Review of Hong Kong Wedding Fair in early years, China

Hong Kong Wedding Fair, as Hong Kong’s biggest Wedding Exhibition Series, organized by Hongkong-Asia Exhibition (Holding) Ltd., presents four seasons of wedding festivals every year. More than 500 booths gather wedding experts from Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Chinese Taiwan, Japan, Korea and other places to gather trendy wedding products and discounts. In the Hong Kong Wedding Festival, prospective couples was able to enjoy the wedding show of supermodels, participate in reward games in the venue and on stage, get the best discounts and wedding information, and participate in rewarded programs.

There are a membership discount on the designated wedding website of the exhibition, and enjoy different exclusive wedding discounts, gifts and services, so that prospective couples can prepare the most satisfying wedding conveniently and quickly.

The exhibition areas in the venue cover all kinds of wedding products and services:
Wedding banquet, wedding venue and attendance service: Collection of local Chinese and Western wedding banquet services and special wedding venues;

Wedding dress design, gown rental and wedding photography service: Gathering many wedding, dress and skirt gown merchants and photography and recording service providers, together with wedding venue layout and other focus of the wedding banquet, provide relevant services and trend information for prospective couples;

Wedding planning service, floral arrangement and venue decoration: A collection of various traditional and modern wedding gifts and services, and a one-stop wedding service platform for prospective couples provided by dedicated personnel, including wedding planning, invitation printing, floral arrangement and venue layout, etc., to make the wedding more personal;

Overseas weddings, photography and honeymoon tours: Gather overseas wedding planning experts and travel agencies to provide services such as wedding planning, venue decoration, wedding photography and honeymoon travel packages, and provide more choices for prospective couples;

Wedding gold ornaments and diamond ring: Provide various types of wedding ring diamond jewelry and gold ware, including traditional Chinese dragon and phoenix bracelets, fashion design diamond ring jewelry from many regions;

Professional Civil Celebrant Service of Marriage: Provide information on marriage certification services to give prospective couples one more opportunity to learn about the services of “Professional Civil Celebrants of Marriage”;

Bridal beauty skin care and makeup, pre-marital check: Gathering local beauty companies and medical centers to provide a variety of beauty and pre-marital check-up services and programs for new couples;

Chinese and Western gift cakes, wedding post, wedding wine, floats, excessive gifts, return gifts, wedding performances: Presents one-stop wedding reception, special performances and invitation printing services, as well as various types of Chinese and Western gift cakes, so that prospective couples can design ingenious weddings;

Hong Kong Wedding Fair in February
The Hong Kong Wedding Fair in Sping, presents brand-new, comprehensive and preferential wedding products and services, which was a sweet place for prospective couples and couples on a romantic spring day. The venue is rich in programs, and there are also a variety of love workshops specially designed for couples, so that lovers can create exclusive memories by themselves and welcome a beautiful new year together.

In the Romantic early spring, compose an exclusive dream love song, and create a unique and satisfying wedding. The exhibition hall is decorated warmly and exquisitely, full of the sweet atmosphere of newlyweds. The venue is divided into eight exhibition areas, including overseas weddings, photography and honeymoon tourism areas, wedding banquet halls, dowry gold ornaments and diamond ring areas. The eight major exhibition areas in the venue provide one-stop consultation on the latest and most complete wedding products and services, so that prospective couples can easily and quickly prepare the most satisfactory wedding.

In addition, the venue also set up a wealth of prizes for the lucky draw lottery, diamond wedding ring, brand-name kitchen appliances, furniture coupons, beauty and skin care sets, hotel buffet dinner coupons, etc., attracting prospective couples to actively participate.

Spring is the best time to prepare for an energetic wedding. In the coming summer, a less stressful time of year to travel, in the winter there’s a good chance you’ll have to contend with snow/ice/sleet, you won’t come up against those obstacles in the summer.

Summer will also make your wedding have more themes and styles to choose from. Countless celebrations and festivals are about to kick off, making weddings and honeymoon trips more possibilities to converge with local culture. Due to the favorable climate, summer is also more suitable for long-distance travel or distant destinations.

Warm weather means more clothing options, and gorgeous outdoor scenery are all reasons to get married in the summertime. Summer preppy look, classic white tux jackets and lace gowns outdoors on the lawns of a mansion come to mind. And wedges and strappy sandals. From soft flowing chiffons and silks to gorgeous bright patterns and metallics, summer says chic, effortless, and sexy.

Hong Kong Wedding Fair in June
The Summer Wedding Fair in June is a sweet place for prospective couples and couples in the enthusiastic summer. When the flowers are in full bloom, go to a special place with a special person to realize the ideal wedding blueprint in your heart, and achieve a moving and unforgettable event in life.

The summer’s wedding ceremony dress fashion show was led by supermodels to present the Gorgeous Wedding Fashion Show, with all-inclusive styles, providing inspiration for the perfect wedding gown for brides-to-be.

Summer is an excellent time to prepare for a fairytale wedding. The gorgeous and vibrant colors of the fall make for the most stunning photography backdrops. With the leaves changing into yellows, oranges and reds, whether the leaves have already fallen or they’re just starting to change color on the trees, nature’s natural canvas creates the most memorable setting for two people to marry,

Weather in autumn is perfect—it’s no longer hot and humid like it is during summer, but it’s also not yet dry and cold like it is in winter. It also tends to be less rainy, which lends itself to the most ideal climate for an outdoor ceremony.

Autumn is the harvest season, there will be more flowers and fruits to choose from than any season. The colors and available blooms for fall weddings are nothing short of stunning. The fall months are some of the best because of the delicious food options available.

Price is another potential reason why more weddings are taking place in the fall. Although autumn is the peak season for weddings in China, the opposite is true in Europe. Choosing this season to marry means it is more likely to get cheaper air tickets and hotel discounts, couples may be able to score their dream venue at a fraction of the price.

Hong Kong Wedding Fair in August
The Autumn Wedding Fair, as the largest wedding fair in Hong Kong with Autumn limited super discounts. To create unforgettable memories for all couples, the conference prepare a number of exciting programs, and also invite famous stars to attend stage performances, and also give away a number of rich gifts, so that the members of the “Newlyweds” can return with full satisfaction and strive to create a Hong Kong wedding event.

Autumn is the best time to prepare for a unique wedding. Because in the coming winter, most of the popular weddings and honeymoon destinations was covered in snow, and the white background is more pure spirituality and poetic romance.

There’s a certain magic and sophistication to a white wedding gown and ivory flowers surrounded by snow. Pristine mountains of bright white snow and gently falling snowflakes serve as a stunning backdrop to a wedding. Decorated with deep jewel tones like green, blue, and red as well as accents of wood and fur, a snow-covered venue offers a uniquely beautiful alternative.

Winter allows you to experiment with unique to decorating wedding venue. Creatively decorating your wedding venue with different lighting variations will add character to your wedding and create a more intimate feeling. Another example project stars on the ceiling to resemble the winter night time or transform the venue with fairy lights and candles.

Spend an unforgettable Christmas in European and American countries and experience a series of activities. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for many people. Holding your wedding close to Christmas means you can have a festive theme.

Hong Kong Wedding Fair in December
The Winter Wedding Fair present you with new, comprehensive and preferential wedding products and services in the city. Stepping into December, the dazzling lights are slowly lit up, and the universally celebrated Christmas is approaching. On this loving festival, Hong Kong Wedding Fair A sweet place for couples and couples in the romantic season.

The venue is rich in programs, and there are also a variety of love workshops specially designed for couples, so that lovers can create exclusive memories by themselves. In a season full of joy, go to a special place with a special person to realize the ideal wedding blueprint in your heart, and achieve an unforgettable life event.

Winter is a great time to prepare for the wedding. In the coming season, the natural scenery is definitely the best match for wedding photography. With its glorious floral backdrop, perfect temperatures and jubilation of pretty colours – there’s no better time than spring for a wedding…. After a long winter, the warmer temperatures and spring sunshine are welcomed – as is the landscape, as gardens transform with new colour and fragrance.

Spring is a time for rebirth, for new beginnings, and for brighter days. Spring is the perfect time for wedding flowers because there are so many beautiful blooms in season. Althought spring may not have the finest weather, but is the perfect time for a fabulous garden wedding.

Floral gowns are great for spring weddings, either with patterns or prints. Pastel colour schemes and there is no better time for them than in spring. The bright, soft colours reflect the bright, floral feel of the season. Anything from pastel bridesmaids to blush brides, a pastel colour scheme is so romantic.

Highlight location for wedding travel include the flowering period of the cherry blossoms arcoss most part of Japan. For example, wedding photography in Hokkaido and Okinawa in The theme of the sea of ​​flowers and the seven-colored flower fields.

In addition, the early spring in Europe is full of warm atmosphere. Various flowers are blooming in the natural fields. Take a trip to visit the splendid castles and vineyards, leaving beautiful silhouettes in the clear streams and lakes. Encounter some beautiful ancient town with a long history and culture, leave deep memories in front of the well-known attractions.

Hongkong-Asia Exhibition (Holding) Ltd. is committed to providing excellent services and supported by both local and overseas exhibitors with an active participation in exhibition, conference business development promotion and PR event.

HKA is a leading public exhibition organizer in Hong Kong and actively explore consumer market. Past exhibitions and shows are under various themes including wedding, food, shopping, beauty and fitness, interior design and motor. Hongkong-Asia Exhibition is the second largest public exhibition organiser in Hong Kong in terms of revenue, which ranks only after the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

The Group is the first wedding exhibition organizer in Hong Kong and has proved business track to hold wedding exhibitions under various themes. The exhibitions organised by the Group offer a centralized platform to different industries and facilitate trade between exhibitors, visitors and consumers.

The Group focuses on the development of Hong Kong consumer products and related lifestyle markets by holding exhibitions in Hong Kong. With success, HKA have organized the most recognizable Hong Kong Mega Showcase incorporating e-Expo, Hong Kong Food Festival, innovative and comprehensive Hong Kong Homex, and various large-scale exhibitions, attracting over a million visitors.

Over the past 20 years, HKA held over 100 exhibitions conferences and events, including “Hong Kong Wedding Fair”, “Hong Kong Mega Showcase”, “Hong Kong Food Festival”, “Hong Kong Homex” and “e-Expo & Auto HK”. HKA continuously makes brilliant records in the number of exhibitors, exhibition booths and visitors.