Christmas window displays of Printemps Haussmann 2020-2021, Paris, France

During Christmas, the City of Light adorning itself with its finest sparkling finery. As part of the Christmas decorations, at the end of each year, for six weeks, Printemps Haussmann’s “animated Christmas window displays” attract crowds from Paris, the provinces and abroad who come to watch a surprising show around a theme that changes over the years. Each year, more than ten million people come to attend this event.

Every year, the decorations of the Christmas windows of department stores are veritable inventive and surprising works of art. On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, Printemps Haussmann are transformed into a fantastic dreamland. The visual arts, fashion, design and even music are exhibited during events. When the Christmas party arrives, the storefronts of the Parisian department store become an attraction in their own right.

During Christmas, Printemps Haussmann invites artists and designers to take over its spaces, which amaze visitors with exceptional Christmas window displays. The principle is to put everything in place to liven up Boulevard Haussmann and create a bewitching world that will delight visitors during these festive periods: while the facades of the department store offer a sound and light show, the decor of its windows is completely revisited by renowned decorators and the animated characters are made by the big names in fashion and design.

Every year, it will be laid out as a grand Christmas theme around a certain element, the Christmas decoration throughout the store, the Printemps Haussmann, decorative arts furniture punctuates the different universes of the store with pieces that have marked the history of decorative arts furniture or design. The Christmas windows are made with Printemps Haussmann teams and workshop, depicting the story of Christmas.

This tradition dates back to the creation of Printemps in 1865, from the 1920s, Christmas window displays became widespread. Architects are reinventing spaces by modernizing them while remaining faithful to the heritage of department stores whose buildings have become iconic. Like a Paris of the 19th century where everything moves, everything changes, everything is invented.

Talented architects, designers and engineers for the construction and event management, together, they laid the groundwork that prefigures the cultural actions carried out Christmas decoration in its architectural design, the production of cultural exhibitions. Discover the Christmas decoration collections of the Printemps Haussmann, as well as its architectural history. The visit around the history of the architecture of Printemps Haussmann presents the architectural developments.

Printemps Haussmann design unique creations through creative, colorful and lively installations. Puppeteers, engineers, illustrators, craftsmen, sculptors, sound designer, motion designer and so many other professions are involved in these achievements. From the concept to the installation of the windows, including the layout, design and manufacture, the work on the windows lasts a whole year. Each piece is carefully selected for its special meaning, its unique and noble materials and its remarkable shape.

Many materials are used to create these windows, the objective is to immerse passers-by in a marvelous universe overflowing with textures, colors and shapes carefully arranged for an exceptional rendering. Suprise waiting at Printemps Haussmann‘s magnificent Christmas decorations. These fabulous decorations Inside and around Printemps Haussmann, offer a return to this true tradition now inscribed in the Printemps Haussmann store which conveys the magic of Christmas. Come and set off on a winter adventure to producing Christmas gifts, Discover exclusive Printemps Haussmann products.

Noël 2021
This year, Printemps Haussmann’s Christmas windows present a Christmas tale on the theme “The Incredible Elf Factory”. A magical show brought to life by illustrator Aurélia Fronty. In this tale, Santa’s factory is shut down due to a snowstorm. The elves therefore start looking for a new workshop.Santa’s elves animate the Printemps Haussmann window displays.

In a magical whirlwind, the Elves will invade Printemps Haussmann, determined to string together pranks, magic tricks and surprises in front of customers who have come to do their Christmas shopping. Elf or Lutine, with a human figure, head of reindeer, mouse or owl…

The amazed spectators follow them in their adventures told in 6 scenes: flight above the dome of Printemps, development of the mythical Chanel perfume n°5, creation of iconic pieces of Prada, and will prepare the most beautiful PRADA party outfits at “L’atelier de la mode”.

In total, 125 Santa’s Elves will strut their stuff in the heart of “The Incredible Elf Factory”. Among the eleven windows, all dressed in a decor illustrated by Aurélia Fronty, four magnificent paintings will stage a festive and offbeat energy: “The arrival in Spring”, “The postal workshop”, “The gourmet workshop” and “the parade of the Elves”.

Noël 2020
The 2020 theme for the Printemps window displays was “Let’s share Christmas”. Each Printemps Haussmann window will have its skit, highlighting families celebrating Christmas. At the sea or in the mountains, in a chalet or a garden, in the forest, on the water, on the road or on the roofs…

92 characters will thus compose these 9 families feasting in the middle of decorations made by upcycling. At the heart of the 4 animated windows, 65 miniature characters will be dressed in handmade and tailor-made costumes, and whose accessories were made from 3D prints. In addition, in front of and inside the Printemps Haussmann, no less than 185 fir trees with 3,400 meters of light garlands will be shown.

Printemps Haussmann
Printemps Haussmann is a department store owned by the Printemps Group located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris and where the main fashion, beauty and home decoration brands are distributed. They are distributed by theme in the store’s three buildings (27 levels and 45,500 m² in total). The facades and roofs (except the modern elevation) of the old stores (current Printemps de l’Homme) are listed as historical monuments by order of theJanuary 15, 1975.

Since its creation in 1865 by Jules Jaluzot, helped by his wife Augustine, Printemps has never stopped reinventing itself. Anticipating major societal changes, putting ourselves at the service of all, sublimating beauty by favoring more responsible consumption and offering a feeling of perpetual surprise.

Printemps continues to look serenely towards the future and boldly celebrates its renewal, because more than ever, everything starts in Printemps! New visual identity, new color codes, new spaces, new services, new concepts and hundreds of new products, all exclusive and original.