Review of Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2022, France

In conjunction with Wine Paris, Vinexpo Paris 2022 host an outstanding showcase for wine and spirits from France and various international regions. The edition of Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2021 has been postponed to 2022, from Monday 14th to Wednesday 16th February 2022 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, to form the first major meeting of the global wine and spirits sector in 2022 and to support the business recovery at the earliest.

Wine Paris and Vinexpo joined forces around a common goal, and that is to represent every strand of the wine industry and to maximise opportunities for trade. Throughout its history, the wine industry has dealt with numerous crises, some of which have threatened its very survival. Regardless of whether these crises have been caused by economic, technical, political or environmental factors, industry players have always shown courage and the ability to adapt, and these setbacks have inevitably led to creative genius.

Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2022, bringing together the rich, diverse array of wine regions in paris to create a major wine business event in the french capital. With the wine industry now fully energised behind the project, Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris are providing the marketplace with an extensive supply choice and positioning France as a frontrunner.

In 2019, with the support of thirteen wine marketing boards, VinoVision (the cool-climate wine exhibition launched in 2017) and Vinisud (the southern wine exhibition established in 1994) came together to create Wine Paris. In 2020, Vinexpo, the driving force behind international wine and spirits events founded in 1981, aligned the dates of its first Parisian venture with those of the second Wine Paris, in a bid to ensure maximum industry cohesion.

These two entities are now one, and their shared ambition is to become the world’s benchmark for the wine and spirits trade. The synergy between the two is patent and they share the same determination to combine their strengths. Individual stakeholders can now show off what makes them unique, providing visitors with a prime example of diversity in terms of exhibitors, from boutique winegrowers to renowned international brands.

Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris
Paris is an ideal place for business, located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Americas, a unique capital of culture and gastronomy, is situated in the heart of France. International capital of wine and gastronomy, first tourist destination in the world, you was able to take advantage of the international influence of Paris which is well established. After expanding its presence with outlets in Hong Kong, Japan and the USA, Vinexpo launched a new event – this time in the French capital. Vinexpo Paris 2022 was the second edition of the famous wine and spirits trade fair to take place at Paris expo Porte de Versailles.

Paris offers not only the highest concentration of wine merchants, wine bars, fine food groceries, hotels and restaurants but also consumers with a high purchasing power and eager to discover novelties, be they hidden treasures, special cuvees, wines from new growers or lesser-known countries, or organic, natural or vegan wines.

Paris is not only the French capital but also one of the highest-ranking tourist destinations worldwide. WINE PARIS offer a rich immersive event in the heart of the capital of wine and gastronomy. A fertile ground for exploration, discoveries and enjoyment, Paris also turn into a party capital during WINE PARIS. Professionals enjoy the multitude of tastings, seminars and masterclasses taking place at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles and also a collection of off-site events in town, creating unique opportunities for discoveries, exchanges, networking and business.

Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris host an exclusive B2B show that features over 2,800 producers and merchants of wine and spirits, and over 30,000 trade visitors from across the industry value chain and affiliated sectors, with an especially strong presence from French, British, Belgian and American companies.

By bringing together the major market players, Vinexpo Paris provides a comprehensive, relevant and inclusive choice of products, promotes effective trade and asserts the trailblazing role for wines and spirits in the region. Exhibitors represent producers and merchants of still or sparkling wine and spirits, representatives from wine associations or trade bodies, and cooperatives of wine growers. At Vinexpo Paris you can also meet key market players from all sectors of the industry.Attendees can take advantage of pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings, where suppliers connect with qualified buyers to create the lucrative collaborations of the future.

Vinexpo 2022 also include an extensive programme that turns the spotlight on market trends. The special Be Spirits area bring together the spirits and mixology sectors in an innovative 360° concept. L’Avenue was the new unmissable experience for premium brands, while La Nouvelle Vague is reserved for young winegrowers. Vinexpo Academy is returning to the show in 2022 as an effective tool for learning and training through masterclasses, conferences and tastings.

The Vinexpo Academy is an opportunity for visitors to taste exceptional wines and deepen their knowledge of the craft in the company of internationally renowned experts. The appointment booking service One to Wine Meetings connects the Vinexpo exhibitors with qualified international visitors.

The interest expressed by international buyers suggests that Vinexpo Paris soon be among the most important platforms for the wine sector. Set at the beginning of the business year, Vinexpo Paris enables decision makers to plan purchases and implement strategies very early on. The benefits of the increased sales potential is complemented by a display of the wine trends of the future.

Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2022 provide the most extensive coverage in the world from an events perspective and to become the international benchmark for wines and spirits for the efficacy and relevance of those events. This year, dedicated areas have increased in number to showcase some of the industry’s defining features.

L’Avenue, designed to resemble Paris’ most iconic and exclusive neighbourhoods, is lined with boutiques of major international brands.

Strolling on L’Avenue is like strolling past the boutiques of Boulevard Haussmann. The space showcases, like the famous Haussmann window displays, wine and spirits brands wishing to stand out in a setting of Parisian elegance.

Large hotels and gourmet restaurants can easily be found in the atmosphere of L’Avenue, located right in the center of the show. It is in a private setting that you can conduct your spontaneous or scheduled exchanges with our One-to-wine Meetings service.

La Nouvelle Vague
La Nouvelle Vague is the zone showcasing the work of talented young French winegrowers (who started their business after 2015).

La Nouvelle Vague is reserved for young produceurs who have been in business for under 5 years. Exhibitors are supplied with an individual counter within the area so that they can present their first wines and develop their distribution networks in France and overseas.

Be Spirits
Be Spirits and its monumental Infinite bar bring together spirits from across the spectrum, ranging from micro-distilleries to household brands (100 brands of spirits from 14 countries took part in 2020).

Vinexpo Paris offers a special Be Spirits area designed to showcase the world of spirits. The WOW! World of Organic Wines area dedicated to organic and biodynamic wines and spirits invites wine enthusiasts to savour the finest production of organic wineries.

The various industry strands converge in February at the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre in Paris. The City of Lights, with its archetypal lifestyle, is establishing itself as the new global centre of wine, accommodating the time-honoured skills of our regions and standing as a beacon for new trends. The experience continues into the evening across the capital, which provide the stage for sharing those special moments created by Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris and cements relationships.

Nearly one hundred events – tastings, masterclasses and themed debates – were rolled out, providing a focal point for hundreds of industry players and renowned speakers.

The ON!
During your 3 days at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, make the most of 100+ tastings, masterclasses, conferences, panel discussions, talks and events within the event.

80 restaurants and bars have been selected to illustrate the diversity of Paris and its gourmet food scene and to celebrate the incredible talent of all the chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers, mixologists and barmen located in every district of the city. Its single-minded objective is to get Paris beating to the rhythm of wines and spirits for three days and to offer all professionals gathered in the capital city for Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris a rewarding, convivial and authentic experience of Paris.