Review of Euroflora 2022, Parks of Nervi, Genova, Italy

The Euroflora 2022, where elegance meets beauty, the myth goes beyond all imagination to become reality, last from 23 April to 8 May 2022, in the Parks and Museums of Nervi of Genoa. Euroflora is an exhibition of flowers and ornamental plants. It represents one of the main events that take place in the Mediterranean and in the world on research to plant hybridization, cut flowers, potted plants, arboriculture, gardening and landscaping.

The most spectacular European flower show returns, in 2022, to the Parchi and Musei di Nervi, in Genoa to give visitors a unique experience. In the marvelous and evocative setting of the Nervi Parks, Euroflora returns to blossom, seduced and amazed by the scents, colors and floral architectures of the twelfth edition of Euroflora. Elegance, prestige, beauty. These are the style notes describing Euroflora for over 50 years.

Genova is a city to be lived, full of charm and history which, for the occasion, host events and initiatives tied to the event. La Superba fill its streets with the most colourful flowers to give Euroflora visitors an unforgettable scenario. There was many opportunities to discover the city in these spring days kissed by the sun and the sea breeze. From the enchanting Porto Antico, with its sunsets on the sea, the Palazzi dei Rolli, a World Heritage site, the authentic caruggi and historical villas, to the unmistakable flavours of traditional Ligurian cuisine.

The Euroflora is organized by Genova Floralies with the support of municipality of Genoa. It is an event recognized by Association Internationale des Producteurs Horticoles (AIPH) and it is part of Association of International Floralies (AIF) founded in 2005 together with the Floralies of Ghent and Nantes. The 12th edition of Euroflora also collaborat with the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies, the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the ICE Agency, the National Association of Nurseries Exporters and the Italian Flower Nursery Association.

The most important European floral exhibition with a unique overwhelmingly gorgeous show of nature, between gardens and historic villas overlooking the sea. Euroflora 2022 was a voyage of rare beauty, where surprise and marvel accompany visitors through enchanted gardens and breath-taking views of the sea. The event spread over an area of over 8 hectares of gardens overlooking the cliff and in the three museums – Wolfsoniana, Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Raccolte Frugone – whose collections was the backdrop for magnificent floral compositions.

An enchanting natural painting, a dream of a thousand one nights, a tribute to the beauty of this place that was enhanced with amazing scenographic games in a riot of shapes and a chromatic explosion between flowers and leaves. All in the name of the restart with a sea of colorful flowers among the most beautiful and curious in the world in harmony with the green of the meadows and the centuries-old trees of the parks.

The great protagonist is nature in all its forms. Examples of magnificent colours, audacious floral geometry, works of art and exotic charm in an evocative context of great historical and landscape value. With a long stretches of red flowers that glide slowly between centuries-old trees, sequences of streams and fountains and large oval spaces that combine with the views of the Parks to offer visitors particular perspectives with rare essences and unique specimens, through extraordinary collections and productions of excellence developed on a system of paths that crosses gardens and historic villas.

There also be the Green Market in the upstream part of Parco Gropallo, an area intended for commercial stands where visitors can buy plants and flowers. At Euroflora 2022 there also be honor, aesthetic and technical competitions for all exhibitors, where the best Italian and foreign participations are awarded. A special competition evaluate the best preserved presentations for the duration of the event.

The Parks of Nervi host a museum center of great interest, which includes the Gallery of Modern Art, the Raccolte Frugone and the Wolfsoniana. In addition to the floral compositions inside the Museums, we find outside ars topiary sculptures; in these same places the orchestra and choir of the Carlo Felice Theater perform with a program of small concerts in the most evocative corners of the Parks.

Alongside the permanent collections of modern and déco art on display in the Nervi museums, the music of the Carlo Felice Theater debuts this year, with a calendar of events within the Parks designed to enhance the combination of great classical compositions and rarities on display.

Step into the most lush blooms, the most intense colors, the most striking natural universes. 50 years of extraordinary beauty, edition after edition. A poetic voyage which began in 1966. An enchanting show dedicated to flowers and plants inspired by the most famous floralies in the world like Gand, Nantes and Budapest. Sharing the story of the international plant and flower show, which has now reached its XII edition.

