Li Fangying

Li Fangying (Chinese: 李方膺 1696 – 1755) was a Qing painter from Jiangsu. He served as a county magistrate for 20 years. As a painter he is best known for painting plant imagery specifically pines, bamboos, plum blossoms and orchids. He was one of the Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou.

Li Fangying lived in Jinling by the park, since the number of home by the owner, often travel to Yangzhou to sell paintings. And Li, Jin Nong, Zheng Xie and other contacts, works of poetry and calligraphy painting, good plum, blue, bamboo, chrysanthemum, pine, fish, etc., pay attention to the tradition of law and division of law, can be self- Old thick, cut simple, informal, lively and lively. Was listed as one of Yangzhou eight strange. There are “wind bamboo map”, “fish map”, “ink map” and other handed down. The “plum blossom poem”. Good painting pine, bamboo, blue, chrysanthemum, plum, miscellaneous flowers and insect fish, but also characters, landscapes, especially fine painting plum. Works vertical and horizontal bold, ink dripping, rough head clothes, informal rope, intended to sinomenine, white, bamboo fool between. Painted plum to thin build, old dry new branches, side Panqu. With the printing of〗 〖Plum blossom means, the famous painting plum poem is not ruined not broken odd of the sentence. Also like to draw the wind in the pine bamboo. Work book. Can poetry, descendants of a series of “plum blossom grass”, only twenty-six, most scattered in the painting.

Li Fangying, AD 1697 was born in Nantong a scholar family, the six ancestors had served as the Ministry of Lang, his father Li Yu twice done Beijing officials, after the appointment of Fujian. The seven generations of poetry and literature, so that Li Fang was able to accept the integrity of the literati education, poetry and calligraphy are able to learn more talented.

1728 Yongzheng Emperor to update the official rule, the implementation of the national recommended only, Li Fang Ying to “Xian Feng Founder” by the recommendation. In 1729 with the father to Beijing, by Yongzheng summoned, special purpose to pay the head of Henan, Shandong Hedong Governor Tian Wenjing appointed as a coastal magistrate. The following year, Li Yu to the capital of the office, thirty-four-year-old Li Fang Ying father to Beijing. When the audience, Yongzheng emperor pity Li Yu 鋐 old, asked: a son and you come with you? “Said:” The fourth son of the same line to the same. “Asked:” Where, and wins official? “Said:” Health students also, sex Gan, not official. “Yongzheng laugh said:” no schooling son and then married. “That is summoned, special purpose to pay the head of Henan, Shandong Hedong Governor Tian Wenjing appointed as a coastal magistrate.

1730 years Li Fangying was the county of Shandong music county. When the summer and autumn, Le’an floods, million floating oar, the situation is urgent. Li Fangying did not have the boss approved, open the relief, ordered the use of stock royal grain one thousand two hundred stone, to work for relief, raising people embankment, ease the disaster. But then because of private official positions were Qingzhou government impeachment. Governor Tian Wenjing not to rationale, but praised Li Fang won the courage, active in the people. After the disaster, by field investigation, Li Fangying wrote “Xiaoqing River”, “people to”, “Shandong water conservancy glimpse” and other works.

In 1732 it will be appointed Juzhou state. Yongzheng twelve years (1734) he was recruited to return to music county, the same year the winter changed to Lanzhou magistrate.

In 1735, he was opposed to the new governor Wang Wenjun’s reclamation order, the book straightforward drawbacks, angered the boss, was dismissed from prison. Became shocked at the time of the “Lanshan injustice case.” People uproar said: “the public was guilty of the crime, please circle the prison”, Lanshan, Juzhou area of ​​farmers in droves, bring chicken millet wine to Qingzhou prison visit. Prison officials can not see, the people put the money and money, food to the prison wall, throwing the wine jar to the prison gate and corridor are blocked. This miscarriage of justice, a delay for three years. Until the first year of the Qing Emperor Qianlong (1736), Qianlong pursue reclamation from the troubled things, strike Wang Shijun, was vindicated. That day two drums, instruments passed to Qingzhou, the night Li Fang was released. Li Fangying are involved in the audience, waiting in the military room Dan Chi Xi Huai tree, the University of Zhu Shi pointed to the king said: This is to discourage reclamation of the magistrate Li Lan Shan also. Those who want to see and crowded the people, the hand plus the amount looked forward to say: that is thin and long, the eyes of God who is it? Shao Zongbo Zhao Guolin and Li Fangying’s father is the same year Jinshi, holding Li Fang’s hand said: “Li Gongnan have children carry on.” After the audience, transferred to Anhui magistrate appointment, Li Fang Ying leave home to support their mother and not take office.

After 1739, Li Fangying parents died, he left at home for six years. Shouquan expired, was appointed Anhui buried hill magistrate, right Chuzhou House, soon transferred to Hefei county magistrate. At this time and famine, Li Fang Ying by past practice, custom disaster relief measures, and refused to “honor” the boss, was jealous, pretending to be unwarranted “corrupt” charges, dismissed. Before and after the county magistrate twenty years, actually three times for the prefect, Li Fang Ying filled with emotion: the two Han officials rule, Shoucheng into; later official rule, bad guards bad.

