• Color rendering index
    A color rendering index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of […]
  • Pittura infamante
    Pittura infamante (Italian for “defaming portrait”) is a genre of defamatory painting and relief, common in […]
  • Romanticism in science
    Romanticism (or the Age of Reflection, 1800–1840) was an intellectual movement that originated in Western Europe as a […]
  • Wood gas
    Wood gas is a syngas fuel which can be used as a fuel for furnaces, stoves and vehicles in place of gasoline, diesel or […]
  • Energy content of biofuel
    The Energy content of biofuel is a description of the potential energy contained in a given biofuel, measured per unit […]
  • Zoos tourism guide
    Zoos are where you can see animals in captivity. Understand Zoos are artificially created enclosures where a traveller […]
  • Energy returned on energy invested
    In physics, energy economics, and ecological energetics, energy returned on energy invested (EROEI or ERoEI); or energy […]
  • Space syntax
    The term space syntax encompasses a set of theories and techniques for the analysis of spatial configurations. It was […]
  • Gesture recognition
    Gesture recognition is a topic in computer science and language technology with the goal of interpreting human gestures […]
  • Internet in the Philippines
    Internet in the Philippines first became available on March 29, 1994, with the Philippine Network Foundation (PHNet) […]
  • Hydrogen economy
    The hydrogen economy is a proposed system of delivering energy using hydrogen. The term hydrogen economy was coined by […]
  • Philippine investment climate
    This article describes the Philippine investment climate. Overview of Philippine investment trends In an AT Kearney […]
  • Postpositivism
    In philosophy and models of scientific inquiry, postpositivism (also called postempiricism) is a metatheoretical stance […]
  • Assemblage
    Assemblage is an artistic form or medium usually created on a defined substrate that consists of three-dimensional […]