Galeria de Arte Urbana, Lisbon, Portugal

The GAU – Urban Art Gallery – is now closer to everyone. We went from 7 panels installed on Calçada da Glória | Largo da Oliveirinha, to walls and facades, to waste collection trucks and bottle banks that can be discovered throughout the entire city.

Considered one of the most important cities in the world of graffiti and street art production, Lisbon organized the first major event that joined various aspects of the municipal strategy for urban art, followed by the Lisbon City Council. A project from the Department of CML Cultural Heritage dedicated to graffiti and street art in Lisbon.

To representation of street artists, a romanticized vision of painting with soft colors but with a vast chromatic density. It is an image of overcoming, comfort and future perspective, a fictional image of a family that comes from a place has reached a subliminal place this idea of path and movement towards this breaking of barriers, jumping walls and erasing the borders of our contemporary world.

The artists distinct style are in the center of the pavement, in a humanized colored figure, fruit of the meeting of their interventions and lived humble with the community, promoting teachings and craftsmanship that made the city prosperous.