Look back of Franchise Expo Paris, France

Franchise Expo Paris is the privileged moment that allows the meeting of more than 35,000 investors, business creators and traders with the leaders of 500 French and international brands. This event brings together all market players (banks, federations, lawyers, accountants, consultants, etc.) who support business creators and networks. Every year Franchise Expo Paris has accelerated the development of networks in France and abroad and enables thousands of entrepreneurs to realize their dream of creating a business.

The french franchise federation show, organized by RX France, is the opportunity to join the international hub connecting investors from more than 100 countries with the most renowned franchisors looking to expand their concept worldwide. Recognized as the world leading and most diversified franchise exhibition Franchise Expo Paris is gathering franchising brands from 90 activity sectors. Franchise Expo Paris is the preferred meeting platform that connects business creators and merchants with more than 5000 French and international brands.

Franchise Expo Paris is the world biggest international franchise show. In order to make their project a success, Franchise Expo Paris brings together all the professionals capable of supporting them, advising them, informing them and helping them find the necessary financing. It is thanks to this unique offer made up of brands with strong notoriety or concepts developing in new markets that entrepreneurs can compare, project themselves into the universe of the brand and therefore join the network best suited to their ambitions.

The French franchise federation (short for: fff) is a non-profit association which created Franchise Expo Paris almost 40 years ago. It was established in 1971, on the initiative of four franchisors (Levitan, Pingouin, Pronuptia and Rodier), who wanted to provide an ethical framework for franchising in order to safeguard self-regulation. The fff has, since its inception, equipped itself with proven working methods for organizing the expansion of franchising in France.

Franchise Expo Paris is not only a show, but also a great experience. Find the good idea to create your business, meet the fff experts, learn about funding, become franchisor or find investment opportunities… whatever your goal is, you will find answers to all your questions at Franchise Expo Paris.

The show welcomes exhibitors and visitors from more than 100 countries. This is tHE place to meet the French and International franchise key players: franchisors, franchisees, investors, master/multi/pluri units franchisees, partners of the show. The French franchise federation and Reed Expositions France, the Organizer, make every effort to facilitate your participation at Franchise Expo Paris according to your project and your expectations.

The franchising model
The franchising model is dynamic and evolves with the society and new consumption patterns. In 2019, it has generated a turnover of € 68 billion, showing an increase of 9,5% compared to 2018. Indeed, 93,7% of fff’s (Fédération française de la franchise) members have restarted their activity. Franchise is the perfect mix of independence and support, and appears as a very interesting model to start one’s business alone with the help and advice from a concept that has been tried and tested.

The Trade Show
Franchise Expo Paris is the international show for the recruitment and development of franchises, and usually take place in the Pavilions 2 & 3 of Paris Porte de Versailles. The exhibition is aimed at both market leaders and new formulas. Today Franchise Expo Paris is the reference show for learning about the current economic situation in France and the rest of the world, along with all the latest trends in the market, a must for all entrepreneurs, investors and franchise professionals.

Franchise Expo Paris have 500 brands from various sectors such as B2C and B2B services, automotive, construction, home decoration, beauty, restaurants… And also offers a program with 100 conferences on its different locations to understand everything about the franchising model.

Franchise Revelations Competition
Created 20 years ago, the “Les Révélations de la Franchise” competition has become an unmissable event for discovering and supporting young franchise networks with concepts that are as innovative as they are promising. Organized by the French Franchise Federation and its College of Experts, in partnership with Franchise Magazine, RX France for Franchise Expo Paris and the Franchise Observatory and the Crédit du Nord Group, this competition is an opportunity to turn the spotlight on the franchise concepts of tomorrow.

Quiz Room
Original concept that combines immersive leisure and quizzes, a real alternative to the Escape Game. Created in 2019 by Tristan Quélin and Charles Babinet, quiz room is an immersion quiz on a TV set, accessible to all and personalized according to the age of the participants and their centers of interest.

Big Retail Competition
Many brands are not present in the major media, because they do not have the means. It is on the basis of this observation, Franchise Expo Paris brought together many partners, all communication and media specialists to launch the BIG Retail competition in 2020 and give brands the opportunity to be present in the major media. There is no loser in the BIG Retail Competition, all finalists will be offered advice, support or visibility.

Franchise Ace of Hearts
Launched in 2006, at the initiative of Jean Samper – Founder of the Franchise Business Club, the Aces de Cœur de la Franchise were brought back to light in 2020, to reward “franchisors, franchisees or personalities who have particularly helped franchisors or franchisees to overcome the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic”. In 2021, the competition honored the actions of Carrefour Belgium (for its assistance to flood victims and disaster victims in July 2021) and APEF (for its support for women victims of domestic violence).

The International Franchise Marketplace
Every year, Franchise Expo Paris features special events, villages and pavilions in response to the needs of its international exhibitors and visitors. The show provides all the information they need to import or export their franchise. For several years, Franchise Expo Paris is glad to welcome international delegations.

Franchise Expo Paris attracts around international visitors from all over the world. Visitors will include major sales outlets managers, master and multi-units franchisees, as well as large groups already developing multiple brands in regions such as Algeria, Belgium, India, Middle East, Morocco, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia…