Look Back of Montmartre Harvest Festival 2021, Paris, France

Montmartre Harvest Festival is the only wine harvest & festival in Paris, last from October 6 to 10, 2021. The 88th edition of Montmartre Harvest Festival is a popular and friendly gathering, punctuated by various events and artistic and cultural activities, around associations, artists, shopkeepers and schools in the 18th arrondissement, an opportunity to come together again to celebrate the vines and the Montmartre territory.

The Harvest Festival to celebrate our cultural, gastronomic and wine heritage together, to share it and pass it on. After a difficult year marked by the pandemic and a social life at a standstill, the 2021 edition was one of reunion and joy. This year, around the theme “Future in celebration”, the Harvest Festival was turned towards the future, discovery, imagination. Between tradition and modernity, this edition allow everyone to stroll through the streets of Montmartre, to exchange with producers and exhibitors and to explore new flavors.

All the neighborhoods of the 18th arrondissement was able to imagine, dream, debate, experiment and taste the world of tomorrow for 5 days. Green city, science, utopia, science fiction, the Montmartre Harvest Festival is thought of as an eclectic meeting.

Every year, the Montmartre Harvest Festival is a highlight of Parisian life. It is a festive and warm event that delights the inhabitants of all Parisians. Celebrating the Harvest Festival this year was given more meaning. It is an expectation for the future. Peaceful days are emerging for those who make the arts, culture, gastronomy.

With more than twenty cultural, artistic, gustatory or sporting proposals, the quest for the future have different forms and faces, like so many possible views of a changing world. The Future bring us together for this reunion. “Futur en Fête” is an invitation to come together around the imagination, but also to think about a very real future, that of the city we are building together, that of those who shape it and live it. The Harvest Festival celebrate in Montmartre and everywhere else in the 18th, in the Chapelle Charbon park or in the streets of the Goutte d’Or, the Porte de Saint-Ouen at Porte d’Aubervilliers…

The whole of the 18th arrondissement which is mobilized through its cultural places, shops, associations or even cafés and restaurants, around the theme and which constitute an inventive OFF program. Thinking about the future during the party means instantly exploring our imaginations and understanding what connects us to each other.

Moments of celebration and culture, colorful shared moments: the Montmartre Harvest Festival is a unique moment in the life of our 18th. More than ever, the meeting is expected this year. Second edition for the Cuvée du Futur which is back this year. Proposed by the Festivals and Social Actions Committee, it can be tasted on the Parcours du Goût in its red or rosé version – and as every year all the profits from the sales was intended to finance the actions carried out by the festival committee. for the less fortunate in the borough.

Since 1934, every 2nd weekend of October, Montmartre celebrates its wine-growing tradition and welcomes the arrival of the new cuvée from its vineyard. This great convivial and popular festival bringing together the borough in all its associative, cultural, folkloric, bacchanalian and artistic diversity attracts a larger number of visitors each year. For three days, the heart of Montmartre beats to the rhythm of the Festival. On Saturday morning, the traditional Ban des Vendanges in the vineyards, opening the Festival and in the afternoon, the Grand Parade of wine brotherhoods, musical and folk groups. On Saturday evening, the Fireworks in front of the Sacré-Coeur.

Journey of Taste
A village of flavors at the foot of the Sacré-Coeur, the Parcours du Goût brings together around a hundred producers from French regions and elsewhere each year. They come to promote their know-how and the quality of the products of their region. The eco-responsible partners also be present to support in reducing waste and promoting a circular and local dynamic.

On this life-size rooftop, Parisians, tourists, lovers of good food gather around food and wine and discover a tourist offer based on authenticity and conviviality. Local initiatives, organic production; tomorrow’s food can be imagined and tasted today.

Le Parcours du Taste A
Village of flavors at the foot of the Sacré-Coeur, the Parcours du Goût brings together around a hundred producers from French regions and elsewhere each year. They come to promote their know-how and the quality of the products of their region.

Le Grand Défilé
Strong in their tradition, more than a hundred brotherhoods from France and elsewhere parade through the streets of Montmartre for the Grand Défilé. From generation to generation, these folk groups have crossed the ages thanks to the transmission of their custom and the preservation of a collective memory. Each year, the Grand Défilé is the promise of a joyful and popular show that celebrates the vines and the history of Montmartre.

Tours of the Vineyards
Take part in a unique tour of the Clos Montmartre vineyards and come and discover this atypical place in the capital. Historian and lecturer Jean-Manuel Gabert introduce you to the history of this protected heritage, guaranteeing the future.

Le Ban des Vendanges
The traditional Ban des Vendanges opens in the heart of the vineyards of Montmartre by Alain Coquard, President of the Republic of Montmartre, in the presence of Éric Lejoindre, Mayor of the 18th arrondissement, Éric Sureau, President of COFAS, Gilles Guillet, Grand Master of the brotherhood of Clos Montmartre and with the Free Commune of Montmartre, the Companions of the Butte Montmartre and the representatives of the brotherhoods and folk groups participating in the parade.

Picnic in the Green Space
This year, the citizen picnic for the Fête experience the city of tomorrow in the new Chapelle-Charbon park. This new green lung of the 18th host the Permanence Chorégraphique, the project of Laëtitia Angot which makes the inhabitants of the Porte de la Chapelle dance.

Closing Ball – Back to the Future
DJ Thierry Lecamp make all generations dance with eclectic titles and frenetic rhythms that take us on a journey through eras and universes.