Category: Modern art

Courtyard of Modernist Pavilions, Hospital of the Holy Cross and Saint Paul

Antoni Clavé Rooms, Palace of the Generalitat of Catalonia

Asger Jorn: A Challenge to the Light, Tomie Ohtake Institute

Engravings and sculptures experiments, Tomie Ohtake Institute

Collections of Brazil: History, Culture and Citizenship, Bank of Brazil Museum in Brasili

Long term Exhibitions, Afro Brasil Museum

São Paulo 461 – Stories and Memories of a Metropolis, Afro Brasil Museum

The Ritual of the Serpent in the Artistic Imaginary, Afro Brasil Museum

Coming and going | Segall and Brazil, Lasar Segall Museum

Photographic Modernities , 1940-1964, Instituto Moreira Salles

Body to Body: the dispute of images, from photography to live broadcast, IMS Paulista houses in São Paulo

Contemporary Dialogues, Brazil National Museum of Fine Arts

Modern and Contemporary Brazilian Art Gallery, Brazil National Museum of Fine Arts

Art in Brazil: a story in the São Paulo Pinacoteca

Kandinsky: everything starts at one point, Banco do Brasil Cultural Center in Rio de Janeiro