The 45th China International Furniture Fair in 2020, Guangzhou, China

The 45th China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) opened in Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Complex on July 27. The exhibition scale of this year’s Home Fair is nearly 300,000 square meters, with 1,607 exhibiting companies. It is a full-featured platform for “new product launches, first choice for commerce and trade”. It focuses on creating high-quality exhibitions, screening high-quality brand companies to participate, and attracting high-quality buyers They will visit and purchase, closely follow the current situation of the industry, further highlight the domestic sales function, release industry trends and cutting-edge designs, and strive to empower industry companies to resume work and resume production after the epidemic.

Over the past 23 years, China International Furniture Fair has adhered to innovation and development, which has played an important role in promoting international and domestic business cooperation in the home furnishing industry, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and leading high-quality development of enterprises. This home fair is a unique and brilliant industry event. It is positioned to promote the international and domestic double cycle of the home furnishing industry. It promotes the restart of the industry and enterprises in the post-epidemic period and ensures the stable performance of the furniture industry supply chain and industrial chain. positive effects.

As a super large furniture exhibition involving the entire industry chain, China International Furniture Fair has opened a new chapter for the recovery and development of the industry. In the face of the impact of the epidemic, the Home Expo focused on optimizing the layout of the exhibition, creating the best highlights, and providing a strong guarantee for the new development of the industry. Leading by “internationalization, specialization and marketization”, we will gather leaders of the furniture industry and contribute wisdom and strength to the further development of the global furniture industry through high-end dialogues.

A number of high-quality fashion exhibitions, design forums, trend releases and other activities were held at the exhibition site. Focusing on the development strategy of “innovation-driven and design-led”, a direct and efficient communication channel was established for designers and exhibitors to help post the epidemic. Time industry resumes work and production and continues to accumulate energy and empowerment.

The 45th China International Furniture Fair selected high-quality brand companies to participate in the exhibition, closely following the current situation, further highlighting the domestic sales function, publishing industry trends and cutting-edge designs, and striving to accumulate energy for industry companies to resume development after the epidemic.

This year’s Home Fair will help the industry’s recovery and development with its powerful “new product launch, first choice for business” function. On the one hand, many leading brands in the industry brought new products to the show. There are also hundreds of companies that will hold new product launch events at the exhibition, focusing on the industry’s cutting-edge new designs, new processes, new technologies and new concepts, leading the industry to accelerate transformation and upgrading in the post-epidemic era.

On the other hand, in order to respond to the country’s policy of expanding domestic demand and to meet the needs of the domestic home furnishing market, this year’s Home Expo will optimize domestic sales hot topics, focusing on current industry hotspots and outlets such as design, intelligence, health, elderly care, and balcony customization. Approve industry-leading smart office companies, and introduce a number of smart electric bed products, Internet mattress e-commerce companies, etc., to better meet the ever-evolving consumer demand in the market.

Using the three areas of the Canton Fair Complex A, B, and C, grandly exhibited home furnishings and full-themed products such as civil furniture, accessories and home textiles, outdoor furniture, office and commercial and hotel furniture, furniture production equipment and accessories, so as to achieve one-stop procurement for the exhibition. Civil furniture, office furniture and equipment ingredients are displayed on the same stage, opening up upstream and downstream industrial resources in an all-round way, helping exhibiting companies to maximize the flow. Civil and office furniture exhibitors are also buying equipment and ingredients companies, and jewelry companies. At home, the audience will also get a richer exhibition experience.

Hall 1.2-5.2 on the second floor of Area A is the design exhibition area that the exhibition focuses on. Among them, Hall 3.2 is the “Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Exhibition” carefully planned by a team of curatorial teachers. It is called the “Spring of Design” by the exhibition and design circles. Original design hall; Hall 2.2 is the overall design hall, with leading brands such as Federal, Jianwei, Zhihao, Notting Hill, Marati, etc., focusing on the overall space design of suite furniture; Hall 1.2 is a custom design hall, Weiyi customization, etc. Many leading brands will showcase space customization solutions of different styles of furniture;

Hall 4.2 is a soft decoration design hall, allowing brands such as Gao, Vivibrella, VC ASIA, and Siluhuayu to add more colorful soft decoration elements to home design; Hall 5.2 is a design trend/smart office hall, Jiechang, Brands such as Lege will be unveiled. Hall 1.1-5.1 on the first floor of Area A is a centralized display area for leading office furniture brands, including the heads of Shengao, Changjiang, Baili Wenyi, Temple of Heaven, Zhongtailong, Guanmei, Huasheng, Diou, Zhongrui, Lijiang, etc. Brand participation.

The second floor of Zone B is the software living hall, the dining room furniture hall and the office seating area. The software living hall Minhua, Mousi, Dream Baihe, EMMA and other brands will display the latest intelligent sleep products and functional sofas, highlighting the leading intelligent trend. The Home Fair vigorously provides accurate business docking for upstream and downstream enterprises to help companies solve order problems. At the same time, there are also procurement needs. The Home Fair promotes enterprises to solve order problems by recommending relevant enterprises to cooperate accurately. Hall 9.1-13.1 on the first floor of Zone B is the production equipment exhibition area. Many leading brands will showcase the latest production and equipment technologies in the upstream of the large home furnishing industry chain, and promote the intelligentization of home furnishing production.

