The 43rd China International Furniture Fair in 2019, Guangzhou, China

The 43rd China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) , two phase of the exhibitions were held on March 18-21 and 28-31, 2019. This exhibition brought together more than 4,000 brand exhibitors, and the total number of visitors was close to 300,000. As a “new product launch” and the preferred platform for business, this year’s new product launches have become popular, with unprecedented design highlights, continuous enhancement of business advantages, and a comprehensive upgrade of service experience, bringing a tangible sense of gain and happiness to exhibitors and visitors. Global Home People and cross-border designers explore the imagination of design together, and enjoy a very creative, high-quality, futuristic and humanized home furnishing event.

The China International Furniture Fair focuses on the quality of visitors and the effectiveness of the exhibition. The special trade matching service of this exhibition has been upgraded again. Many large buyers and designers at home and abroad are invited to the exhibition, and related exhibitors are contacted in advance according to their purchasing needs, and the booth will be guided by a dedicated person. The accurate and efficient docking service has been highly regarded by exhibitors and visitors. Praise. The on-site experience is fully upgraded and the exhibition is more enjoyable. From the moment the audience arrived in front of the exhibition hall, the Home Fair began to provide meticulous and thoughtful on-site services.

Driven by innovation, led by design. The China International Furniture Fair is constantly seeking innovation and change, and is always committed to improving the quality and service experience of the exhibition, creating more and better participation value for the industry, and contributing to the development of China and the world’s large home furnishing industry.

The China International Furniture Fair was established in 1998. Since September 2015, it will be held in Pazhou, Guangzhou and Hongqiao in Shanghai in September each year. It effectively radiates the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, the most dynamic region of China’s economy, and demonstrates the “Spring Fantasy and Autumn Vast”. Charm of Twin Cities. The China International Furniture Fair covers the entire industrial chain of large home furnishings, covering civil furniture, ornaments and home textiles, outdoor furniture, office and commercial and hotel furniture, furniture production equipment and accessories and accessories, etc. The spring and autumn events brought together more than 6000 top brand companies at home and abroad. New product launches in the home furnishing industry, the preferred platform for commerce and trade.

The China International Furniture Fair adheres to innovation and development, and has played an important role in promoting international and domestic business cooperation in the home furnishing industry, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and leading the high-quality development of enterprises. This year’s Home Fair is a unique and splendid industry event. It is positioned to promote the international and domestic double cycle of the home furnishing industry. It plays an active role in promoting the development of the industry and enterprises and ensuring the stability of the furniture industry supply chain and industrial chain.

As a super large furniture exhibition involving the entire industry chain, China International Furniture Fair has opened a new chapter for the recovery and development of the industry. The Home Fair focuses on optimizing the layout of the exhibition, creating the best highlights, and providing a strong guarantee for the new development of the industry. Leading by “internationalization, specialization and marketization”, we will gather leaders of the furniture industry and contribute wisdom and strength to the further development of the global furniture industry through high-end dialogues.

The all-encompassing and exquisite furniture fair, including colorful new product display and design activities, brings together a group of powerful brands with innovative ideas, creativity and creative expression, and the five exhibition areas of the entire industry chain jointly exhibit high-value, high-quality new species , To provide the industry with one-stop home purchasing options and multiple lifestyle choices.

During the exhibition, more than 90% of exhibitors showed their new products for the first time, and more than 50 companies held on-site launch events; the newly established “Global Home Furnishing New Product First Launch Theme Exhibition” selected 25 most forward-looking original innovations from major new home furnishing products around the world. Build a new product release platform in multiple dimensions.

Design, customization, minimalism, light luxury… Many trendy hotspots gather in the civil furniture exhibition area, original design brands, internationally renowned companies, and new home furnishing stars all show their talents. In the design trend hall, design masters such as Wen Hao, Zhu Xiaojie, Hou Zhengguang, Chen Xiangjing, Chai Xiaodong and other design brands shined brightly, proclaiming the new trend of Chinese original furniture to the world.

The first phase of the exhibition

Decorations and Home Textiles Exhibition Area
In the decorations and home textile exhibition area, from the presentation of new soft furnishings to the creation of the overall space, the original home furnishings and the beauty of literature and art collide with each other, lighting up a beautiful living atmosphere with new inspiration.

