Moroccan style

Moroccan style is a new trend in decoration which takes its roots from Moorish architecture and Moroccan architecture, it has been made popular by the vogue of Riads renovation in Marrakech. Its becoming popular in some circles in UK and the USA. Riad Laksiba notably formed part of a reality TV program following a family buying and restoring an ancient Riad in the Medina of Marrakech. It was aired on House Hunters International to an estimated global audience of 97 millions on September 21, 2010. Due to the popularity of this trend the TV show is regularly repeated.

Moroccan architecture is beautiful, ranging from royal arches to modern buildings lit up with neon lights at night. More and more companies are starting to sell merchandise from Morocco primarily to the US thanks to the Internet. Most notably, MoroccanStash has made a big impact with the American people in 2017.

Some of the most well-known Moroccan decorations are the lanterns. A Moroccan lantern can completely transform a room.

It is noticeable in the Moroccan decoration that it was not affected by any other Islamic models, and that its development was slow compared to the development of other architectural styles. The most important artistic centers in this style were Seville , Granada, Marrakech and Fez , and we have not yet heard that any writers or historians have Between them and the civilization of Andalusia , but within the activation of those elements that linked that civilization with each other.

The colors are green, beige and white, and are often available in light colors such as bright white. Two colors may be used, separated by a decorative gypsum strip. Sometimes the walls are drawn in wide horizontal lines with two shades of one color Or in white and another color.

The ceilings are either white or covered with wood, which is a horizontal wooden beam and intersecting sometimes with some orthogonal beams. However, white is the main color that is indispensable in the Moroccan style. If it is not in walls or ceilings, the furniture must be painted white from During bedspreads, mattresses or transparent curtains (used frequently)

Building Gypsum and wood in Morocco
The openings in the Moroccan architecture are often in different arched shapes. Their edges are very sharp and irregular, reflecting the handicraft. Doors and windows are made of wood and sometimes of metal, especially the main doors, which are sometimes painted in gold. The furniture is often wood. , And is sometimes stylized and sometimes hollow in the form of drinkers, and is brown or black, and wrought iron is used very much in furniture, especially in the bedrooms, and the sessions are often engraved in the wall.

In general, wood and gypsum units are commonly used in the Moroccan style. Gypsum is used in column capitals, arches, or belts in central or higher walls or in fountains and other objects.

Lightings in the ceiling are often lanterns and are used extensively in wall lighting.

The floors are rich in Moroccan style and are either decorated or multicolored or in tiles, ceramics or other types of tiles. The tiles are used in a variety of decorative patterns or have a cushion and small decorative carpets are placed on it. It is also used in the form of the most frequently networked tile floors, and is either in black or green, dark, or sometimes white, and the mosaic is more used in the Moroccan style, whether in the floors or in the fountains of the wall or other.

In general, the architecture of Morocco, unlike other architectural styles, has some advantages that some of them have given them.

The use of dams in the walls as in the architecture of Shamia with increased brightness of those dams, the presence of fountains inside the courtyards and make it a point of departure for the drawings of the monkey, the width of the walls and make the area before the nets for small agriculture, as for the colors is remarkable gradient degrees great light and dark at other times without regularity What made it striking. It is also important to know that they used the wall and dug it to make it fit for use as a cupboard, but for rooms Sleep is not without pendants to create an atmosphere, this is a whole world.

The Moroccan style is also known for its outdoor seating, both in the terrace where the garden is, or in the balcony.

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