Hong Kong Mage Showcase and Food Festival 2018 Winter, China

The 16th Hong Kong Mega Showcase was held from December 22 to 25, 2018 in Hall 3 of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in Wanchai. Held concurrently with Hong Kong Auto Show and the e-expo & Auto HK, Hong Kong Homex, Digital Consumer Goods and Internet Strategy Expo, Hong Kong Winter Toy Expo. In addition, the 16th Hong Kong Winter Food Festival has been extended to December 22 to 26, which is a good place to eat, drink and play during Christmas 2018.

Hong Kong Mage Showcase 2018
Being one of the most reputable platforms for local and overseas visitors, the show gathers various stage programs, e.g. Home and Houseware Competition, D.I.Y Workshop in addition to the Stage Lucky Draw for visitors to enjoy with. With a focus on offering people-crowded activities and best deals for visitors, with an array of top notch brands to deliver you the latest products and nouvelle food making your Christmas much more fruitful.

The Winter Shopping Festival 2018 exhibited as many as 1,300 booths, shopping, fashion, food and entertainment. The venue is divided into nine exhibition areas, including “Home Fashion Expo”, “Digital Consumer Goods and Internet Strategy Exhibition”, “Hong Kong Auto Show and International Auto Expo”, “Fashion Zone”, “Beauty and Health Zone”, “Hong Kong Winter Toys Expo”, “Infant and Toddler Products Zone”, “DIY and Art Creative Zone” and “Hong Kong Winter Food Festival”. The exciting programs in the shopping festival venue include idol and celebrity stage performances, home fighting, Hong Kong creativity and hand-made art workshops, and stage consumer lucky draws.

Gathering diversified products and special offers, the expo feature 6 major shopping themes incudding Beayty and Healthcare products, Fashion Accessories, Personal Care and Sanitizing products, Toys and Figures, Hong Kong workshop, allowing families to enjoy shopping and fun in Christmas.

As the largest indoor Christmas carnival in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Mage Showcase is a must-see hotspot for locals and tourists during Christmas. Highlights this year in the venue home furnishings, hand-made art workshops, consumer lucky draw, etc. A series of innovative products and world cuisines from the latest to the best, This year’s exhibition cooperated with more brands and present visitors with rich programs and super discounts.

There are children’s favorite toy expo, where both large and small toys. Children can choose their favorite toys as much as they want. Handmade products of designers are sold on the Winter Colorful Handmade Street, which is suitable for a crowd of literary and artistic youths to purchase unique products.

In the beauty and health care area, many devices can be tried out, and there are many new products. There are also baby products and trendy clothing areas, where the needs of anyone in the family not fall behind.

Hong Kong Food Festival 2018
The Winter Food Festival held at the same time is the highlight at the end of each year. In addition to buying precious ingredients at low prices, visitor also enjoy delicious food from all over the world to satisfy a crowd of diners.

The Hong Kong Winter Food Festival is an annual Christmas event in the city, where you can taste global food at once. In the past 15 years, the food festival has gradually become a must-visit place during Christmas in Hongkong, continuing the food myth and living up to the title of food paradise.

This year’s exhibition attracted more than 300 exhibitors to participate, introducing gourmet cuisine and traditional ingredients from different countries and regions, such as Japan, Korea, Italy, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Etc., is a concentration of food culture in many countries.

The 16th Hong Kong Winter Food Festival, there are 9 exhibition areas in the venue, including the solar eclipse culture area, the Korean Chao food area, Chinese Taiwan food area, the Southeast Asian specialty food area, the international wine tasting carnival and the high-end food area.

The exhibition also introduce delicacies and traditional ingredients from different countries and regions, such as Japan, Korea, Italy, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Including Japanese direct delivery Xiangyin Qingti, Korean soy sauce abalone, Taiwan Yushan fruit wine, Italian black truffle sauce, French organic blueberry chia seed biscuits, American healthy gas explosion low-fat fries SMART FRIES, Peruvian organic coffee and Malaysian Musang King durian products Wait.

e-Expo & Auto HK 2018
The expo includes “e-Digital Products Zone”, “Photographic & AV Equipment Zone”, “e-Entertainment & Start-up Zone”, “Automotive Products & Accessories Zone”, “Automotive Conversion & Beauty Services Zone” and “Electric Vehicle & Automobile Display Zone”, gather various hot products and car display at one platform! In order to bring a bunch of fruitful activities, presents and holiday to the visitors, the Organizer has arranged a series of on-site activities such as “Stamp Your Way to Festive Delights” and Stage Consumption Lucky Draw.

The exhibition introduces new electric trucks, bringing together stylish car modification and beauty, car boutique accessories, digital electronic products and various online leisure and electronic entertainment to enhance the enjoyment of life in an all-round way.

The exhibition collected a wide range of flagship products for technology and car enthusiasts, including mobile phone accessories, digital products, headsets, car carpets and other products.

Hong Kong Homex 2018
Being a major houseware sourcing hub, Hong Kong sees the traditional and yet rising home furniture and furnishing industry leading up to a right way. Hong Kong Homex integrates the home and electrical appliance brands, featuring the contemporary home-styling ideas, with the visitors who have a strong pursuit of Home creating great consumption demands.

From beauty and health care, sports medical treatment, fashion clothing, fashion boutiques and more! From home design to the purchase of furnishings, all kinds of home furnishing services are available, providing everyone with a one-stop shopping platform.

This year’s expo also brought together major furniture, household appliances and electrical appliances brands, and launched shocking discounts on household appliances and appliances, allowing visitors to collect their favorite products.

Surrounding activities
As the largest indoor eating, drinking, playing and music carnival in Hong Kong, the venue also offers other exciting programs, including idol star stage performances, home fighting, Hong Kong creative infinity, hand-made art workshops.

There are wonderful dances, gymnastics and other talented singing and dancing performances. In order to stimulate the flow of people and consumption, the conference also set up a Christmas consumption lucky draw to give away rich gifts.

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