Jeongok Prehistory Museum, Yeoncheon, South Korea

Jeongok Prehistory Museum (전곡선사박물관) was built at Jeongok, a prehistoric relic site where an Acheulean hand axe was discovered for the first time in East Asia. The building of the museum, which was named as “The door to the prehistoric age”, will play a central role for the cultural tourism of the Northern Gyeonggi area in harmony with the Hantangang River. This is a perfect archeological learning place where visitors can experience the great evolutionary trace of humanity through the model of human bone fossils and the reproduction of cave paintings, which shows the evolutionary process of humanity and the natural history of the Chugaryeong Hill area, focusing on the prehistoric relics excavated from Jeongok. Additionally, this museum offers various experience programs such as children’s cave painting activities, archeological experiences, and a time passport issuance experience program which allows children to travel to the world outside the classroom with their wings of dream and hope.

The Jeongok Prehistory Museum was built on the site where East Asia’s first Acheulian hand axe was discovered on April 25, 2011. Also called the “door to the prehistoric times,” the museum is being groomed to become the center of North Gyeonggi-do’s tourist attractions along with Hantangang River tourist spots. There are plenty of excavation programs outdoors in the beautiful LOHAS-certified Yeoncheon-gun region. The Jeongok Prehistory Museum is the base of world prehistoric research.

Songs prehistoric museum is the museum erected on the ruins of historical monuments jeongokri Paleolithic site created to write the history of the world back to the Paleolithic research in East Asia’s first ahsyul Lian-type Hand Ax found. Gyeonggi Province has promoted the establishment of a long period of time songs prehistoric museum for permanent preservation and use of monuments jeongokri being designated a world heritage site and protected National Historic Site No. 268 arcs. Its efforts to join the fruit was finally celebrated the opening of the songs prehistoric museum. It was one game, and the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation officials for your interest and encouragement iteotgie possible.

Experience a variety of archaeological prehistoric ruins on the stage
Songs prehistoric museum is to become a center of global understanding of Paleolithic remains of prehistoric ruins and jeongokri experience. It makes the audience more faithful to provide services for visitors to get a variety of information and knowledge to enrich the cultural opportunity for all visitors to enjoy including the games of the Metropolitan Museum of Prehistoric goal of songs. For this purpose, whole-grain prehistoric museum has an exhibition space configured with a variety of subjects remains to be understood as the systematic human evolution and Paleolithic culture around the remains of the Paleolithic, such as ahsyul Lian-type fist ax excavated from jeongokri Paleolithic sites. Songs prehistoric museum is scheduled to perform a comprehensive and ongoing research activities to be positioned as a forward prehistoric culture and the specialized museum specializing in human ecology with expertise and a unique personality to the subject. Songs for a new start as a space where you can feel the romance and excitement of Paleolithic prehistoric Please pay more attention and affection to the museum.

The beautiful and original architecture of Jeongok Prehistory Museum catches your sight immediately when you see it from the road. Reminding us of a huge stainless steel worm or snake wriggling between two mountains, the museum is actually designed as a bridge connecting two hills. Located on the oldest and largest Paleolithic site in Korea, discovered only in 1978, the metallic original architecture of the building seems to be perfectly integrated in the landscape.

The main feature of the indoor exhibition is a “Great Walk of Evolution“, which will let you follow a timeline through the evolution of man in the region of Jeongok. All the displays are inviting for interaction or exploration and the perfect lighting emphasizes the effect of moving in time. You’ll be amazed by the life-sized hominids, mammoth and stuffed animals, as well as cave paintings and all the beautiful artifacts.

On the main floor, you’ll find also a Coffee-shop, Library, Museum Shop and kids play and activity area.

After visiting the indoor Exhibition, there is also a wonderful outdoor area well worth the exploration.

First of all, take the walk on the roof of the snake-shaped building. The views of the entire site and surrounding mountains are incredible.

And then, take a walk in the Prehistory Park. It’s a beautiful park and a wide space proposing many activities and experimental programs and performances, especially during the Yeoncheon Jeongokri PaleolTRANSLATE MORE
ithic Festival taking place every year around May 5th.