize, Galerie Kevorkian, Kolhammer, Larengregor Sa, Galerie Francoise Livinec, Galerie Mathivet, La Metaierie, Anthony Meyer Oceanic Art, Ming-K’i Gallery, Montagut Gallery, Galerie Montaigne, Cadres Montanari, Najuma, Opera Gallery, Orpheo’s Art Sa, Galerie Alain Pautot, Pellat De Villedon, Galerie Alexis Pentcheff, Maison Rapin, Galerie Rx, Marc Segoura Fine Art, Librairie Amélie Sourget, Univers Du Bronze, Galerie Florence de Voldère, Librairie JC Vrain

International exhibitors: Germany, Belgium, China, United States, France, Monaco, United Kingdom, Switzerland.

Paris Biennale 2020 Online art fair
Bidding for the online edition of La Biennale Paris opens 24 September through 8 October. 42 world-renowned galleries from 8 countries, presenting over 90 exceptional works of art across 4,000 years of art history, all in 1 major.

On September, Christie’s presents La Biennale 2020 – a unique auction in partnership with the iconic Parisian fair. Spanning 4,000 years of Art History, the sale brings together an exquisite and eclectic selection of works in specialties ranging from Classical furniture, Old Masters, Antiquities, Modern and Contemporary Art to African and Oceanic Art, Asian Art, Jewels, Sculpture, Clocks, Silver, and more.

Check out their virtual booths, and discover the art and objects on offer this season on Christie’s website. With just one click, you can take a closer look at each piece, get in touch with the gallery for more information, and bid on your favourite item on the digital platform. Organised in association with the Syndicat National des Antiquitaires, this is an unmissable event in the 2020 cultural calendar.

Paris Biennale 2019: Highlights of the Universelle Art Fair
La Biennale Paris 2019 is a world-famous art fair that concentrated this year’s national and international exhibitors under the roof of the Grand Palais presenting more than six millenniums of incredible and finest art.

La Biennale Paris 2019 stood as a temporary museum, as well as the independent Vetting Commission (CAO), one of the most exigent in the world, guaranteed not only the selection of the participating galleries but also the highest level of authenticity, trust, and transparency for the collectors.

Since 2017, this fair establishes a great partnership with the Biennale Committee, presided by Christopher Forbes. Today, Paris Design Agenda presents the greatest highlights of this year’s edition that was from September 13th-17th!

At this edition, La Biennale Paris paid an incredible tribute to the late Carlos Cruz-Diez, an iconic figure of kinetic art. It showcased, in partnership with La Patinoire Royale – Galerie Valérie Bach, a major work of the French-Venezuelan artist, “Transchromie”, a symbol as well of La Biennale Paris’ desire to open up to the contemporary sector.

Also, the Kingdom of Bahrain was the guest of honor, where it was hosted pavilion dedicated mainly to contemporary art but also to the heritage of this Gulf country. The agreement signed on the occasion of the inauguration of the ArtBAB fair, Art Bahrain Across Borders, between Mathias Ary Jan, President of SNA and Kaneka Subberwal, ArtBAB fair director, was presented with more than a hundred works by Bahraini artists.

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