Review of China International Furniture Expo, 2017-2018, Shanghai, China

China International Furniture Expo (Furniture China) is held every September at Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center. With the belief of continuous innovation, it leads and watches the development direction of the industry. It is one of the most important platforms for the world’s furniture trade. Adhering to the purpose of export-oriented, high-end domestic sales, original design, and leading fashion, it gathers upstream and downstream manufacturing companies in the industry chain to promote lifestyle changes with design, presenting a full range of furniture series, a kaleidoscope of wonderful exhibits with a complete range of middle, high and low ends, satisfying Different procurement needs of domestic and foreign audiences.

As the world’s largest furniture manufacturer and exporter, China has deservedly become the “world furniture manufacturing center”, giving birth to one of the world’s largest furniture exhibitions—Furniture China. The exhibition has developed from a pure import and export trade platform to a trade platform integrating both domestic and foreign sales, a B2B2C e-commerce platform, an original design display platform and a “exhibition shop linkage” world furniture design and trade Shanghai feast.

The exhibition will be held in 3 locations at the same time, including Shanghai New International Expo Center (civil furniture, office furniture, home accessories, cabinets, original design furniture, traditional Chinese furniture), Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall (raw materials and production equipment, designer works) ) And JSWB International Furniture Village (National Furniture Fair).

With the expansion of the new International Expo Center, the home of the exhibition, to 17 official pavilions, and the opening of the second phase of the National Furniture Fair, the exhibition area has expanded to 750,000 square meters. The newly-added exhibits are mainly upholstered furniture, European classic and antique furniture, outdoor rattan furniture, dining tables and chairs that are favored by overseas buyers, modern furniture that is the focus of domestic procurement, new hot children’s furniture in the market, and huge market potential Soft decoration series for home accessories.

The organizer of the exhibition adheres to the purpose of providing buyers with the best cost-effective furniture, strictly controls the product quality of exhibiting companies, and strives to present a super-large furniture exhibition of rising quality to the audience.

The 24th China International Furniture Expo
The 24th China International Furniture Expo and 2018 Modern Shanghai Home Furnishing Fair opened grandly on September 11 at Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center and Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. Two exhibitions and surrounding activities, including Shanghai Home Design Week, were also launched in the whole city of Shanghai at the same time. Two branch venues and more than 70 exhibition activities connected the art and culture of the entire Shanghai city.

“Color·Chinese Home Furnishing” originated from Wang Mingliang, founder of Bohua Exhibition Co., Ltd., proposed the concept of using color to promote the innovation, upgrading and fashion of Chinese furniture. The theme of “color decoding” officially set sail at the New International Exhibition Center E8B-D60.

Through color induction, distinction between cold and warm color systems, family color matching, and derivation and in-depth research on 2018-2019 fashion trends, we have sorted out popular color trends suitable for the home industry. Through 8 scenarios, 8 boxes, and 4 color interactive experiences There will be two theme forums to reveal the popular colors of China’s home furnishing industry in the next two to three years.

This year, the Shanghai Furniture Fair’s design pavilion expanded again, forming a new pattern of three design pavilions E5, E6 and E7, bringing more high-quality products to the audience. For example, the contemporary literati home brand Pusu released its “Songfeng” theme. “Home”, Aibao Furniture brought its new products “NOW & FUTURE Jinzhi” and “Tangtang” “Bazaar Garden” to the stage. The mysterious new products of La Casa International interpret new stylingism and so on.

Every year, international exhibitors and overseas visitors are one of its core competitiveness. This year, the Veneto region of Italy, France, Belgium, Turkey, South Korea and Malaysia 6 major national pavilions, and 220 brands from 24 countries participated in the exhibition.

The modern exhibition in the third year has achieved full coverage for the first time. The three major sections of H1/H2 “Modern Decoration”, H3 “Modern District” and H4 “Design China”, 70,000 square meters are transformed into a burst of life inspiration and a gathering of trendy life. Place and the birthplace of aesthetic trends. In addition, with the help of many big coffees, modern has been transformed into a design carnival feast.

Homeplus designer’s house, the theme of this edition is “Infinity”, which means “Incorporate everything into the invisible, and integrate everything into the present”. The curators Wu Bin and Zeng Jianlong, together with Shen Lei, Pixi, Chen Lin, and Meng Ye Twelve cross-border celebrities, Zhong Song, Zhu Zheqin, Zhao Qing, Ye Weiting, Chen Youjian, and Liu Yuyang, brought a space show integrating music, photography, life, color and many other cross-border elements.

Another major COC in Hall H4——Creation of Creators, which means “creator creation”, is composed of Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. founder and director Wang Mingliang and Frank Chou Design Studio founder and creative director Zhou Chenchen Co-sponsored, more than 20 creators from design-related fields participated. What COC wants to build is the first domestic exhibition platform with a cross-dimensional “behind-the-scenes creator” as the main body and an offline independent exhibition area. Such a platform has no precedent for benchmarking not only domestically, but also internationally.

Tmall Home Designer’s Night” was staged in the sunken plaza of the World Expo Exhibition Hall on September 12. This year the organizers broke the design boundary and merged creativity and cross-border in the name of color to create a cross-border The designer carnival ceremony of the world color.

The 23rd China International Furniture Expo
The 23rd China International Furniture Expo and 2017 Modern Shanghai Home Furnishing Fair opened grandly in Shanghai New International Expo Center and World Expo Exhibition Hall. The total area of ​​this exhibition is 350,000 square meters, including 225 overseas exhibitors, and a total of 151,588 buyers and visitors from 155 countries and regions around the world have been received.

