Museum-Reserve of Feodor Tyutchev, Muranovo, Russia

Muranovo is the Fyodor Tyutchev state museum located in Pushkino, Moscow Oblast, Russia.

Museum “Muranovo” is unique example of mid local noble mansion of the XIX century. Historic property is located 50 km from Moscow to Yaroslavl rail road. The poet E.A Boratynsky lived here for a while with his family. In his drawings and plans in Muranovo house was built, which has been preserved to our time. F.I Tyutchev family lived here as well in Muranovo. Marital relics and manuscripts which were brought after his death to the estate. Thus, it became the main place Muranovo storage heritage of the great Russian poet.

The estate was founded in 1816 and since then has belonged to four families, including Fyodor Tyutchev’s family. Its main house was built in wood in 1842 by Yevgeny Baratynsky, another renowned Russian poet. In August 1920, the estate became a museum.

Muranovo contains many historically important relics such as original furniture, manuscripts and artwork, which originally belonged to Tyutchev, Baratynsky and their families.

The Museum-Reserve “Mouranovo Estate named after F. Tyutchev” is a unique sample of middle-class noble manor of the XIX century. The historic manor is located 50 km from Moscow along the Yaroslavl railroad. For some time, the poet Yevgeny Boratynsky lived here with his family. According to his drawings and plans here was built a house in Mouranovo survived till our time. Also, there lived a family of poet Fedor Tyutchev whose family relics and manuscripts were moved to the estate after his death. Mouranovo became the main place of storage of the heritage of the great Russian poet.

Today, the museum complex of Mouranovo combines several buildings: the Main Mansion, the Outbuilding and the Kitchen, the Ironing house, the Kucher’s house, the Lednik, the House Church of the Saviour Vernicle and some others. During your visit you will see all these sights and plunge into the atmosphere of life of well-educated nobility in a Russian manor of the XIX century. The museum collection accounts more than 28,000 exhibits. The major part of them is memorial and belonged to the owners of the estate and their relatives. It’s one of the richest collections of furniture in Russia, a great variety of art materials, a large memorial library which has more 90,000 books.

It’s so pleasantly to walk in the Mouranovo park, to go by the rose and linden alleys, to see the remains of a pond system, to feel pleasant coolness under the canopy of ancient oaks and larches.Visitors of the museum are offered some fascinating excursions. The sightseeing excursion tells about former owners of this estate and meets with architecture memorials and natural venues. Children and adults will be liked the theatrical excursion “Estate Kitchen” where all secret recipes of old dishes will be disclose and it will be able to see kitchen utensils of XIX century. Interesting temporary exhibitions hosts regularly in the exhibition hall of the museum whose themes are of a very wide range.

Muranovo is a literary and memorial museum created by the descendants of FI Tyutchev on the basis of a family estate in the Muranovo village of the Pushkin district of the Moscow region, near the Ashukinskaya platform of the Yaroslavl railway (Ashukino settlement).

Since 1816, when the wife of General LN Engelhardt acquired the village of Muranovo, the estate belonged to the related families of Engelhardt, Baratynsky, Putyatov and Tyutchev.

The main house of the manor was built by the poet EA Baratynsky, married to Anastasia Lvovna Engelhardt, in 1842. After suppressing the Decembrist uprising, Baratynsky, unlike Pushkin, considers it impossible for the poet to be close to the authorities and to participate in state policy. After leaving for private life, he lived in Moscow, then in Muranovo (his wife’s dowry), then in Kazan, he did a lot of farming. By correspondence Baratynsky late 30’s – early 40’s about him creates the impression of a zealous owner and a caring father. In Muranovo, he built a house, refurbished a mill, set up a sawmill, planted a new forest.

Among other writers Muranovo visited and N. V. Gogol.

In 1920, the opening of the museum-estate of F.I. Tyutchev in Muranov was supported by VI Lenin. From the 1870s the family of Ivan Fedorovich, the son of the poet, lived there, preserving manuscripts, books and personal belongings. After the revolution, Muranovo became one of the first literary and memorial museums; Even the museum of Leo Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana was opened only in the next year.

In July 2006, the main house of the manor was seriously damaged by a fire caused by lightning. At the same time, thanks to the operative reaction of the museum’s staff, almost all of its exhibits remained intact. The money was allocated for the restoration of the building, which was completed in 2009. By August 1, 2015, the exposition of the museum has been completely restored and is open for visiting.

In July 2006, a fire from a lightning nearly destroyed the main building. Nevertheless, almost all exhibits were saved, and the estate has since been restored.