Pietro Faccini

Pietro Faccini(Bologna, 1562 – April 1, 1602) , was an Italian painter, active near his birthplace of Bologna in styles bridging Mannerism and the nascent Baroque.

Later the pictorial activity under the guidance of Carracci began, in 1590 the martyrdom of St. Lorenzo was now in the church of San Giovanni in Monte in Bologna.

Between 1593 and 1594 he is distanced from Annibale and while in works such as the blades of the churches of San Domenico and Santa Maria dei Servi and in the crib of the Pinacoteca Nazionale of Bologna there is the influence of Ludovico, Pala Pellicani and Madonna del Rosario di Quarto Inferiore there are explicit quotations from the work of Correggio and Federico Barocci, in the Autoritratto, now in the Uffizi, these influences are brought to the extreme consequences resulting in a disintegration of the manieristic and carraccesche formulas, anticipating good painting of the eighteenth century .

From the early works beyond the influence of Annibale Carracci, in the small works and in his graphic production, seems to be affected by the influence of Tintoretto and Bassano.

According to Malvasia, the main biographer of the early Bolognese Baroque, he apprenticed in his twenties with Ludovico and Annibale Carracci. His style departs from the linear “Roman” quality assumed by his mentor, and has a more sparkling quality, influenced by Tintoretto, Correggio, and Bassano. His documented painterly output consists of about a dozen works. In 1590, he painted the Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence, now found in the church of San Giovanni in Monte. He completed altarpieces for San Domenico and Santa Maria dei Servi in 1593-1594 and a Presepio in the Pinacoteca of Bologna.

Annibale Castelli, Agostino Masucci, Domenico Maria Mirandola, and Giovanni Maria Tamburini were among his pupils.

Martyrdom of Saint Laurent, church of San Giovanni in Monte de Bologna
Sposalizio mistico di Santa Caterina and i Santi Protettori di Bologna Petronio, Procolo, Domenico, Francesco and Floriano, altarpiece and Annunciazione, Bologna Pinacoteca
Mystic marriage of Saint Catherine, Capitoline Museums, Rome
Christ in glory and Saints, Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Christ and the Virgin appearing in St. Francis of Assisi, initially an altarpiece at the Church of San Pietro de Cento, preserved since 1671 at the Louvre Museum, Paris
Numerous drawings in the Department of Graphic Arts of the Louvre
Christ and the Virgin appearing to St. Francis of Assisi
The Madeleine at the Tomb of Christ, Caen Museum of Fine Arts