Japanese paintings of the four seasons, Adachi Museum of Art

In the small exhibition room, throughout the year, we will exhibit Japanese paintings that make each season feel spring, summer, autumn and winter.

This exhibition will mainly focus on works depicting spring flowers such as plum blossoms as if sweet fragrance drifts, cherry blossoms with beautiful flowers, peony in full bloom.

Main exhibition works
Takeuchi Susumu “Gangnam Spring Temple Quiet” Yokoyama Taikan “Spring Wind Autumn Rain” Kawai Tamado “Vermicelli”
Kobayashi Old Diameter “Kiren” Hashimoto Seki “Wuling Fisher” Sakakibara Shimpo “Tomiki Grass” Shimpei Sakakibara “Tomiki Grass” Small Exhibition
Shimpei Sakakibara “Tomiki Grass” around the Showa 13

We will exhibit Japanese paintings with summer scenes, such as a crown in summer sunlight, trees that lush green leaves.
Also worthy of hot summer, please also see works that make you feel cool, such as a vigorously flowing waterfall map and waterfront scenery.

Main exhibition works
Takeuchi Susumu “Waterfall” Taiman Yokoyama “Summer Night” Haruhito Haruna “Hydrangea”
Hashimoto Seki “Futakusa figure” Sayaki Sakakibara “Ome” Hayami Miku “Fresh green”

We will exhibit the work of autumn’s embellishment painted red leaves, leaves of chrysanthemums, bamboo flowers, persimmon seeds etc. Please enjoy the changing Japanese season through the scenes from autumn to early winter, where painters seized from various perspectives.

Main exhibition works
Yokoyama Taikan Hashimoto Seki “Monkey” Tsutsumi Tsuta “Still Life Salmon and Sardine”
Shikamine Sakakibara “Akikusa” Iri Watamitsu ” Ochiai Blast “Rakuoka Style”

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We will exhibit works that depict something unique in winter, such as mountains covered with white snow, birds playing in the snow dancing, children in the big kumakura. Please enjoy the work that makes you feel warm even in the cold winter.

Main exhibition works
Yokoyama Taikan “Winter’s evening” Kawai Tamado “Snow on the lake” Nishiyama Midori “Snow Chen”
Shimpei Sakakibara “Yukigaki Hirasugi Figure” Aoki Komodada “Snow after” Sankyo Sakai “Snow Hokuetsu”

The Adachi Museum of Art holds a total of 1,500 points, centering on works of painters who were active in modern Japanese paintings. Among them are numerous works of painters known as great artists such as Yokoyama Taiki, Takeuchi Ueho, Uemura Matsuen who created a Japanese painting art. However, the collections are not only famous painters such as Taisyo. In the past, he gained high evaluation and popularity both at home and abroad, many artists of knowledge such as painters forgotten at the moment, painters who played active roles in a field whose name is not known, many masterpieces doing. In addition, even famous painters have unusual works that are different from commonly known impressions, and some less attractive works with opportunities to be exhibited at exhibitions.

The passion for collection of Adachi Takayasu is a well-established place, but the most memorable event is the Kitazawa Collection ‘s “Autumn Leaves (Koyo)”, “Rainbow (Aimeha)” “Ocean Tide It would have bought bulk pieces of works of Taikan, including four subjects and summer. In the Showa 53 Yokoyama Taikan Exhibition saw the “autumn leaves” (six songs folding screen) received the impression that no words came out and tried everything that they could get anything, where the exterior I understood that it is part of the Kitazawa Collection which was said to be “a phantom collection”. At the time, it was in the hands of the trustee, and there were over 20 works by Taikan’s works except “autumn leaves”, most of which were exhibition work by exhibition. Even more surprisingly, for a long time I cut out from the art collection and put it in my forehead, kept watching every day, and continued to watch, including “rain” that I saw even in my dreams. After hardship, it told me that it took two years to talk about all the tales story and to remove “rain falling” and “ocean tide four subjects / summer” from the purchase list. If I do not keep it silent, “I will continue to pass the woman who is loved at first sight for two years and also decide the pillow money, so when you enter the floor, it’s like having a pillow and running away so much, are not you? One seat in front of the trustee committee, I made you cry and said that the hotel decided the last.

Most of the collections were carefully selected by the founder · Adachi Adachi’s eyes. In choosing writers and works, it can be said that they are conducting a wide range of collections without being biased towards specific schools and trends. Full-fledged collection of Japanese paintings began around 1954, but until the death in Heisei 2, the passion that can be said as a collector ‘s obsession never faded away.

Even today, we are striving to enrich the content based on the basic of Adachi Collection, and these works hold a special exhibition four times a year so that you can enjoy with the change of the four seasons of the garden, the main building (Taikan room · In the large exhibition room / small exhibition room), works of 70 points before and after are constantly released.