This exhibition fully embodies keywords such as “high-end manufacturing”, “original design”, and “lifestyle”, highlighting the perfect characteristics of differentiated competition. The appearance of global high-end furniture brands on the same stage, as well as the four-day non-stop activities during the exhibition, attracted more popularity to the exhibition and made the exhibition the first choice for professionals throughout Asia to explore the development and future of the industry. Unanimously recognized by the general audience, professional media and industry experts. The “Design China” concept exhibition debuted, and the new section launched by the China Interior Decoration Association is a cooperation between the home industry and interior decoration, home design and interior design.

The 23rd China International Furniture Expo at Shanghai New International Expo Center will focus on high-end modern civilian furniture. Hall W will be swapped with Hall E to provide booths for more modern furniture exhibitors and absorb more exquisite furniture. Original design exhibits to satisfy buyers’ preference for modern furniture. W5 Pavilion will be transformed into a brand-new living room concept pavilion, leading the transformation and upgrading of many sofa companies. And this year’s highly acclaimed “China Good Sofa·China Good Fabrics” event will be fully displayed in the E8A and E8B halls next year. At the same time, the FMP high-end fabric exhibition will also be exhibited to promote the linkage of upstream and downstream industries.

The introduction and application of new processes promoted the creation of new furniture forms, new demands were met, and even new ways of furniture assembly were developed. A new trend is the combination of metal, stone and wood. Zhiyin uses waterproof cloth on the coffee table, and other materials such as modified wood, resin, and concrete are gradually being seen on the furniture. 3D curved wood technology has only recently been introduced into the country. 3D curved wood products are smooth, light and durable. The XUE mentioned above, as well as Qumei and other brands have launched very good products.

Fashion and Neoclassical Furniture Pavilion: Fashion is always in cycles, and classics will become popular now. With the full resurgence of retro style, “Last Century Aesthetics” has begun to influence the home furnishing circle.

E5-E7 Design Hall: As a modern design hall, E5 has 46 brands in total, of which 14 are the brands that debuted, the proportion is as high as 30%. As brand design halls, E6 and E7 have also improved the selection criteria for good products. There are 83 brands in total, of which 14 new brands have settled.

E1-E2, W6, N8, T01 International Brand Pavilion: The International Brand Pavilion is the most international pavilion of the Shanghai Furniture Fair every year, with 36,000 square meters, 24 countries, 220 exhibiting brands, covering Italy’s Veneto region, France, Belgium, Six overseas pavilions from Turkey, South Korea and Malaysia, from overseas high-end furniture brands from Northern Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Germany and other regions.

N5, N9 Accessories and Materials Exhibition: Layout the furniture industry with industrial advantages, gather one-stop furniture upstream and downstream resources, gather leading brands and high-end exhibits in the industry, display new technologies, products and solutions, and use accessories, semi-finished products, and conferences , The activities will interpret the cohesion and creativity of the industrial chain from an all-round perspective, provide sophisticated equipment and materials for furniture production, decoration, and engineering applications, and help China’s furniture industry move towards high-end manufacturing.

Modern Shanghai Home Furnishing Exhibition: All home furnishing accessories and exhibitors of the China International Designers Exhibition and Trade Fair (DOD) will be moved to the World Expo Exhibition Hall. Together with the close integration with Shanghai Home Furnishing Design Week, the organizer strives to bring Modern Shanghai Home Furnishing Exhibition. Create a real lifestyle exhibition. The 2017 World Expo Exhibition Hall will become a new window composed of home furnishings, fashion design, new Chinese style and design activities.

Shanghai International Furniture Fair is divided into China International Furniture Expo (Shanghai New International Expo Center) and Modern Shanghai Fashion Furniture Fair (Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall). The latter is mainly “Design China” theme pavilion and various home accessories, lighting, DOD (independent designer brand) exhibitions.

In addition to some abstract conceptual displays, the “Design China” theme pavilion is mainly new Chinese-style furniture in terms of physical furniture. Regarding the new Chinese style, “What should the new Chinese style furniture look like?” and “How to integrate into modern home life?” These are topics that designers and brands have been exploring.

Independent designer original brands have experienced development over the past few years, and the overall strength and product diversity are gradually increasing and enriching. Squeaky sound, disgusting room, twelve o’clock slow, Suyuan, Mumo, Chunmujia, Lost and Found, Mushang, Xi Workshop, as well as some home furnishings, original designs and so on. Exhibition. The Vatican did not participate in this year’s exhibition. MZGF (Muzhi Workshop) re-upgraded the brand’s positioning and appeared together with other traditional offline brands in another exhibition area.


China Furniture Association
It is a national industry organization voluntarily formed by enterprises and institutions in the production, operation, scientific research, and teaching of China’s furniture industry and related industries, as well as social groups and individuals. It is under the guidance of the National Light Industry Council in business. The association represents the interests of the industry, reflects the wishes and requirements of members, serves member units, safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of member units, conveys the government’s intentions, and serves as a bridge and link between the enterprise and the government.

Shanghai Bohua Exhibition Company
Shanghai UBM International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a member of UBM Asia, a Sino-foreign joint venture jointly established by Shanghai Huazhan International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and UBM China. The company organizes 8 major series of exhibitions each year, including furniture, yachts, pharmaceuticals, building materials, hotels, food, cleaning, lighting and other eight fields, involving 34 international exhibitions, with a total exhibition area of ​​480,000 square meters, including furniture exhibitions, pharmaceuticals Exhibitions, yacht shows, and hotel supplies exhibitions have become the leading professional events in the industry in Asia, attracting a large number of exhibitors and buyers at home and abroad to come to exchange negotiations and purchase.