There are many highlights and big names in the decorations and home textile exhibition area, gathering Global Views, Uttermost, VC asia, AK, Vivibrella, Wang Kai, Fu Li, Diskai, Nate, Platinum Crystal, Silk Dew Flower Rain, Jinda , Xiameng, Marsden, Vatican, Diamond Star, Tian Yu, Vannesse, Lingju, Jiading and other enterprises, covering overall jewelry, painting art, Zen art, floral art, lighting, sculpture, glass, handicrafts Themes such as, bedding, home textile fabrics and carpets, from home decoration items to overall soft decoration design are all available in one stop in the decorative arts and home textile exhibition area!

The decorations and home textile exhibition area brings together various themes to jointly create a “soft decoration living space”. Brands such as Vivibrella, Diskai, Florenque, Omiya, Phoenix Mercure, and Superior have brought the beauty of themes such as ceramics, glass, and metal into full play. Soft decorations of different styles show everyone the beauty of harmony but different designs in this space.

In Hall 16.2 of the Decorations and Home Textiles Exhibition Area, the lighting brand has been upgraded gorgeously. Brands such as VC asia, AK, Jinda, Xia Meng, Xinterli, Marsden, and Huanyu bring the latest new products to light up a good life atmosphere, encounter real luxury lighting, and explore the latest design trends.

In addition, Hall 16.4 was added to the decorations and home textile exhibition area for the first time, and the overall soft decoration theme was further expanded. Hall 16.4 is jointly organized by Shenzhen Home and Cultural Products Industry Association and Shenzhen Dafen Oil Painting Association, where original design and the beauty of literature and art collide with new inspirations.

Outdoor furniture exhibition area
Walking into the outdoor furniture exhibition area is like being in a paradise. The global garden lifestyle, Chinese garden and courtyard culture, and the perfect blend of Eastern and Western leisure philosophies make people remember the back garden of this home expo. The six exhibition halls of nearly 70,000 square meters gather a wide variety of outdoor home furnishings, well-known domestic and foreign designers, entrepreneurs, and various domestic and foreign leisure life concepts and other industry trends, allowing the audience to explore the blue ocean of the industry in the New Year party of outdoor home furnishings , Harvest spring flowers bloom.

This time the outdoor home furnishing exhibition area gathers big names, bringing together Aussie Hairdressing, Hugo, Yadi, Asia Pacific, Tejia, Vips, Tenghua Story, Yiting, Yaobao, Dihuaou, TWSIT, COUTURE, Artiture, Hongli, Nearly 350 companies including Sprading, Toplit, Yalees, Hantang Landscape, Yingming Aesthetics Space, etc., covering outdoor furniture, leisure tables and chairs, sunshade equipment, outdoor furnishings and supplies, barbecue supplies, tents, tents, gardening decoration, landscape Themes such as flowing water, swimming pools, sculptures, wooden houses, etc.

Linking industry forces, focusing on creating new products in the four major exhibition areas of the New Courtyard Life Theme Pavilion (Hall 18.3), New Material Cells (Hall 18.2), Party Life in the New Lifestyle Pavilion (Hall 17.2), and Design Cells (Hall 18.1), Enhance the imagination of a beautiful leisure life.

Gathering international designers, cutting-edge designers and design studios from Italy, the United States, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, China, etc. to create design cells (Hall 18.1), showcasing new ideas of Chinese and foreign outdoor home design in the form of colors, materials, and shapes, so that those who love design You have the opportunity to have a close communication with industry designers.

Material innovation is the basis of design innovation. The China International Furniture Fair, together with spradling\topalit and other high-end outdoor material brands at home and abroad, develop and innovate outdoor home furnishing materials, jointly create material innovation cells, and use material innovation to drive design innovation. At that time, the international designer Normand Couture will announce the release of a new species of outdoor furniture that combines six materials such as leather, board surface, fabric, and webbing. You who love design and you who want to find new materials, how can you miss it. More materials are available in Hall 18.2.

Leisure life is inseparable from the beautiful nature, cities, and villages. Many companies such as Vipps, Yadi, and Dongen use more environmentally friendly, novel and rich products to talk to nature and the city to connect life to nature and create new There are many landscape design masters on the scene, such as the tourism courtyard life, the homestay space, the literati ink garden life, etc., to help the urban renewal and the development of the beautiful countryside.

