Review of the Grand Sapin and the Christmas Windows of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann 2020-2021, Paris, France

Every year, Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann amaze visitors with exceptional Christmas window displays, which attract millions of curious Parisians and foreigners. Since 1976, a spectacular Grand Sapin takes over the Coupole of the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann to make young and old dream. When the Christmas party arrives, the storefronts of the Parisian department store become an attraction in their own right.

On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann are transformed into a fantastic dreamland. Come and set off on a winter adventure to producing Christmas gifts, foraging for what the cold has to offer. Gather around a beautifully laid festive table. Discover exclusive Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann products. Curl up in the sweetness of winter, sparkle with lightness, cocoon with chic. Discover the fashion selection of Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann to shine with a thousand lights.

The Christmas windows are made with the greatest know-how of the Galeries Lafayette teams and the Bournillat workshop, depicting the story of Christmas. Each year, in front of the windows of Galeries Lafayette, come and admire these fabulous decorations. Galeries Lafayette offer a return to this true tradition now inscribed in the DNA of Galeries Lafayette store which conveys the magic of Christmas.

The windows, now iconic, were created in the early 20th century by the founders of Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, Théophile Bader and Alphonse Kahn. The latter followed the momentum of the Bon Marché which launched the fashion in 1909. It was during this year that the Boucicaut store launched this trend of animated windows in Paris. The initiative was taken by Gaston Descamp, a manufacturer of automata, who wanted to pay tribute to the feat achieved by the American “Robert Peary”, who managed to reach the North Pole by sled dog. This feat, unique of its kind at the time, led to a Far North madness, which inspired many.

Galeries Lafayette struggle to design unique creations through creative, colorful and lively installations. Puppeteers, engineers, illustrators, craftsmen, sculptors, sound designer, motion designer and so many other professions are involved in these achievements. From the concept to the installation of the windows, including the layout, design and manufacture, the work on the windows lasts a whole year.

Many materials are used to create these windows, the objective is to immerse passers-by in a marvelous universe overflowing with textures, colors and shapes carefully arranged for an exceptional rendering. Suprise waiting for you at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann to admire our magnificent windows.

NOËL 2021
In 2021, for Christmas, Galeries Lafayette imagines 1,2,3, NOËL!, a joyful story that tells the wacky adventure of toys in the heart of a cosmic Santa Claus village illuminated by the Northern Lights. The Grand Sapin is adorned with the emblematic toys of 1, 2, 3, NOËL. and an astronaut Santa Claus twirling under the Dome. Every 30 minutes, the lights go out to give way to a sound and light animation during which the toys come to life, as if by magic…

The Christmas windows are made with the greatest know-how of the Galeries Lafayette teams and the Bournillat workshop, depicting the story of 1, 2, 3, CHRISTMAS!, in a surreal and vintage universe. Each of the paintings recounts a stage in the adventure, from the Awakening of the Toys to Santa’s Sleigh, passing through the Toy Feast or the Christmas Choir.

One evening, during a hectic game, all the iconic toys of Galeries Lafayette accidentally discover a door leading to the North Pole… Arrived in the favorite village of all the children, they are welcomed by Santa Claus and the elves actively preparing the presents. Dolls, teddy bears, robots, superheroes, recycled toys and crazy and futuristic inventions get busy with the elves and organize a part of their favorite game: 1,2,3, Christmas.

Around the big Christmas tree in the central square, the toys play music and: 1, we put a garland, 2, we hang decorations of all colors, 3 we throw glitter, CHRISTMAS.

NOËL 2020
In 2020, Galeries Lafayette imagines Le Voyage de Noël, with influences from all over the world and recounts the last stage of Céleste’s odyssey. This year, Galeries Lafayette pays tribute to the aviator Jules Védrines who, in 1919, landed on the roof of the Parisian establishment. Under the artistic direction of the Belgian illustrator Tom Schamp, the famous Christmas windows come to life in the image of Céleste, a little explorer who sets out to discover the world and its creatures.

At the end of its snow-covered branches are enthroned thousands of gifts, magical nods to the countries visited, colored pompoms and embroidered Christmas balls. Around it, twinkling paper lanterns and Céleste’s airplane twirl in a festive circle. Every 30 minutes, the lights of the Dome go out to make way for a sound and light show.

An unique and inimitable architecture which will seduce those who above all wish to visit Paris and discover the architectural prowess of the city. Enjoy breathtaking views of the capital, from the Eiffel Tower to the Montmartre district, passing through the beauty of the city’s rooftops. This haven of peace is the ideal place to take a break from your shopping day by taking to the heights of the hustle and bustle of the Grands Boulevards.

Emblem of Art Nouveau, the Coupole of Galeries Lafayette is an architectural feat appreciated by all. Located in the heart of Paris, Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann dazzles visitors with the majestic dome, which has become one of Paris’ most iconic architectural landmarks. Admired by the department store’s 37 million annual visitors, this architectural jewel of Art Nouveau contributes to the attractiveness of the capital. Discover its history which takes root with its construction in 1912 by businessmen Alphonse KAHN and Théophile BADER.

La Coupole has lived to the rhythm of the evolutions and works of the department store for nearly 110 years, in particular successive elevations. Enjoy the unique and inimitable architecture which will seduce those who above all wish to visit Paris and discover the architectural prowess of the city.

This architectural feat is the result of the collaboration of three iconic artists, Ferdinand Chanut for the geometry and structure, Jacques Grüber for the stained glass windows and Louis Majorelle for the ironwork. Built by the master glassmaker Jacques G rüber in an “Art Nouveau” or “Art Deco” style, the Coupole is a real architectural gem attracting crowds from all over the world.

The objective is to give light and cachet to the Main Store of Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, and in particular to the marvelous golden balconies created by Louis Majorelle, to whom we also owe the monumental banister of the main staircase, which was removed from the store in 1974. The current stained glass windows take the form of a huge flower composed of 10 beams, and making a total of 1000m². La Coupole is the unmissable element when visiting the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann.

Enjoy a magnificent view of Paris for free by going to the roof terrace of Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann located on the 8th floor, you may have the opportunity to admire a sunset over the capital which attracts many photographers and influencers.

The rooftop of the Parisian department store offers you an exceptional panorama of Parisian monuments: the Opéra Garnier, the Eiffel Tower, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. You can also admire a huge glass roof which is none other than the majestic dome.

In fine weather, taste the delicious dishes of Galeries Lafayette’s ephemeral restaurants in an exceptional setting overlooking All of Paris. The terrace is the ideal place to share a romantic meal, have a drink with friends or get together with family while enjoying a beautiful view of the rooftops and monuments of Paris.