Theatre Institute in Warsaw, Poland

The Theatre Institute in Warsaw documents (Instytut Teatralny im. Zbigniewa Raszewskiego), promotes and enlivens the Polish theatre scene. The Institute initiates public debate on contemporary Polish theatre, enriches relevant theoretical reflections, and supports research and educational activities. The Institute owns the largest collection of theatre memorabilia in Poland, a collection that includes press clippings, photographs, posters, playbills and more. The Institute’s Reading Room also provides access to the following collections: a Library and a Media Center.

At the Theater Institute there is the largest thematic archive in Poland collecting documentation of contemporary theater. At the disposal of all interested parties is a huge collection of press articles, reviews, photos, theater programs, posters, posters, documents related to the activities of individual scenes, archives of private authors and archives of institutions. All collections – including press clippings relating to the work of individual artists, editions of theater and film festivals, theater schools, trade magazines are available in the reading room.

Digitized documents are made available successively on the Encyclopedia of Polish Theater platform. Every day, rich collections of the Encyclopedia review about 2 thousand. people. Statistics on the reach of information, page views, systematically grow, as the resources of the Encyclopaedia itself grow – the collection of subject lines, artist databases and performances, number of images, programs, posters, articles, multimedia and books.

Teatr im. Zbigniew Raszewski – a state-owned cultural institution dealing with documentation, promotion and animation of Polish theatrical life. Its head office is located in Warsaw at 1 Jazdów Street.

Teatr im. Zbigniew Raszewski deals with documentation, promotion and animation of Polish theatrical life. Moderates the public debate on Polish theater, broadens the perspective of accompanying reflection, implements and supports research, publishing and educational projects. The archive houses the largest collection of theaters in Poland (Barbara Krasnodębska Documentation Studio), a vortal devoted to the Polish theater, the Internet “Encyclopaedia of Polish Theater” as well as the library, the media library and the specialist bookstore “Prospero”. The Institute is the coordinator and co-organizer of theatrical programs and competitions of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage: the National Contest for the Exhibitions of Polish Contemporary Art, the Contest for the Staging of Old Polish Literature Works, “Teatr Polska”, “Teatr Polska”, “Summer in the Theater”, Teatr Teatralnej , Public Theater Day. In 2015, the Institute announced the program “Placówka” – a competition for a theater project aimed at enabling artists and creative groups with limited opportunities for long-term work, searching for new forms and theatrical language.

The patron of the Theater Institute is prof. Zbigniew Raszewski, outstanding intellectual, writer, historian and teacher. From 1 January 2014, the director of the Institute is Dorota Buchwald, former head of the institution since its inception in 2003, was Maciej Nowak.