In the winter of 1751, Li Fangying dismissed Hefei’s magistrate, and he lived in Nanjing, where he lived in Jinling (Nanjing). He was known as the master of the park, Ink dripping, rough head chaos clothes, informal rope, painted plum to thin hard known, veteran new branches, 欹 side Panqu. Often travel to Yangzhou to sell paintings to food and clothing, and Jinnong, Zheng Xie friendship is very Benedict, as “Yangzhou eight strange” one.

Li Fangying poems in his later years, said: “I am no Tian Changqi rice, plum all day selling plum blossom”, often painted on the seal “for rice life” of India. And living in Nanjing, the great poet Yuan Mei and seal carved Shen Feng from very close, often side by side travel, when people call it “three cents out of the hole.”

In Nanjing, Li Fang also met the seal car Ding Ting. Ding Jing arrogant, at that time the daughter of a rare one, but Lee has won the Ding Ding carved several copies of India. Some people feel very strange, Ding Jing himself in the “Postscript” statement: Tongzhou Li Fang Xingjiang, painting plum, proud of unruly. Hometown of Jinling Guanshi Park, the day and Shen added radish, Yuan Zicai tour … … to love the poem, for the number of prints, chatting a spring.

In 1754, sold in Nanjing for five years, Lee Fang Ying due to physical discomfort to return home. When the disease is heavy, have managed to write the book Yuan Mei: “Fang Ying to two days, sick Benedict! Today will be born at the end and things were sub-only you. September 2 “. This is entrusted Yuan Mei for writing tombs. Yuan Mei received this letter to the pen, Li Fang Ying has died many days. According to the messenger said: This “this day before the death of my master, life lifted up, force the book also”. (1754) on September 3, this year he was 59 years old, was “choke disease” (esophageal cancer), the doctor said: “This Huaiqi negative, Medicine can Ping also “. Before dying, he wrote his own life in the coffin regret: “I die not enough pity, I off my hand!”

Li Fang Shan Shan Song, bamboo, blue, chrysanthemum, plum, miscellaneous flowers and insect fish, but also characters, landscapes, especially fine painting plum. Works vertical and horizontal bold, ink dripping, rough head clothes, informal rope, intended to sinomenine, white, bamboo fool between. Painted plum to thin hard to see, old dry new branches, side Panqu, famous painting plum poem “not ruin not off the odd” sentence. Also like to draw the wind in the pine bamboo. Book, can poetry, descendants of a series of “plum blossom grass”, only twenty-six, most scattered in the painting. Handed down the world as a “wind bamboo map”, “fish map” and so on.

Nantong nationality famous painter Li Fangying neither Yangzhou people, but not as Huang Shen, Jin Nong and so long lived in Yangzhou to sell paintings, why have to be in the “Yangzhou eight strange” list?

On the issue, “Chinese Literature and History” in 1980, the third series of published Jin Cheng Cheng legacy “Li Fangying biography” has been verified, the main points: First, character, painting and other seven (by Refers to Li, Wang Shishen, Gao Xiang, Jin Nong, Huang Shen, Zheng Xie, Luo hired) quite;

Second, Tongzhou in the first year of Yongzheng (1723), but also only belong to the Yangzhou House of the state, Li Fang Ying Kangxi fifty-seven years (718) admission, native place is Yangzhou House Tongzhou, so he is a generalized Yangzhou people. Li Fangying with the “Yangzhou eight strange” leader Zheng Banqiao friendship, in addition to the above mentioned several people co-author of the “flower map”, “Friends of the three” can be slightly visible, the more can be described.

First of all, Banqiao on Li Fangying’s painting is very admirable, very high evaluation. Bamboo is Zheng Banqiao best skills, but he “title Li Fang Ying ink bamboo book” still think that Lee’s bamboo “Dongpo, and the awesome” Even the painting of the bamboo hand of the Soviet Union Su Shi, the text are “fear” , Can be seen its high evaluation. As for the Lee’s best at the plum, then the discussion is more specific, higher evaluation, Zheng Banqiao Li Fangying five years after the death of the “title Li Fangying painting plum volume” said:
Blue bamboo painting, everyone is not good. Plum, the world is not, but not too good. But vulgar custom monks whom, each see its large section of large charcoal Zhu Zhu head, really dirty dirty vomit also. Qingjiang Li four brother alone in the world is not for the time to difficult to see workers, to mouth carry on. So the plum, for the world first. The day is the gaze, the night is the idea, the body in the clothes, forget the taste, and then lead the god of the plum, Damage of the sex, pour Mei Mei rhyme, plum feeling, Mei also bow to the Fan, into its cut And not out. The so-called cutters, never cut, is really cut also; the so-called scribe, never portrayed, is really portrayed. But also do not know, also can not tell also, Yu Lai Tongzhou, to see this volume, the spirit of Jun hair, excited dripping…. This new branch of the ancient dry, mixed with flying, it is Mo to find its ups and downs, I want to sit down, for ten days and then go to the ear. Qianlong twenty-five years on May 13 Banqiao Zheng Xie-long title.