Area C is the international exhibition area and furniture accessories exhibition area. Among them, Halls 14.1 and 15.1 on the first floor of Zone C are the international exhibition areas, displaying imported furniture and accessories. Hall 14.2-16.2 on the second floor of Area C is the furniture accessories exhibition area, and Hall 14.3-16.3 on the third floor of Area C is the hardware accessories exhibition area, demonstrating the innovative use of home furnishing materials.

Focusing on the development strategy of “innovation-driven and design-led”, this year’s home fair will focus on creating two themed special exhibitions, “2030+ International Future Office Exhibition” and “‘Spring of Design’ Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Exhibition”, which will be held to help Industry development “2020 Global Furniture Industry Trends Conference”. Through themed special exhibitions, we will release cutting-edge designs of civilian furniture and office furniture, and strive to play the role of leading the development trend of the industry after the epidemic.

More than 30 high-end, high-quality events and conference forums will be held at the exhibition site, including fashion exhibitions, design forums, trend releases, etc., bringing together well-known designers and emerging designers in the industry to build direct and efficient Communication channels have established an interactive communication ecosystem dedicated to designers.

2030+ International Future Office Exhibition
The 2030+ International Future Office Exhibition is located in Hall 11.2, Zone B. It is co-sponsored by China Foreign Trade Center (Group) and China National Furniture Association. It brings together domestic and foreign first-line brands and cutting-edge concepts, and provides systematic solutions with a global perspective to inspire People think about the relationship between themselves and space, nature and society, and the present and the future, and explore the infinite possibilities of future office methods. On the morning of July 27th, the opening ceremony of the 45th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) and the launching ceremony of the 2030+ International Future Office Exhibition will be held, so stay tuned!

“Design Spring” Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Exhibition
The “Spring of Design” Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Exhibition is located in Hall 3.2, Area A. We sincerely invite Mr. Wen Hao, Dean of the Furniture Research Institute of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts as the chief curator, and join the famous designers Hou Zhengguang, Song Tao and Zhou Chenchen. The teachers jointly curate the exhibition. Three teachers came to the press conference today. “Design Spring” is divided into six sections: brand-driven, cultural-driven, art-driven, design-driven, academic forums, and design awards. It is a window to understand the current situation of Chinese furniture design, a platform to promote the development of Chinese furniture design, and the consumption of Chinese furniture. Guidelines for designing products.

2020 Global Furniture Industry Trends Conference
This year’s Home Fair will co-host the 2020 Global Furniture Industry Trends Conference with the China National Furniture Association. Hall 11.2 in Zone B will provide forward-looking guidance information from an international perspective to guide the healthy development of the domestic and foreign furniture industry. The conference is characterized by “internationalization, specialization, and marketization”, bringing together international furniture industry leaders, through high-end dialogues, combing the current industry situation from multiple angles, and contributing wisdom and strength to the further development of the global furniture industry.

Series of activities
Bay Area Urban Design Exhibition: We sincerely invite five design masters, including Yu Jinggan, Li Qien, Qin Yueming, Chen Yan, and Yin Yanming, to curate with the theme of “Building a Better City and Better Design Home” to provide designers with a stage for design presentation , To promote the dialogue and development of the design industry, and create the most representative design exhibition in the Greater Bay Area.

CIFF Designers Work Camp: We sincerely invite well-known designers such as Zeng Jianlong, Huang Quan, Qingshan Zhouping, Zhuang Ziyu, Xie Yingkai, Deng Lisi, Wu Wei, Zheng Hong, etc. to lead the “2020 Design Trends Conference” and “New Thoughts” -2020 Intercity Design Power Summit Forum”, “Designer Selection Journey” and “Brand and Designer Selection Matchmaking Meeting”, bringing dry goods full of design experience and exchanges and sharing.

My dad is a designer: working with nine designers Tang Zhonghan, Tan Si, Zhang Can, Shao Weiyan, Wu Wei, Li Xue, Lin Ka-shing, Wang Yuxi, and Huang Yongheng to bring wonderful ideas and wonderful design works to display, and unite Numerous urban design forces plan an exhibition of children’s space works where creativity gathers, and those “unwanted childlike hearts” in the design world will bloom on the stage of the Home Fair.

Online exhibition
In order to more effectively empower the majority of exhibitors and visitors, China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) broke through the space constraints, linked multiple traffic platforms, and used the three major online traffic portals of short video, mobile and PC to lay out online exhibitions and create high The cloud exhibition of “Cloud House Fair” with traffic, strong interaction and multiple benefits, through cloud live broadcast, cloud promotion, cloud exhibition hall, cloud talk, cloud forum, etc., brings the same wonderful online and offline exhibition platform, and more Good to help the industry gather momentum and empower.

Scientific epidemic prevention
As the national team of the exhibition industry, China International Furniture Fair strictly follows the requirements and guidelines of various national departments and exhibition halls on the prevention and control of exhibition epidemics, and implements the exhibition epidemic prevention publicity, real-name appointment appointments, bright code scanning temperature measurement and entry into the exhibition hall. Anti-epidemic measures such as disinfection and sanitation in the exhibition hall provide all participants with a safe, healthy and orderly exhibition environment, and effectively protect the health and life safety of all participants.

This exhibition also further optimized exhibition supporting services such as visitor registration, environmental layout and guidance, hotel landing services, shuttle buses and battery cars, striving to give priority to safety and simplify the process to provide exhibitors and visitors with a safe and convenient exhibition experience. At the same time, Expo China (Guangzhou) continues to promote digital transformation and green exhibition concepts, constantly innovate management and service models, and continuously improve the sense of gain, security and happiness in participating in the exhibition with more and better services.