As balcony life has gradually evolved into a new leisure lifestyle that shortens the distance between family members, the 2019 China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) gathered companies such as Cool Design Balcony, De Rui, Zhongyuan, and Shiyang, and teamed up with Tencent Golden Penguin Balcony Design The competition has brought diverse balcony life into thousands of households. Look at the balcony and enjoy the new life, come to Hall 17.2.

Hall 17.3 Home Design Exhibition, 12×12 Design Exhibition (Global Garden Life Festival), Hall 18.3 Chinese Garden Leaders Group Exhibition, new product launch windows, pedestrian bridge “Leisure Life Without Borders” concept exhibition, etc. In addition, many brands will hold new product launch activities during the exhibition to share new fashion trends, including the Ersha Island “eyes, life improves” design night on the evening of March 19th, where cutting-edge design brand TWIST will cross-border cooperation with Lamborghini. Inside and outside the museum are wonderful day and night, and more fun and beautiful concept designs are waiting for you to discover.

The new courtyard life theme pavilion in Hall 18.3, which integrates traditional Chinese garden courtyard culture and modern design language, conforms to the market trend, digs into the aesthetics of local leisure life, combines the actual development of cities and villages, and uses a new form to make Chinese people’s lives “Wangxie” is integrated with “Wuyi Alley”. This not only makes the countryside, towns, scenic spots, landscape gardens, and roof greening more beautiful, but also brings a more relaxed and better courtyard life back to China’s thousands of households, so that the world can better experience China’s long-standing garden and courtyard culture .

The second phase of the exhibition

Office environment exhibition area
In addition to themes such as system office and seating, the office environment exhibition also incorporates new themes such as medical and elderly care themes, hotel engineering and interior soft decoration according to social hotspots and industry development trends, presenting more new design concepts.

The 43rd China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) Office Environment Exhibition interprets people’s increasing pursuit of a better office environment in the new era. With the changes of the times and technological advancement, the office environment is getting more and more attention. Office furniture with a strong sense of individuality and design has become the choice of the new generation of working groups and the mainstream of the future office environment.

Equipment Ingredients Exhibition area
The equipment and ingredients exhibition focuses on new applications and new developments of smart technology in furniture manufacturing. It includes cutting-edge displays from world-renowned brands, and releases and forums full of dry goods to fully understand the new trends of the global furniture manufacturing industry’s reform and development.

China Guangzhou International Furniture Manufacturing Equipment and Ingredients Exhibition is the highest-quality, largest-scale, and most complete equipment and accessories exhibition in Asia. In the face of the ever-changing market environment and the increasing demands of professional audiences for new products and technologies, the furniture manufacturing industry has also brought forth new and advanced production technologies and equipment. In the industry 4.0 era, more and more machines are interconnected with each other, and robots have also entered the production site. Many well-known companies lead the development of the intelligent era and jointly promote the technological revolution of intelligent furniture manufacturing. New technologies and concepts such as informatization, intelligence, linearization, and networking are blooming to help the new development of furniture manufacturing.

Comprehensive supporting exhibition area
For the first time in this exhibition, Nan Fung International Convention and Exhibition Center will be used as Zone E to create a smart office and comprehensive supporting exhibition area, featuring special display of smart products such as lifting tables, screen brackets, and system office, and propose more cutting-edge intelligent solutions for the development of the industry.

Surrounding activities
Dozens of brilliant design events were held in this China International Furniture Fair. They not only break the latitude of time and space and present a new perspective of the home space, but also have creative sharing that decodes the original innovation trend and leads a diversified lifestyle, bringing a sense of design. Better, a more complete design style, a home feast with updated design concepts.

This year’s Home Fair brings together excellent design forces in the industry, with more than 60 well-known cross-border designers participating in various forms such as case sharing, forum salons, trend releases, etc., attracting a large number of fans to come to watch and check in, leveraging the design circle. The in-depth communication and interaction inspires people’s thinking and pursuit of quality life, and expands infinite imagination about future design.

As a brand exhibition of the national team of the convention and exhibition industry, this China International Furniture Fair also held various types of industry exchange activities to contribute more to the high-quality development of the Chinese furniture industry.