Review of Anufood China 2016-2018, Beijing, China

ANUFOOD China (Food World Expo) is a part of the global food portfolio of Koelnmesse which includes Anuga, ISM, THAIFEX and many other food shows all over the world. ANUFOOD China is the largest international B2B food & beverage tradeshows in Southern China which offers a powerful platform to food & beverage exporters to target Southern China, the fastest growing markets in China.

ANUFOOD China is an international F&B trade fair based on the market. The past edtion exhibition used to held in Beijing, and will touring exhibition in big citys in China. Started in 2021, the fair will centred in Shenzhen and extending to Southern China and even South Asia. The fair provides F&B manufacturers and importers with a professional trading platform for practitioners working in importing, distributing, agencies, supermarkets, catering and e-commerce.

As one of the leading international organisers, Koelnmesse is keen to support and foster the development of the exhibition industry. For Example, the General Food and Beverage Exhibition, or Anuga for short, is the world’s largest trade fair for the food industry and the food industry. It takes place every two years in Cologne and brings together ten trade fairs for different food categories. The organizer is Koelnmesse.

Anufood China 2018
World Food Expo is hosted by Beijing Kelong Exhibition Company and co-organized by China Food Chamber of Commerce. It is an important exhibition event in North Asia. 2018 ushered in the 5th Beijing Food World Expo (ANUFOOD CHINA 2018). As one of the prestigious global B2B food and beverage exhibitions in the northern market industry, the Beijing World Food Expo is committed to creating the best business platform covering the entire industry of the food and beverage industry in the northern market. With its excellent organization, the exhibition brought exhibitors an exhibition experience beyond expectations. The audience was professional and high-quality, allowing exhibitors to reap many commercial and trade opportunities.

More than 680 exhibitors from 36 countries and regions brought a “gourmet feast” to importers and consumers in the north. The exhibition focused on food safety and food consumption trends, exhibiting imported food, dairy products, sweets and snack foods, beverages and wines, fruit and vegetable products, olive oil and oil products, baked foods, meat and aquatic products, and Various categories such as organic food. This exhibition is not only an international exchange platform for the food industry, but also a high-end display platform for the food culture of various countries.

The Beijing World Food Expo will gather powerful food processing industry, food packaging industry giants and related industry leaders in Southeast Asia to perfectly present the development trend of the food industry. The scale of the exhibition involves all aspects related to food and hotels, attracting visitors from all over the world, and giving a great deal of business opportunities to negotiate business and develop foreign markets.

As a characteristic service of this expo, the organizer has fully launched the international and domestic buyer invitation plan. This program is mainly for professionals in the food and beverage industry in North Asia and northern China, and aims to minimize the communication costs between exhibitors and buyers and improve efficiency. Exhibitors expressed that the Expo not only provides buyers and exhibitors with a comprehensive communication platform for the food and beverage industry, but also explores more opportunities for cooperation and discusses industry development trends, which is positive for the development of the food industry.

Anufood China 2017
The 2017 Beijing World Food Expo is strongly promoted by the Koelnmesse. Based on the improvement of the quality of the exhibition, it further promotes the steady development of the exhibition and the industry, and once again presents a wonderful annual “food feast” for the food industry in northern China. And to bring more distinctive and innovative experiences to the industry.

The total exhibition area of ​​the 4th Beijing World Food Expo exceeds 35,000 square meters, of which the exhibition area reaches 27,000 square meters, and the conference and supporting activities area for the same period exceeds 10,000 square meters. During the three-day exhibition, more than 15,100 professional visitors were received.

The scene includes fine food and imported food, dairy products, baked goods, meat products, aquatic products, frozen food sweets, candy and snack foods, coffee and tea, olive oil and edible oil, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, fruits and A wide range of products including vegetables, organic food and catering services are on display. At the same time, the newly-added vending machine sections will also be unveiled for the first time, providing a communication platform and opportunities for professionals in related industries.

Exhibitors at home and abroad will bring their own selected specialty products to the show. The categories of exhibits will cover all food categories, and focus on promoting dairy products, meat products, snack foods and confectionery, aquatic products, Fast food, condiments, catering services, alcohol and beverage juices, etc., provide professional buyers with a more detailed selection guide.

Founded in 2015, the “Chinese Cuisine World Championship return in 2017, 20 teams from various countries will compete fiercely for the cooking presentation of 6 dishes including appetizer/starter, hot soup, seafood main course, meat main course, main course, dessert. Adhere to the principle of international integration based on the basic elements of Chinese cuisine, the production principle of consumer demand as the goal, and the international competition rules and judging standards as the competition norms.

The Italian Pasta Celebrity Chef Summit China station 2017, invited 40 contestants from the Chinese culinary field to participate in a two and a half day competition. Two groups of international judges from Italy and China, certified by the World Chef Federation, will supervise and score the competition. At the same time, there will be 30 Italian celebrity chefs performing live cooking shows.

Anufood China 2016
The 3rd Beijing World Food Expo (ANUFOOD CHINA) was held at the China International Exhibition Center (new hall). This food expo is divided into 14 exhibition areas according to the type of exhibits, including dairy products exhibition area, food service exhibition area, meat exhibition area, seafood exhibition area, imported beer exhibition area, instant food exhibition area, etc. There will also be a theme restaurant in the venue, and various activities such as industry forums and buyer parties will be held.

Jointly launched by the China Chamber of Commerce for Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Livestock Importers and Exporters, and Cologne Exhibition China, it will be moved to Beijing China International Exhibition Center (new hall) this year, with a larger scale of participation, more comprehensive supporting activities, and more professional service furnishings. The industry once again dedicated an annual food and catering feast.

The total area of ​​this exhibition is more than 35,000 square meters. The venue includes fine food and imported food, dairy products, baked goods, meat products, aquatic products, frozen food sweets, candy and snack foods, coffee and tea, olive oil and edible oil, Abundant products including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, fruits and vegetables, organic foods and catering services are on display, providing communication platforms and opportunities for professionals in related industries.

China International Exhibition Center
The modern exhibition hall of the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing has complete facilities such as water, electricity, heating, cooling, and telecommunications; there are large lecture halls, conference rooms, technical exchange rooms, trade negotiation rooms, and restaurants. Hold large-scale exhibitions and conferences. Customs, transportation, construction, tourism, restaurants, rental goods, catering, etc. that serve the exhibition all have office spaces or supporting facilities in the center, and exhibitors can get various services related to the exhibition.