Christmas window displays of Le BHV Marais 2020-2021, Paris, France

On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, Le BHV Marais are transformed into a fantastic dreamland. The visual arts, fashion, design and even music are exhibited during events. When the Christmas party arrives, the storefronts of the Parisian department store become an attraction in their own right.

During Christmas, the City of Light adorning itself with its finest sparkling finery. Every year, the decorations of the Christmas windows of department stores are veritable inventive and surprising works of art. As the streets are being lit up, by the Parisian department stores, they compete in creativity to unveil fantastic Christmas windows. Every year, families flock so that they cna all admire these magical stagings.

During Christmas, Le BHV Marais invites artists and designers to take over its spaces, which amaze visitors with exceptional Christmas window displays. The principle is to put everything in place and create a bewitching world that will delight visitors during these festive periods: while the facades of the department store offer a sound and light show, the decor of its windows is completely revisited by renowned decorators and the animated characters are made by the big names in fashion and design.

Every year, it will be laid out as a grand Christmas theme around a certain element, the Christmas decoration throughout the store, the Le BHV Marais, decorative arts furniture punctuates the different universes of the store with pieces that have marked the history of decorative arts furniture or design. The Christmas windows are made with Le BHV Marais teams and workshop, depicting the story of Christmas.

Le BHV Marais design unique creations through creative, colorful and lively installations. Puppeteers, engineers, illustrators, craftsmen, sculptors, sound designer, motion designer and so many other professions are involved in these achievements. From the concept to the installation of the windows, including the layout, design and manufacture, the work on the windows lasts a whole year. Each piece is carefully selected for its special meaning, its unique and noble materials and its remarkable shape.

Many materials are used to create these windows, the objective is to immerse passers-by in a marvelous universe overflowing with textures, colors and shapes carefully arranged for an exceptional rendering. Suprise waiting at Le BHV Marais’s magnificent Christmas decorations. These fabulous decorations Inside and around Le BHV Marais, offer a return to this true tradition now inscribed in the Le BHV Marais store which conveys the magic of Christmas. Come and set off on a winter adventure to producing Christmas gifts, Discover exclusive Le BHV Marais products.

Noël 2021
For this Christmas 2021 in Paris, the BHV Marais shines a light on Switzerland. The department store puts Switzerland in the spotlight with the theme ” Christmas at the Summit “. From November 9, 2021 to January 15, 2022, the authentic Bazaar Christmas market invites young and old to experience a traditional and warm Christmas at the BHV Marais.

Discover the BHV Christmas windows. This time, the department store takes us to a both magical and committed theme. Go for Good is the slogan marking the Holiday celebration. From the peak of a mountain above the clouds, one celebrates a magical and traditional Christmas dreaming of a better and more sustainable tomorrow.

The Marais, the BHV invites us to celebrate the peak of Christmas, celebrating Switzerland. Enjoy the Christmas windows enlivening family strolls! Discover pictures of the inauguration putting Switzerland in the spotlight. Festivities kicked off on November 9, 2021. The light ceremony included a live light and sound show with beatboxer Arthur Henri and Alphorn. A sound and light show for the inauguration evening.

At the same time as these magical windows, the BHV Marais uncovers wonderful entertainments inspired by Switzerland such as the Chalet des Marmottes providing you with a fantastic cheese tasting and hot fondues. And do not forget to give a shot to the observatory to discover an immersive experience created in partnership with Lindt.

Noël 2020
The BHV Marais offer a Christmas in the colors of Italy, the “Buon Natale!” sets Italian time for events centered around the generous lifestyle of La Botte. Italian products are featured in the Christmas window displays, which feature scenes with animated wooden puppets, including the most famous Italian puppet, Pinocchio. Among the festivities, an ephemeral cinema installed on the fifth floor which will show great classics of Italian cinema.

BHV Marais has decided to transport us to Italy with its windows, as part of a partnership with ITA, the government body that supports Italian companies internationally with the aim of promoting the excellence of “Made in Italy” in the world.

Pinocchio, popularized by Walt Disney’s 1940 cartoon, was created in 1881 by Italian journalist and writer Carlo Collodi. But Pinocchio is not the only star of the 2020 Christmas window displays at BHV Marais. A cat and a bird also evolve in decorations, between tableware, for Christmas evening, and a toy-making workshop. The whole, richly decorated with fir trees and luminous garlands.

Alongside these windows, chalets transformed into mini street theaters will showcase craftsmen who have come to present their creations for Christmas. Not to be missed, the pop-up cinema with Italian films to see for free, workshops to make your Christmas decoration, learn to cook Italian biscuits and “enchanted surprises”.

Italy is especially invited into the store with exclusive products presented for the occasion, with guest brands such as tableware by Borgo Delle Tovaglie, household linen by Lisa Corti or vases and chalices by Nason Moretti.

Le BHV Marais
Located in the heart of the historic Marais district, Le BHV Marais remains the emblematic store. Nestled just at the epicenter of the Rive Droite/Rive Gauche, this institution remains the landmark of creative do-it-yourselfers, Parisians on the Left Bank, hipsters from the Hôtel de Ville, arty cordons bleus…

A true place of life and inspiration, the BHV MARAIS is positioned as a “Beau Bazar de Passionés”, offering a creative and responsible selection combining home, decoration, DIY, design, leisure, fashion, beauty and catering. A luxury bazaar, where you can find everything. From the Lagostina sauté pan, to the SMEG dishwasher and a state-of-the-art Bultex mattress. The unmissable address for aesthetes and epicureans…

Its flagship store, located on rue de Rivoli in Paris for 160 years, contributes to the attractiveness of the historic Marais district and offers its local, French and international customers a personalized and constantly renewed shopping experience, supported by a suite of ideas and meetings, services and expert support. The BHV MARAIS is also present through a second French window in the Parly 2 shopping center.