Euroflora, already recognised by international industry bodies, is the most authoritative showcase for floriculture, landscape architects, Italian regions and cities, industry entrepreneurs and foreign countries. The XII edition has obtained the prestigious praise of AIPH, the International Association of Horticultural Producers, and is included in the calendar of the most important world events dedicated to floriculture. Since 1966 – the year of the first edition – to the present 6,770 exhibitors from all around the world have taken part in Euroflora. In eleven editions, over 5.5 million visitors have come to the event and over 6,300 technical and aesthetic competitions have taken place in which thousands of flower growers and nurseries have taken part.

Euroflora had its first edition in 1966, but the original project had started a year earlier on the basis of an idea by Senator Carlo Pastorino, at the time president of the Fiera di Genova (a body which has now failed). The Euroflora trademark – several times winner of international prizes – was painted by Emanuela Tenti, at the time a graphic designer and illustrator employed by the Fair Authority itself.

Pastorino proposed to the association of Ligurian horticulturalists to organize, every five years, a large floral shop in imitation of the one in Ghent, Belgium. A formal request was then made to AIPH, the International Association des Producteurs de l’Horticulture, responsible for calendar of floristic events, which he gladly agreed.

The ten editions held from 1966 to 2011 were attended by 5,700 exhibitors and were visited by 5 million people. The record for the largest number of visitors was the 1986 edition, which was visited by 730,000 people. Already at its debut, the numbers of the event were very significant: 250,000 visitors and over 260 exhibitors from 19 countries.

The 2011 edition took place from April 21st to May 1st. 2011 saw the participation of the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of Ghent, organizing company of the Floralies of the Belgian city of the same name. In addition to Belgium, there were participations from: Chinese Mainland, Chinese Taiwan, France, Ecuador, Germany, Equatorial Guinea, India, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Romania, the Republic of San Marino, Spain, the United States and Hungary.

For the 11th edition, scheduled for 2016, a one-year advance was assumed to allow the event to take place simultaneously with the Milan Expo 2015, but the hypothesis was first resized, providing a simple preview of the exhibition, and finally definitively discarded in favor of a floral event linked to the Expo which took place in May 2015 in Florence. The 2016 edition was then later postponed first to 2017 , then to 2018 with also the announcement of a change of frequency, from five to three years.

In 2018 the event was revived with a change of location, from the Fair (now abandoned and unusable) to the Parchi di Nervi. The same location was repeated for the edition held from 23 April to 8 May 2022.

Exhibition area
Euroflora 2022 in Genoa in the marvellous setting of the Parchi and Musei di Nervi. The 12th international exhibition of the flower and ornamental plant a new, magical edition, full of new fascinating ideas. Genoa, with its marvels and sea views, illuminated by the sun, was the setting for this unique event.

Euroflora was set up in the spaces of the covered Blue and C pavilions, in addition to the Palasport (heart of the exhibition) and the outdoor areas of the Fiera di Genova. Since the 2018 edition, the event takes place at the Parchi di Nervi.

In Parchi di Nervi, the biggest park overlooking the sea in the Mediterranean. While visiting Euroflora 2022 you can immerse yourself in this extraordinary setting, where nature and the sea are the absolute protagonists.

Musei di Nervi is an extraordinary museums with a timeless appeal, ambassadors of art and culture where beautiful floral compositions can be admired alongside the collections and temporary exhibits.

Enchantment and poetry at Passeggiata di Nervi, one of the most beautiful panoramic areas in Italy, an evocative promenade along the sea two kilometres long, along which you can enjoy the views of the cliffs bathed by the waves.

The charm of extraordinary specimens, of rare collections and ideas for using greenery in a city setting, sustainable and tied to specific territories, inserted harmoniously in scenographic design, was the style of this 12th edition. From works of land art to the great technical and aesthetic competitions, the surprising water play and the rare specimens on display, every aspect of Euroflora gift to adults and children an unforgettable experience, to fully enjoy.

Respect for nature and the environment, the promotion of biodiversity, the protection of the landscape and sustainability are the essential values which are advocated by Euroflora. In the magnificent context of the Parchi di Nervi the relationship between humans and nature becomes a responsibility that needs to be cultivated and honed edition after edition, animated by the desire to be in perfect synergy with our most precious heritage: our Planet.