In this painting, he also wrote a four words: Megan meshing, Mei Ye Ye Ye, a few petals of ice, all ages snow.
According to Zheng Banqiao at the same time made “title Huang Shen painting Ding Youyu like volume” (“Banqiao painting and calligraphy film collection”, the original possession of Nantong Museum) Postscript “Hao Xiangshan, Qingjiang Li Gong’s waiter also, treasure its main ink “Zheng Banqiao in the early days of Qianlong twenty-five (1760) early sixty-eight years old when he came to Tongzhou, Lee Fang Ying’s waiter Hao Xiangshan took out his visit to the owner Of the painting, please Zheng Banqiao inscription. Zheng and his sense of the original friendship with Li Fang and Hao Xiangshan of its owner of a loyalty, they are glad of the pen, wrote on the quote Postscript and poetry, Zheng Banqiao to Tongzhou, living in the city more than twenty years in the Qin Stove, “home care Pikesui Guanyuan” (gold list “Haqu picked”), and to travel Langshan, in his collection, leaving the “tour white mountain” seven never two.

This article Postscript first criticized the vulgar monks painted plum blossom disgusting; then praised the plum blossom painted plum “difficult to see workers”, “for the world first” and specifically describe its painting when the tail is not cut for the cut, It is not carved for the characterization, follow the nature of the plum, but not artificially carved art experience; finally said the plum painting of the “new branches of the ancient dry, mixed with flying” is very dumping, willing to “sit down and do ten homework And then go. ” This posture is so specific and profound, full of feelings, but also reflects the Zheng Banqiao with Li Yunying have made a long time, contact a lot, know very deep, is their deep friendship important witness.

Li Fangying solution Ren Hefei magistrate, in Nanjing by the Xiang’s garden, title by the park, from settled down until twenty years (1755) autumn sick back to Tongzhou, during which a full four years, often with the literary master Yuan Mei, Painter Shen Feng from the talk about poetry, the relationship is very close. Yuan Mei was given to Li Fang Ying’s poem wrote: “I love Li Qingjiang, Lu Guoyi a man. Plum though stubborn, just in the spring breeze. Beyond the words of sawdust, siege such as straight vector. For the rainbow, the wind hit the wind, U-turn on the field. Even see the white down the mountain, by the garden to this. For the poor, Xi to the music death. Life was a friend, why think of the countryside. “Qianlong twenty years B Hai early spring, Li Fang was once returned to the state, Yuan Mei also sent poetry. Poems volume eleven received “to send Li Qingjiang also Tongzhou” three, the first sentence of a sentence: “only to send plum snow full of clothing, painting plum people fly again. A light on the wine spring light, More dilute. “Written for the early spring scene, and Ming point” spring “word.

His local official for thirty years, suffered several heavy blows. Yongzheng eight years (1730) he was in the music of the county, because of the opening of the disaster was too late to ask the boss, and was impeached Yongzheng ten years (1732) he was in Lanzhou magistrate, the governor Wang Shijun blindly ordered land reclamation, officials took the opportunity Blackmail the villagers, he resolutely resisted, was actually put into prison, eat a year of innocent lawsuit, and finally fourteen years of Qianlong (1749) in Hefei magistrate, due to disobedient boss was actually “corrupt” And dismissed the office. All these, that is, he said, “wave of the sea of ​​a few floating Peng.” Bureaucracy is too dark, he will abandon the official to learn painting bamboo, when the “painter”, his character is still unchanged, “from a laugh is muddy”, contempt for tradition, contempt for authority, love wind, And the harsh environment of the unyielding spirit of resolute struggle. Ding Youyu had said: “(Li Fangying) after the end of the painting, its painting Yi Stanford, as the main force, and used in the painting, so painting unscrupulous, know how the gas.” Li Fang Ying’s pen, the wind Is a symbol of unyielding spirit, but it is only one aspect of the character of the artist, reflecting his struggle against evil forces; the other side of his character, that is, the care and sympathy of the lower people, So that all things thriving spring breeze, so that the working people get warm and the wind.

In fact, Li Fangying love Mei, is love Mei’s mettle, love Mei’s character, in fact, self-personality outside the radio “Knowledge that Li Gong for their own students, Qingjiang smile only”. “For their own sketches”, a word break Li Fang Ying painted plum mentality and intrinsic. The title of “plum volume” cloud: to love the plum, that is, no plum visible and seen nothing more than plum. The sun and the moon stars also, the mountains and rivers of Sichuan also Mei also, Shuo Dehong only plum, song dancing girl also plum also know me plum, sin also me also plum also. Li Fangying friends Yuan Mei evaluation of its plum said: “proud of the stump for plum roots, Wizards scattered as plum blossom, lonely long strokes of heaven and earth, fragrant fragrance.”