Wat Borom Racha Kanjanapisek Anusorn, Bangkok, Thailand

Borom Rachanaphisek Anuson Temple Chinese sanghi monk (Thai: วัดบรมราชากาญจนาภิเษกอนุสรณ์ คณะสงฆ์จีนนิกายรังสรรค์, Chinese: 普頌皇恩寺) or Leng Nei Yi 2 Temple is a Mahayana temple in the patronage of the Chinese sect of the sect of Thailand. Located at No. 75 Village No. 4, Sano Loi Subdistrict, Bang Bua Thong District Nonthaburi Province, on an area of 12 rai, built to honor His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary celebrations, 9 June 1996

Wat Borom Racha Kanchanaphisek Memorial is a Thai-Chinese Buddhist temple. Together, created in honor of the royal charity. To the King On occasion Which is a auspicious period of the Jubilee Year, which he reigned for 50 years and to be a religious place for religious activities of the clergy As well as a school for studying the teachings of monks and novices In order to build a religion-heir of Buddhism.

Borom Rachanaphisek Anuson Temple Chinese Sangha Clergy Formerly a small vegetarian theater On an area of about 2 rai. Later, the Chinese sect of Thailand By Dragon Temple of Kamalawat (Leng Nei Yi) has assigned the Chinese teacher, Thamanya Panyariyaphon (Yen Chewo) to be the president to create the monk department. And Phra Mahachakkhon Tham Samadhiwat (Yen Tek) is the chairman of the monk’s construction consultant By opening for Thai-Chinese Buddhist companies to participate in merit In the construction To be given as a royal charity In the said occasion

With Mr. Kaewkwan Watcharothai, the secretary general of the palace Was the organizer of the royal permission to build temples From His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who in this regard graciously granted Give the name Borom Rachanaphisek Anuson Temple The Chinese sect created by at 3:00 pm on Saturday 30 November 1996, Somdet Phraya Sangworn Patriarch Sakon Maha Sangkhathanri His Majesty presiding over the foundation stone laying ceremony.

Present Borom Rachanaphisek Anuson Temple Chinese Sangha Clergy Has been completed The process takes over 12 years (1996-2008). The temple area consists of various temples with architectural styles according to the philosophy and morals of Chinese Buddhism, Mahayana sect. Consisting of Vihara Vihara, Vihara Buddha, Vihara Dharma practice room and Buddhist Scripture School By His Majesty the King Graciously consented to the Crown Prince The crown prince replaces the King, along with King Worawongse HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn presided over the ceremony on 20 March 2008 and HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Siam His Majesty proceeded to cut Rattanai Nimit Phra Ubosot on 30 September 2009.

Architectural layout
An important highlight of this Borom Racha Temple is architecture. The style Imitated palace in Beijing. Which here was intended to be a Buddhist art in the Ming Dynasty And the Qing Dynasty as well as the famous Beijing Palace Therefore, various arts In this temple is entirely Chinese style. There are layouts in the style of a Buddhist temple of contemplation. The temple is laid out in the style of the Luang temple, with the “Temple of the Heavenly Temple” being the first temple. Located in the middle The four corners of the sanctuary are the location of the Thao Chatuchak. Each temple is decorated with Chinese Buddhist art paintings that are exquisite All decorations and patterns In addition to being detailed, beautiful, it shows the grandeur of Chinese art as well.

In the entrance to the temple Carved with stone from China, around the temple area, with beautiful views, shady and comfortable, including gardens, stone gardens and stone statues.

Cathedral Square Inside the sanctuary is the enshrined place of the Bodhisattva and Dhammakaya, which includes Phra Sri Ariyamettri Bodhisattva. Skanda Bodhisattva Thao Chatuchak Including 8 other gods such as Thai god, tribute to God of fortune, which is respected by Chinese people very much.

The “Phra Ubosot”, which is the location of the three principal Buddha statues, namely Phra Sri Sakyamuni Buddha. Is the current Lord Buddha Amitabha Buddha And Phra Phai Guru Vithun Phutthachao Was a Buddha in the past With a Bodhisattva image And the gods carved around the temple

The chapel is the most important and important place in the monastery. Enshrined the 3 principal Buddha amulet, Phra Sri Sakyamuni Buddha Amitabha Buddha And the Phayasai Guru Vithun Buddha Is the largest Buddha statue in Thailand Is a Chinese Buddhist art that has beautiful Buddhist characteristics Which is reproduced from the dragon temple of Kamalawat. (Leng Nei Yi) The face has a great mercy and compassion. The Buddha has a distinctive and magnificent Buddha. The area around the chapel is a large granite stone, carved into various natural shapes.

The temple consists of a Buddhist temple in the style of Mahayana Chinese Buddhist art in the Ming – Ching period, which has paintings with exquisite designs. And has the largest Buddha statue in Thailand There is a Buddhist characteristics that are full of mercy Vihara Ten thousand Buddhist Meditation, Sukhavati Buddhism Thao Chaturaphan Temple Avalokitesvara Maha Bodhisattva Temple Burapha Temple Is a Chinese Buddhist art with beautiful characteristics.

Behind the temple is the location of “Sanctuary of Sukhavati Ten thousand Buddhists” or “Hoi Ho Toi”. Inside this temple is the enshrined Buddha amitabha. Phra Avalokitesevara And the Great Buddha asked to defeat Bodhisattva If being a devotee in Mahayana Buddhism This temple is suitable for peace of mind. To meditate in order to enter the Sukhavati region After passing away from this world

Avalokitesvara Maha Bodhisattva Temple
The Temple Inside the sanctuary is the shrine of the Thousand Hands Thousand Hands Buddha Image. His body is made of teak from China. A carver with elaborate appearance, beautiful face, compassion, mercy, Guanyin Bodhisattva, thousands of hands, thousand eyes as if He used a thousand eyes to see how happy and suffering all the creatures in the world were. And ready to help with the thousand hands Carried all beings without suffering.

Vihara Ten thousand Buddhist Meditation, Sukhavati, Kaset
Inside the temple is the enshrined Buddha amidst Buddha. Phra Avalokitesevara And the Great Buddha asked to defeat Bodhisattva The upper part of the temple Enshrined with ten thousand Buddha statues. Is a place of spiritual practice It is another important temple.

From the city of Nonthaburi Follow Rattanathibet Road Across the bridge from the Buddha sitting. Up to Bang Phlu Intersection Turn right to Bang Bua Thong District. The entrance to the temple is on the left hand side before the Wat Laharn municipal school. If coming from Bangkok Use Kanchanaphisek Road (Taling Chan – Suphan Buri), make a U-turn and follow the route to Phra Mae Sakon Songkhro School The temple is next to the municipal youth center.