Joems: Sign-Nature, Museum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

Sign-Nature, is an exhibition sample of the graffiti writer Joems, who had some walls of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bogotá to write his signatures and draw icons of contemporary culture full of humor and cynicism. This, of course, with the aim of generating dialogues and confrontations about what is “ugly” or “beautiful”, what motivates us as a society and what should or should not be included in the museum scene.

His interventions are not intended to beautify or aestheticize his graffiti but to leave a mark of Street art in the institutionalized environment of museums. His participation in this exhibition was motivated by what the museum space means to him in this context, to which he attributes the power to sensitize, legitimize and demystify the expression of graffiti.

Joems’ intervention is honest and far from any artistic pretense. It is a sample that illustrates one of the places that unites us, that inhabit us and that we inhabit, many times, indifferently. It allows us to be aware of the gaze and what to do of those who are often censored.

Museum of Contemporary Art Bogotá
The Museum of Contemporary Art in Bogotá, located in El Minuto de Dios, was founded in 1966, has a permanent collection of Colombian and latinamerican artists, and some Europeans and North Americans.The collection has over 1,000 works since the second half twentieth century to the present.

Within the project to develop fully human person, culture plays an expanding role, invigorating and renewing society and understood them Father Rafael Garcia Herreros to gestate social and evangelizing work of “El Minuto de Dios”.

The works that make up the MAC acquis mark a view of contemporary art in Colombia from the 60s to the present day through a collection of more than 1,000 works and constantly increased with new donations.

From this set organize thematic exhibitions reviewing genres and trends contemporary art practices to promote various readings museum collection.

In its programming MAC performs annual exhibitions aimed at promoting young talents and new trends in partnership with universities, institutes culture, foundations, embassies and cultural organizations.