Review of Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, 2011-2014, China

Hongkong Gifts & Premium Fair, the world’s largest event of its kind, providing an ideal platform for marketing, trade, promotion,and an opportunity to develop potential contacts and alliances with international suppliers and buyers alike. The Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair serves as an ideal one-stop marketing and sourcing international platform with a wide variety of latest giftware products from worldwide exhibitors.

Hong Kong is an important world-renowned sourcing centre for gift. A wide spectrum of gift items can be sourced here, ranging from basic to sophisticated and high-value merchandise. The Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair is well-known for its large scale, product variety and quality, as well as events.

Enormous potential in houseware and gifts, April is one of the peak seasons in Hong Kong for exhibitions and sourcing, asia’s leading show of its kind, the Houseware Fair feature and the Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair, offer an ideal trading platform for industry professionals looking to expand their footprint in the mainland and global markets.

Year after year, buyers and exhibitors circle the HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair as the must-attend event on the industry calendar. Attracting influential buyers from every sector in search of unparalleled products, services, and trend forecasts.

As the gifts industry covers a wide variety of items, the fair feature various product zones covering corporate gifts, green gifts, tech gifts, fashion jewellery & accessories, party & festive items, as well as the new “Licensed Gifts” and “Hair Ornament & Accessories” zones.

Company gift-giving is a stable and big market valued at over €1 billion. In some culture, gifts are not noly necessary, but also be useful. Some of the top trend categories for gifts are gift boxes featuring travel or other experiences, high-tech products, company gifts and green products. These trends extend to Europe and other Western markets.

The fair offer a wide spectrum of gift items can be sourced here, ranging from basic to sophisticated and high-value merchandise. The fair unveils the latest gift and premium market trend, and provides an ideal business platform for industry players.

To sharpen the competitive edge, industry has started to engage in brand development and focuses on creative and functional products. World of Gift Ideas feature products with creative and trend-setting designs, catering various market needs.

In the business-to-consumer (B2C) market, buyers can easily find a wide variety of quality gift in the market, but consumers usually make different choices because they are driven by emotion. Therefore it is important for brands to create a strategy to deliver a local product proposition consistent with consumer tastes. For multinational corporate brand this meant finding a balance point between traditional culture heritage and local cultural and artistic environment.

Raising the quality of life, urban dwellers has been putting great importance on products’ functionality and aesthetics. Consumers are willing to pay more for houseware and various gifts items with special designs, as these products serve not only basic needs but also reflect the individual style of consumers and improve their quality of life. With the designers’ innovation and insights into daily life, many new products and brands have forged their way onto the market. Quite a number of companies choose to progress from creating innovative designs to launching their own brands so as to enhance consumer loyalty and product value.”

Not only do consumers demand products with better quality and design, they are becoming more and more concerned about whether the products promote good health and are environmentally-friendly. Therefore, wellness products and health & beauty products are particularly popular in the market nowadays. To catch the consumers’ attention, manufacturers also stress their efforts in protecting the environment through the materials and production process.

Practical and multi-functional products are always in huge demand and targets of international buyers. Owing to the ever-growing popularity of smartphones, demands for peripheral products are increasing concurrently.

Hong Kong is an international gifts trading hub, Hong Kong’s gifts industry has long been highly regarded by global buyers. The fair featured various highlighted zones to facilitate sourcing. The Hall of Fine Designs gathered globally renowned brands to showcase a huge variety of exquisite gifts. Demand for branded products among global buyers has always been keen. Hong Kong creativity is also highlighted at the Hall of Fine Designs, with local brands showcasing their outstanding products.

To capture the attention of global buyers, brands and manufacturers large and small again take the opportunity to launch new products at the fairs. Being the world’s largest fair of its kind, the highlighted Hall of Fine Designs houses high quality products of famous brands.

Tech gifts are prevailing in the giftware industry. Giftware manufacturers unleash its market potential and instill tech features into products. With the proliferation of digital technologies, many personalities, characters and brands have become runaway sensations via the Internet and social media, thus creating boundless licensing opportunities and enriching the gifts market.

The long and illustrious history of the Houseware Fair and Gifts & Premium Fair is a testament to Hong Kong’s pivotal position in the global houseware, gifts and premiums industries. In the gifts industry sees advertising gifts and premiums, tech gifts, figurines and decorations, and toys and sporting goods to have the best outlook.

Committed to assisting Hong Kong exporters in enhancing their competitiveness and promoting their products worldwide, it is of paramount importance for Hong Kong’s exporters to develop higher value added products and services. Many exporters have already started designing and developing proprietary products and brands.

The fair provide a promotion platform to enhance the awareness of new brands and corporate images. Individual brand stories will be highlighted at the zone to demonstrate their uniqueness of products and services. This platform will also serve to attract foreign brands to work with Hong Kong exporters to penetrate the Asian and the mainland China market.

To enhance competitiveness and uniqueness, local companies have been striving to instil innovative ideas into products. In particular to Hong Kong’s giftware exports, which are mainly targeted at the middle-to-high-end market, innovation and original designs are elements of our quality lifestyle and modern living.

The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association (HKEA), the Fair’s co-organiser, establish an exciting pavilion, showcasing the competitive edge of Hong Kong exporters. The pavilion include two major feature zones: Isle of Originality and Smart Design Village.

Hong Kong exporters present various local creative and innovative items. The Pavilion is widely recognised as an ideal promotional platform for Hong Kong brands and corporate images. The Smart Design Village under the Pavilion showcase a wide variety of products categories including promotional gifts, seasonal gifts, home design gifts, sports & recreation gifts, gadgets gifts, baby gifts, travel gifts and paper gifts.

Another zone Isle of Originality has been established since 2010. This popular zone once again display local innovative gifts items. The HKEA endeavours to recruiting top-quality exhibitors and creative gifts, thus enhancing the competitiveness of Hong Kong exporters. Onsite buyer promotion service be available, ranging from Pavilion Highlight Booklet, guided tours, free treat of beers and massage services to buyers.

Organised by the HKEA, The Hong Kong Smart Gifts Design Awards, aims to facilitate innovation and creativity. It also seeks to inspire designers to consolidate the necessary skills involved with design and business to enhance their competitiveness in the evolving market.

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